Tower Crane Assembly with Climber Demo

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Geo JAB : years of always wondering, now i can rest easy now

Hidden driver : And I tough that they just appear overnight like mushrooms.

Laurence Gerardo : I can now die peacefully

dimas0302 : Now my questions has been answers. THANK YOU!

hanz cruz : It needs a crane to build a crane, how ironic.

mylifeisJDM : That escalated quickly.

john wheel : WME !! Worst Music Ever

LLV : 4 bolts...she'll be alright...

Samuel Dormervil : this video has completed my life

Nora Dee : I always wondered how they put these things together.  Thanks!

AzoXozA Smile : what a genius way to construct cranes 

KrpytedKid : 1 am wondering how cranes where built now I know


freightuk : Thanks for the video, I thought that cage arrangement was instrumental in the task but never actually seen it in action, now it's clear, I'm  another poor soul who can sleep easy at last ;)

Max Siegieda : I want this to become a trend, music videos that are actually just instructional engineering videos. For some reason it enhances the experience pretty nicely, the slightly-trancey nature of the song helps.

Matt : It takes a crane to build a crane!

greg55666 : Thank you for this--I have always wondered how this is done.  Now that I know, I can hardly believe it.  Amazing.

Irene Larasati : now i can sleep peacefully

Kitsune Ken : 9gag u made me curious!

terry haug : It looked about accurate up until the 4:00 point. All tower cranes that I am aware of (and I own 30 myself), need to have the next tower section that is going to be inserted hung from the insertion beam/trolley BEFORE you pick up the balance block and balance the crane. Only after the crane is in perfect balance do you remove the tower connecting pins and jack the crane up to accept the new tower section. It is only after the towers are fully pinned back together, are you able to set down your balance block, use the crane to hang the next tower section on the beam/trolley device, and then you can pick up the balance block, balance the crane, jack up the crane, insert the new tower, then repeat the process. I know of no tower crane who's top climbing cage is made that can take the regular reactions of the crane when it is the only thing holding the entire crane top to the tower.

Andrew Leong : This blew my mind. The people who invented this crane are extremely creative and clever. It still baffles me that the weight added on to such a long arm doesn't make it topple. Even though I now know it attached to the building, which is obviously heavier than the weight.

simehong2000 : now i can sleep in peace

Lyle Mata : what came first the crane or the crane?

Rakesh Sharma : the mystery of tower crane height increase finally solved

Stuart Alvarez : This is wrong! You never jack the crane up then place the mast section on the monorail beam to be inserted. During the time that the concrete weight was lowered to raise the mast section, the whole damn thing could have had tipped backwards, causing disaster. You also use the following mast section to balance the jib, the other concrete weight is used when inserting the final mast section.

Danny Huang : i've been curious about this for my whole life.... thank you

Christian DeBaun : Truly a marvel of engineering. That slewing unit (the  mechanism that inserts the next section of mast) must be under titanic stress during the process. 

daividas narkevicius : but thats in Dublin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pavlatoar : I finaly found the way:D

j : 4:40 you cannot bring the balance block to the ground when the climbing device engage, lift up the mast section first to monorail before starting to rise


Stephen Rayner : The part I was curious about was installing the counter weights. Which the animation didn't show, other than animating them in as if by magic. So I assume the mobile crane place them in. However what supports the cranes arm during the addition of these weights? I am assuming the base weights on the larger crane are enough to hold the cranes arm whilst the counter weights are added. But assumptions are not good enough.

David bismark : the part that jacks its self up was invented in australia. The kangaroo crane used to make the twin towers

Christian C : When I was very little I thought that another tower crane just built the other tower crane

vutEwa : awesome video! thanks for sharing! you made it cool to appreciate engineering!

FrenZie : Do like you could built this to space, just to break records.

Hassan Rao : Years of wondering. Now I can rest

King Zartan : oh OK. now I know. I can relax now

Zypher Zolei : years of mystery, know i finally know.

Grace Boxer : If it takes a crane to build a crane......where did the first one come from?

Roberto Wenk : Uauuu ... Thanks

TheCorniepac : Now i`m on point

Fernando : this is how +Daniel Monteiro spends his days amazing to see!

Kirby Ong : Now, how do you tear it down?

วิชา ทองเต็ม : ดีมากเลย พึ่งได้รู้ความจริงวันนี้นะการต่อเคน คนเรามีปัญญาดีนะ

Durandal00 : for anyone who wants to know, the song is My Shooter by Groove Cutter

DarkSouljah : The engineering of this is simply amazing.

rockerseven : Always wondered how these things were built.

Andrew Guzman : Song name?

dan iel : how is the lift... lifted?