cash for clunkers 2001 grand cherokee 4.0

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WiredrawnMurder45 : Cash for Clunkers = A bunch of teenagers looking to blow up perfectly good donor cars.

Fifty 1 Fifty : People keep crying "fuck Obama" when no one forced the owners to give up their pieces of shit. Why not blame the original owner?

William Thisbal : This was by far the dumbest thing anyone could ever come up with. There are folks like me who rely on these old cars as we cannot afford new ones as they are just to expensive.

Alvin V : There are so many people in the world who cant afford a car. Very ignorant

reddyuda : This was a waste of a good Jeep, but a Toyota would have blown up at the first minute - and this one started up the next day again! Toyota can suck a dick - Long live the Jeep 4.0

David Schlotterback : Fuck you dumbass.

josh neves : fuck you obama. it was all a scam

Chris Lemaster : Screw Obama I still have my 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with 165000 going strong no rust  . I mention runs like a never lets me down better than these 4 cylinder pieces of shot today

Tholaran97 : I bet my car has more problems than this one did. Such a waste.

Tholaran97 : It continued to run even after the engine blew up. Must be one reliable car.

Hey Chevrolet : Waste of cars

SupramanTRD : Government argues this is for the environment, this did more damage than 10 years on the road. Let's not forget maybe some people need used jeep parts. And what are 16 year olds supposed to drive?

guuba gaaba : bullshit !! who made all the money ????? the dealerships !!!! it fucked a lot of small shops !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alwan Ramadhan Productions : Engine startup at 0:08, and the engine immediately explodes and will be destroyed!

voyfan99 : That's quality there! I'd love to see a modern Fiat-Chrysler vehicle do that!

dgr_1996 : fuck obama i would have loved to own that jeep

soylent for you : Makes you sick

Alwan Ramadhan Productions : Fucking awesome!

Edgar R : I hope you burn alive for doing this!

bosanacmobster : could of fucking still drove that car this fucking program is the most stupidest idea Obama made a lot of small businesses lose money

TMoney : This is emotional to watch, I have a 96 Grand Cherokee 4.0  I don't care that is only gets 16mpg, I love it and I'd NEVER let this happen to it.

Josh Redfern : All cash for clunkers did was take perfectly functioning large cars and suvs off the road and replace them with boring corollas.

imanolgl10 : i pay 700€ for this engine because my engine is dead, and you broke 700€ good job guy!!!!

DobermansRock : Good thing it wasn't a slant six or this video would have been 2 hours long.

Elvis Pfützenreuter : Utterly idiot, destroy a perfectly functional car. 

tom7601 : Cash for Clunkers was such waste of OUR money!

BRUCE LEE : Do you know.....when....something is wrong ? You sense it kind of like when you see a building blown up with weapons and you know people are in there. Or you kill a Mocking Bird. ....OR you destroy  a vehicle that could have been given to charities to deliver cancer patients to treatment or food to the hungry. You get a sick feeling when something wrong is done because your intuition says that it's wrong.

Nigel Montezuma : Epic!

My Chihuahua is SMALL : Sad...RlP old soldier..

Homer Simpson : Instead of selling these vehicles and having the money go towards our debt, these retards destroy it. Like what the hell

Nintendo64rocks2000 : I literally cried

Mike Candela : This is horrible. I own a 2001 grand and it runs just fine. This was 6 years ago and looks in great shape and they just destroy them. Such a stupid idea. Now used cars are a lot more money.

cjhawk67 : That thing was a trooper for sure 

Dawson Deshawn : the worst part is, theres one right behind it going next.

Michael G : Shits so fuckng hard to watch 6 years later, when every crackhead on Craigslist wants a fortune for there old beat to shit  station wagon and your in need of a reliable vehicle  :/

morgan heberling : asshole!!!

Redfoxx Videos : You just ruined a perfectly good jeep

Jerry Butler : Can't find a beater for under 2000

RJARRRPCGP : I rather see this done to all Pontiac Torrents with the Chinese-built 3.4! (They're built in Shanghai, China)

Crab Man : Jeeps are some of the best vehicles you could ever buy. This thing still had power..plenty of it it seems. And I'm not even a Grand Cherokee fan..

Wesley Vaughan : I hate people that do this

Parkour Vector : why these morons kill the engines of the cars who costs wery muck dollars

Daniel Fl. : Wow.... America...... Wow again....

Tim Evans : fuck obama

JoJo Farr : I got a 1996 jeep cherokee classic. Straight 6. Can't killem lol

Marcus Daniel : america has become insane

Elite Crew : >mfw i dream on owning one of these

My Chihuahua is SMALL : The engines that had had Synthetic oil run in them took longer to ki11.

Charles Jones : 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