Mad TV - Krump Dancers Noodles and Nippy.

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Krump Dancers Noodles and Nippy teach a crowd of spring breakers about the dangers of STDs.

Comments from Youtube

Amy Duran : this is the funnest one lmao, they are so crazy and that dance she does with her arms spread out while she's walking just trips me out everytime lolol

AghaseArmyShawolBlinkOnce : boo-yahhh boo-hoo? boo-me *girl punches dude inn the face* XD ROTFL

AghaseArmyShawolBlinkOnce : "Herpes are uncurable…just like your skateboard." XD LOL

finnishnin : Krumping is dumber than Stepping and Stomp the Yard proved how useless Stepping is

Skigh : that the krump lil g welcome to life!

Nuinethir : People always knock Mad TV but they had a lot of really good skits. Since it was cancelled, SNL's writers have been getting lazy. I really don't find it funny anymore. Once Bill Hader leaves (this is his last season), I probably won't watch it.

Stacy Kelly : Very funny

Avery Sage : I love how she hit him but the guy runs after Noodles XD Seriously though, how the hell do they not crack up during this?

bitt89 : OMG that walk she does it too dang funny!!

NeutralYouTuber : Buttout Anybody who s stealling?

Daniel Spinoza : Ughgg Christa! I wanna get up in those guts!!!!

IwillKillYourCereal : LMAO!!! I just read the comment and thought that it was clever until I realized it was my comment XD Oh the fun of coming back to a video after 2 years pass by

Rob Branham : Boo yaa

Caroline Melton : break yourself, fools.

superracim : TRUE clowning

Rob Branham : A condom? Booyahhh!!!!!

dev boy : That's 'cus I got herpes bitch!!

Cheeks : Is it bad that i wanted noodle to hit nippy in this one

superracim : what's the name of the song... if there is one

619kammy : That's because I got herpes, bitch.

Andey McFarlin : Anyone know what music they are krumpin' to?

Darrell Lim : I see those two dudes in the background blocking passage for filming.

Joseph Pav : Lol this is funny but some how the chick makes it less funny

Tamsin Parker Art : @alissa6 Without the toughness, of course.

Tamsin Parker Art : That is one creepy female clown.

tomha7 : wtf is that shit man WTF XD

Dominique Nikole : "herpes is uncurable lik yo skateboard" lol

Natalie Louise : shes talkin nonsense, i don care shes fly!

iLiKeCeRe : Crista dances even whiter than she actually is

iLiKeCeRe : @wingersx i bet anyone $50 that wingersx is a white person pretended to be black. A whigger

B-boy StuntZ : Why is the guy chasin the guy? It was the girl dat hit him. lol

wingersx : dats true suckas fine bitches be having nasty deasesssssss n

esjakeis86 : @SinisterIdeals yes.

kevkno : I miss MadTV:)

DJTwilight : 3:47 - BOOM HEADSHOT!

King of Ebla : They are like the joker and harley quinn

lakisha james : i luv this video lol so funny

Joe Taylor : "Get crunk, get crunk" lmao

Daz : Gets me everytime....."Yo thats cause i got herpes bitch!"

freddyfran223 : Herpes is uncurable just like your skateboard thats why i did that Lmaoooo

Ben Jeffries : @Gooze211 battlezone - flii stylez i believe dude

CEO Rafael Sosa Ward : frommexico: men shes talking non-sense, i dont care shes fly... men ella esta hablando locuras, no me importa esta buena.

doob776 : crista is fuckin SEXY!

Gooze211 : that beat hot as shit i want to know wat its called

CockStirredMartini : 3:48- KNOCKOUT!!!!!!!!

Brian Scalabrine : u can see the camera guy at 1:58

memeulousismydad x : I'm surprised they didn't hit one another in the face with all that freaky dancing :) Hell Yeah Lol good video.

SυανeVıłłαıи™ : I want the song lmao

mooki3babiiyonkerz : That's because I got herpes, bitch.