cash for clunkers 2001 grand cherokee 4.0

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WiredrawnMurder45 : Cash for Clunkers = A bunch of teenagers looking to blow up perfectly good donor cars.

Josh Redfern : All cash for clunkers did was take perfectly functioning large cars and suvs off the road and replace them with boring corollas.

The Dollar Guy : liberalism is a mental disorder

TMoney : This is emotional to watch, I have a 96 Grand Cherokee 4.0  I don't care that is only gets 16mpg, I love it and I'd NEVER let this happen to it.

Mike Candela : This is horrible. I own a 2001 grand and it runs just fine. This was 6 years ago and looks in great shape and they just destroy them. Such a stupid idea. Now used cars are a lot more money.

DobermansRock : Good thing it wasn't a slant six or this video would have been 2 hours long.

Expand Dong : I literally cried

SupramanTRD : Government argues this is for the environment, this did more damage than 10 years on the road. Let's not forget maybe some people need used jeep parts. And what are 16 year olds supposed to drive?

tripmind : the funny thing is that when everyone realizes what a piece of shit the 2014 cherokee is, they will just go back to the original cherokee and the part life line will grow stronger. I'll rebuild my jeep's engine thrice before I would ever consider junking it.

My Chihuahua is SMALL : Sad...RlP old soldier..

Marcus Daniel : america has become insane

voyfan99 : That's quality there! I'd love to see a modern Fiat-Chrysler vehicle do that!

Bill Roper : That is absolutely disgusting. Ill never put down a Cherokee again. I hope that guy and the people who instigated CfC all get cancer.

cjhawk67 : That thing was a trooper for sure 

MazdaPride89 : This is one of the coolest ones I've seen. Screw the jeep, it died like a pig.

Wesley Vaughan : I hate people that do this

Elite Crew : >mfw i dream on owning one of these

jeksorful : Утилизация по американски.

Dawson Deshawn : the worst part is, theres one right behind it going next.

Timothy Wells : Idiots is correct, that smell has got to stink pretty bad.

GhettoThugRats : Sad Sickening Waste but a good Metaphor for what's being done to our Country...

Cindy Meissner : That's one tough engine!  Any other engine would have died a long time ago...

Redfoxx Videos : You just ruined a perfectly good jeep

soylent for you : Makes you sick

Edgar R : I hope you burn alive for doing this!

Zweistein : That was an all out environmental experience, take that, mother nature! How many rpm's was that engine still running at when the first Cylinder(s) died?

Elvis Pfützenreuter : Utterly idiot, destroy a perfectly functional car. 

Brian Gammage : I loved watching this bag of shit jeep die.  More jeeps PLEASE.

RJARRRPCGP : I rather see this done to all Pontiac Torrents with the Chinese-built 3.4! (They're built in Shanghai, China)

omittedcitizen : Ow...My heart.

VSefcovic_41 : Poor 4.0. Puking its guts out and still going. This guy should be shot for destroying it. 

tom7601 : Cash for Clunkers was such waste of OUR money!

Linda Cap : Do you know.....when....something is wrong ? You sense it kind of like when you see a building blown up with weapons and you know people are in there. Or you kill a Mocking Bird. ....OR you destroy  a vehicle that could have been given to charities to deliver cancer patients to treatment or food to the hungry. You get a sick feeling when something wrong is done because your intuition says that it's wrong.

Oil Burner : Only in America. The land of the wasteful , unappreciative and owned by China because they have no way of paying their own debts. Not prizes for guessing why when you see shit like this.

Catman Outdoors : And I thought Obama was supposed to be an environmentalist... yet he did this. Blow up the engines, well ain't that great for the atmosphere. Someone shoot him... or to be non-homicidal, impeach him. Rise up and kick the idiot out of office.

D Johnson : If they are destroyed, that means new ones must be sold. I assume the old parts would be melted down and recycled. It stimulates the economy. Much more so than simply reusing the already produced parts. Also, I sincerely dislike the Obama administration.

LostFart : @83RS : So did you add Sodium Silicate or something else?

LostFart : So how do you guys do this? Just empty the oil and floor it?

Going Off Grid : Only a jeep would least this long with no Oil!

rob2049 : Jeep Grand Crap!!!

Branden Ludski : i wish that fluid on ground was gas and blew you the fuck up.

Kyle Whybrew : those inline 6s are just strong

LT72053 : poor car...

John's Crafting Lab : A nice Jeep for a stupid japanese Mazda,at least he didn't had a dumb Prius on his list. Anyways,even if i liked that car that was a nice blowing video.

Cody Sidlik : Nice 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee, Never abused, Oil changed every 3000 miles, GOOD ALLAROUND CAR! Asking 1500 lol

MotoBoy : not cool. perfectly working jeep and you destroy it? so terrible to see. Also who fucking kills cars for fun?

michael brown : This makes me sick, Perfectly good Jeep destroyed because of a failed Govt program.....What a joke.....

ROFLCOPTERS92 : got that right bud. i hope the everything in the V6 models are as tough as the older ones.

ROFLCOPTERS92 : whatever ass rapeing piece of shit itch made up cash for clunkers, i would LOVE to blow their body apart by shoving dynomite into their mouth, and throw them onto a grenade, and then have them shot with a rocket launcher. lots of GREAT RUNNING DRIVEABLE VEHICLES have been destroyed because of these assholes.

sideburns2009 : i agree