Mad TV - Krump Dancers Noodles and Nippy.

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The House of Ten Genres: : Glad I watched this, 'cause now I know!   and knowin' is half the Krump!

Amy Duran : this is the funnest one lmao, they are so crazy and that dance she does with her arms spread out while she's walking just trips me out everytime lolol

alejandro noinvestiguequesevaalpedo : who else saw the camera guy at 1:56 

joshua belmontes : 2:35 Jaja,jajaja,Jaja,jajajaja!

Stephan Martinez : I can't tell if at 3:31 she says "break me off krumping daddy morebucks" or "make me walk crooked daddy morebucks"

BOLTFAN believer76 : How many people lost it when she knock that dude on his ass lol

Kerry Campbell : Well let's give em some more than!

YIC : this music reminds me of persona 4 

iCantPickaName : LMAO @ 03:45

warshipX : hahahahahahah

AghaseArmyShawolBlinkOnce : boo-yahhh boo-hoo? boo-me *girl punches dude inn the face* XD ROTFL

AghaseArmyShawolBlinkOnce : "Herpes are uncurable…just like your skateboard." XD LOL

finnishnin : Krumping is dumber than Stepping and Stomp the Yard proved how useless Stepping is

Skigh : that the krump lil g welcome to life!

Nuinethir : People always knock Mad TV but they had a lot of really good skits. Since it was cancelled, SNL's writers have been getting lazy. I really don't find it funny anymore. Once Bill Hader leaves (this is his last season), I probably won't watch it.

Stacy Kelly : Very funny

Avery Sage : I love how she hit him but the guy runs after Noodles XD Seriously though, how the hell do they not crack up during this?

bitt89 : OMG that walk she does it too dang funny!!

NeutralYouTuber : Buttout Anybody who s stealling?

Daniel Spinoza : Ughgg Christa! I wanna get up in those guts!!!!

IwillKillYourCereal : LMAO!!! I just read the comment and thought that it was clever until I realized it was my comment XD Oh the fun of coming back to a video after 2 years pass by

Rob Branham : Boo yaa

Caroline Melton : break yourself, fools.

superracim : TRUE clowning

Rob Branham : A condom? Booyahhh!!!!!

dev boy : That's 'cus I got herpes bitch!!

62jmc89 : Is it bad that i wanted noodle to hit nippy in this one

superracim : what's the name of the song... if there is one

619kammy : That's because I got herpes, bitch.

Andey McFarlin : Anyone know what music they are krumpin' to?

Darrell Lim : I see those two dudes in the background blocking passage for filming.

Joseph Pav : Lol this is funny but some how the chick makes it less funny

Tamsin Parker Art : @alissa6 Without the toughness, of course.

Tamsin Parker Art : That is one creepy female clown.

tomha7 : wtf is that shit man WTF XD

receo11 : SNL is unwatchable.

Dominique Nikole : "herpes is uncurable lik yo skateboard" lol

Natalie Louise : shes talkin nonsense, i don care shes fly!

iLiKeCeRe : Crista dances even whiter than she actually is

iLiKeCeRe : @wingersx i bet anyone $50 that wingersx is a white person pretended to be black. A whigger

B-boy StuntZ : Why is the guy chasin the guy? It was the girl dat hit him. lol

wingersx : dats true suckas fine bitches be having nasty deasesssssss n

esjakeis86 : @SinisterIdeals yes.

kevkno : I miss MadTV:)

DJTwilight : 3:47 - BOOM HEADSHOT!

King of Ebla : They are like the joker and harley quinn

lakisha james : i luv this video lol so funny

Joe Taylor : "Get crunk, get crunk" lmao

Daz : Gets me everytime....."Yo thats cause i got herpes bitch!"

freddyfran223 : Herpes is uncurable just like your skateboard thats why i did that Lmaoooo