cash for clunkers 2001 grand cherokee 4.0

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Josh Redfern : All cash for clunkers did was take perfectly functioning large cars and suvs off the road and replace them with boring corollas.

TMoney : This is emotional to watch, I have a 96 Grand Cherokee 4.0  I don't care that is only gets 16mpg, I love it and I'd NEVER let this happen to it.

Mike Candela : This is horrible. I own a 2001 grand and it runs just fine. This was 6 years ago and looks in great shape and they just destroy them. Such a stupid idea. Now used cars are a lot more money.

Michael G : Shits so fuckng hard to watch 6 years later, when every crackhead on Craigslist wants a fortune for there old beat to shit  station wagon and your in need of a reliable vehicle  :/

DobermansRock : Good thing it wasn't a slant six or this video would have been 2 hours long.

tripmind : the funny thing is that when everyone realizes what a piece of shit the 2014 cherokee is, they will just go back to the original cherokee and the part life line will grow stronger. I'll rebuild my jeep's engine thrice before I would ever consider junking it.

The Dollar Guy : liberalism is a mental disorder

WiredrawnMurder45 : Cash for Clunkers = A bunch of teenagers looking to blow up perfectly good donor cars.

James Hyre : Took a perfectly good running vehicle that someone could used for parts & destroyed it! That's what I call a dumb ass!

My Chihuahua is SMALL : Sad...RlP old soldier..

Nintendo64rocks2000 : I literally cried

SupramanTRD : Government argues this is for the environment, this did more damage than 10 years on the road. Let's not forget maybe some people need used jeep parts. And what are 16 year olds supposed to drive?

MazdaPride89 : This is one of the coolest ones I've seen. Screw the jeep, it died like a pig.

Bill Roper : That is absolutely disgusting. Ill never put down a Cherokee again. I hope that guy and the people who instigated CfC all get cancer.

cjhawk67 : That thing was a trooper for sure 

voyfan99 : That's quality there! I'd love to see a modern Fiat-Chrysler vehicle do that!

Dawson Deshawn : the worst part is, theres one right behind it going next.

soylent for you : Makes you sick

Edgar R : I hope you burn alive for doing this!

Zweistein : That was an all out environmental experience, take that, mother nature! How many rpm's was that engine still running at when the first Cylinder(s) died?

Redfoxx Videos : You just ruined a perfectly good jeep

Elvis Pfützenreuter : Utterly idiot, destroy a perfectly functional car. 

BRUCE LEE : Do you know.....when....something is wrong ? You sense it kind of like when you see a building blown up with weapons and you know people are in there. Or you kill a Mocking Bird. ....OR you destroy  a vehicle that could have been given to charities to deliver cancer patients to treatment or food to the hungry. You get a sick feeling when something wrong is done because your intuition says that it's wrong.

tom7601 : Cash for Clunkers was such waste of OUR money!

