Smells Like Teen Spirit - The Muppets

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Phil Mante : I remember being in the theatre and laughing so hard when beaker popped up with the Axe.

BoyThunder Productions : And then Pan came along...

ThatOneBeatlesFan : "Wait is that Nirvana?!" "STOP YOU'RE RUINING ONE OF THE GREATEST SONGS OF ALL TIME!!!" xD

greenday103921guns : God willing if Kurt never died, I honestly think he would've been the perfect fit for this movie's captive guest star.

Charlie Chinchilla : Mee Mee, Mee Mee, Mee Mee. Kurt would be proud.

Kellen Woolard : It seems Floyd the barber would fit better

Misti McClure : I'm guessing Kurt would have dug this. :)

ARTIFICIAL COMBAT : That was actually really cleaver :)

unknown : Anything related to Nirvana or Jack Black is cool

Coral Roper : I'd be pretty nervous if Sam the Eagle stood next to me with a razor.

Justin Brady : Beaker with that Axe gets me everytime

ivlfounder : Ladies and Gentlemen: This scene is the high point of jack blacks career.


Michael Bell : I like how they left out A Mulatto.

brian edner : I just love Beaker's towel.

Rosebunse : This is what genius looks like. 

Jennifer Warner : Mee mee mee moe made my laugh!

CityofSmolDogs : It took me a while to get this reference since it didn't sound like Nirvana, but once I learned the lyrics I was like "HOLY SHIT, ITS NIRVANA"

Kevin Christian Hadinata : Albino... Mosquito... Mee mee mee mo...

SonicSceptileWarrior : the best part of this movie

Apsis Motion Pictures : 4:3?  What year is it?

Kevin Frushour : I couldn't begin to tell you how it felt watching the Muppet show as a little kid in the 1970's-1980's and seeing all these performers I'd never heard of but my parents knew who they were - and now watching this bit with the signature song of my Senior year of high school on the Muppets, done perfectly. I got chills in between my laughs!

Southern Fried Media : Sam Eagle is giving jack black vicious Rape eyes at 0:30

James Young : You know.... at 0:49, with the 0.5 speed... That scene becomes scary as all crud.

xjcistrashx : *pulls out towel* Mee Mee Mee Mo!

animalbond007 : Steve whitmires first time performing link hogtrob

stlouisrocker100 : Still better than the Miley Cy- wait no no no no no forget it. That cover NEVER happened.

Fluff31 : Oh my Goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's Jack Black!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's from King Kong and Goosebumps!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holly Clark : Sam the eagle said here we are now

Holly Clark : Jack black's face turned little

Cheetah Thunders. : 1:10 But did Bill Cosby enjoy that as much as RAPE?

Mogens Schmidt : This is for The goosebums movie and The jumanji movie jack

Soniclover 123 : lol that is so funny Jack black

George Mastrogiannakos : Love the song, love them. Muppets, I will love you for ever... I hate JB.

Terrell Williams : Wait, Mr.Piggy?

Sawr Kasmm : When Beaker came out with the axe, he killed me. 😂😂😂

Ari Pentelovitch : "One of the greatest songs of all time" lol

Artiepops101 : 0:49 best moment in the history of movies

47Cartoonguy : 0:35 I think Miley Cyrus had them beat Jack

TheStoneEye : Haha.. Jack Black is a huge Nirvana fan xD Wonder if he pushed for em to play this xD

rawrzbarz : Lmao!! @ " An Albino, A Mosquito, Mee Mee Mee Mo"

James Best : Hello, Hello, Hello, Me Meeeee

Codii Mathew : "me me!" *pulls out axe*

selene lopez : albino the mosqutio mee mee mee mo

Matt Segro : WTH! How did they shrink his head omg?!

Jared Richard : They should have played Floyd the Barber.

Michael J. : I praise the effort that was put in the voice acting.

mechazoid : This is why they need a character like Beaker. He can sing the more "risqué" lyrics of a song rendering it family safe while not losing the humour of the parody.

corjonbett : Beeker, we are NOT doing Sweeny Todd!!