Jacky Claiborne : I would rev it all the way up to 15,000 RPM!  A better name for the program would have been "Trade In's For Gas Guzzlers".  Most of these perfectly good vehicles that were destroyed, were not really clunkers but Gas Guzzlers.  The so called "Cash For Clunkers" program, was a program to get rid of gas guzzlers, and to promote the sale of more fuel efficient vehicles. Gas guzzlers, which get 18 MPG or less in normal in town driving, emit more carbon monoxide and greenhouse gasses than a vehicle that gets 25 MPG in normal in town driving.   The purpose of destroying the engine by running it at high RPM with no oil in it to seize it up, was to ensure that the salvage yards would crush the vehicles, and not sell them to persons who would put the vehicles back on the road.   This method of destroying the engine, should be used by police agencies to get rid of vehicles that were used in hideous crimes, such as kidnap murders, or drive by shootings.  The victims families would feel better, knowing that the vehicle used to kidnap and murder their loved one was destroyed, like the "Cash For Clunkers" vehicles.     Also, how about a vehicle that someone had committed suicide in by carbon monoxide poisoning?   Let's say that your loved one committed suicide in his Twenty O One Chevy Camaro with a hose atatched to the tailpipe, and put through the starboard window?   If this person was my loved one, I would want that Camaro destroyed!!!  I would never want it to see the road again!!!   If I was the guy's father, I would destroy the vehicle myself.  I would drain the oil, and the antifreeze as well, and put in a salt, sand and water mix. I would then start it up, and rev it all the way up to maximum RPM, I'm talking about 15,000 RPM, making the tachometer go all the way around back to zero, until it seized up.  It might even shatter the engine block.  Then I would call one of the "I Buy Junk Cars" dealers, who would tow the vehicle away to the salvage yard. Destroying the engine like that would ensure that once the vehicle arrived at the salvage yard, they picked up the vehicle with the fork lift, put it in the "Flattening Machine", and push the button to reduce it to a pancake.  If the vehicle was still functional and drivable, they would turn around and sell it to someone who would put it back on the road.    I also think that persons charged with Aggressive Driving should be arrested, not just ticketed, and jailed, have their driver's licenses revoked, and their vehicles seized and destroyed, just like the "Cash For Clunker's" vehicles.  That would send a clear message, that WE WILL NOT TOLERATE AGGRESSIVE DRIVING ON OUR STREETS OR HIGHWAYS, OR SHOPPING CENTER PARKING LOTS!!!!  I especially enjoy these engine blow-up videos when I've had a confrontation with an aggressive driver.  I like to fantacise about doing this to his vehicle!!!

Darrell Subera : The person who came up with this has a target on his head!!!

william horvath : That's All American cars are good for Cash for Clunkers I like to watch people blow up the American-made pieces of s***

Mony Sanchez : Jeep liberty and dodge nitro blow up too

Mony Sanchez : The engine of the 2001 jeep 4.0 blow up and jeep liberty too

Mony Sanchez : Jeep wont start

William Thisbal : This was by far the dumbest thing anyone could ever come up with. There are folks like me who rely on these old cars as we cannot afford new ones as they are just to expensive.

Alvin V : There are so many people in the world who cant afford a car. Very ignorant

Chris Lemaster : Screw Obama I still have my 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with 165000 going strong no rust  . I mention runs like a never lets me down better than these 4 cylinder pieces of shot today

Hey Chevrolet : Waste of cars

Tholaran97 : It continued to run even after the engine blew up. Must be one reliable car.

Tholaran97 : I bet my car has more problems than this one did. Such a waste.

G2 CARROS : Oi Ví que você curte carros. Como tenho um canal aonde eu pessoalmente desenvolvo e filmo, daqui dos Estados Unidos, testes de 0 - 100 Km, test-drive e avaliações de carros tipo o recentemente redesenhado Dodge Charger, o Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel o recentemente redesenhado Ford Edge, achei que podia te fazer um convite para deixar um comentario sobre uns dos meus testes. Por favor, visite o o G2Carros no YouTube e deixe a sua critica através de um comentário para que eu melhore a qualidade das avaliações. O G2 Carros (G2C) agradece!

Alwan Ramadhan Productions : Engine startup at 0:08, and the engine immediately explodes and will be destroyed!

imanolgl10 : i pay 700€ for this engine because my engine is dead, and you broke 700€ good job guy!!!!


My Chihuahua is SMALL : The engines that had had Synthetic oil run in them took longer to ki11.

RJARRRPCGP : I rather see this done to all Pontiac Torrents with the Chinese-built 3.4! (They're built in Shanghai, China)

RJARRRPCGP : @ 1:08 sounds like a Briggs & Stratton doing an October and November run! (With leaves and sticks!) (Then later on, like a clogged air filter from the fall stuff and then it sounds like when running out of gas, lol)

Nigel Montezuma : Epic!

Jerry Butler : Can't find a beater for under 2000

Charles Jones : 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Elite Crew : >mfw i dream on owning one of these

SmittyWilly : quality

funfunfun405 : This should be done to all Jeeps..That's if they haven't blow up on their own already..

Crazycade19 : Nice job fuckin genius