Aladdin Genie - Friend Like Me Lyrics On-screen

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JaxBlade : Rest in Peace Robin Williams, I cant believe you are gone :(

Mr. Handel-Bar : Easily one of the greatest Disney characters of all time. And that is how I will always remember you Robin Williams. If I could have only one wish, it would be for you to be at peace

The Cartoon Channel : I'll miss you, buddy. You were a gift to mankind.

Will 2139 : I'm gonna miss you, Robin Williams. And I won't be the first or the last. You were an awesome person.

Fin del Mundo : Robin William made this movie really MAGIC, he was a Genie in real life :')

Yuuki Tera : If I ever get a Genie in a lamp my first wish would be Making him sing this song.

aoifedo : Robin, you honestly have no idea how many lives you have touched and the happiness you have brought into our lives, RIP and God bless

electricheart : Guys i know it's seriously sad that he passed away. But you never had a friend like him :D.

TheInklet : This is probably every Disney animator's worst nightmare...

BadlyBurned : My dad just took the night off work after hearing the news.. that is how deeply this amazing man has influenced our lives. Rest in Peace.

MrQuader4 : Robin Williams: Actor. Icon. Legend.

Alyssa Greaves : The fact that genie has no nipples never fails to crack me up

jeremiahff329 : :( childhood officially crushed!!!

xPadge112x : Best sales pitch ever.

Benjamin R Codona : Why did he die so young ;(  My favourite film of his was Bicentennial Man but this song is so ROBIN WILLIAMS! 

Hayley Morris : :( This is incredibly sad! I can't believe he's gone!!

Nolan Bravo : He made us all so happy, and we gave him so little recognition in return....

Laura Estavan : R.I.P. Robin Williams- No one could do what he did for this movie!

Jesse Wright : BANGARANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! R.I.P. Robin  You TRULY were a HUGE part of my childhood 

Samaneh Ahmadi : I used to LOVE this cartoon.  But I didn't notice this part when I was watching it as a child, I just now noticed this: when he was taking Aladdin's order at second 0:36 of the video, the order was jotted down in Persian/Arabic script, the word "Booghalamun Polo" meaning turkey and rice, right before the turkey was delivered to him at his table :) Then later the genie told Aladdin, "you're the boss, the king, the Shah", Shah in Persian means king. I also liked where he mentions, "a little more baklava", then drowns him with the traditional mediterannean/middle eastern "baklava" pastry :)

Mariah Bair : Am I the only one that can't stay still when I hear this song

Sam Diamond : RIP Robin Williams. You are awesome

Hooba Dooba : There are 364 people who are just jealous that they could never have the amazing talent like Robin Williams had. R.I.P. Robin Williams, we ain't never had a friend like you.

packersfan : RIP Robin Williams. Thanks for all the memories.

Space Ace : *playing this over an over and crying....*

pygmiegoatsheepbeat : MAN Robin Williams performed the hell out of this song! Bet it was fun watching him record it in the sound booth.

Chris Mike : One of the best Disney songs ever written.

Arturo Cabral : Rip Robin Williams never forgotten thank you for your awesome movies, but this movie always makes me happy.

luigimarioman1 : We definitely never had a friend like him and never will again. Thank you Robin Williams for the childhood memories. You were the reason I loved Aladdin so much. Thank you.

brian mcclanahan : "You aint never had a friend like me" Robin Williams Jul 21, 1951 - Aug 11, 2014

KoOkiEzRoCkz : "Mr Alladin sir.." man I love his voice xD

Hello Cortez : I have an arabian lamp and I have been rubbing it all day but Robin Williams hasnt come out yet.

lambulis : I like the fact that at 0:35 genie writes from right to left! Dinsey not missing a single detail!

themusicprincess98 : You're free, Genie. You're finally free. R.I.P Robin Williams.

More Than Necessary : rip robin william my favorite genie

Lloyd Hart : R.I.P Robin! I can't believe it! So many memories and so much laughter this man brought to my life! Very few celebrity deaths make me this sad!

DisneyEndings : Applause everybody Applause :)

G Den : Mr. Aladdin Sir, what would your pleasure be?........

Itachi21x : RIP Robin Williams ;_;

Machieavelli : R.I.P - Mr. Williams - (July 21, 1951 – August 11, 2014)

Xavier Vega : This is one Disney movie that should NEVER be remade. You simply cannot replace Robin Williams as the Genie.

Pip Squeak : Today I have auditions for the Alladin play at school! I'm going for the part of the genie. Wish me luck please by commenting!!

Awesomo : Rest in peace, Robin. There'll never be another genie like you. :'(

DisneyNerd1994 : Genie is one of the best Disney characters in history. Why did Robin Williams have to die? :(

Saba Bezhashvili : Master! I don't think you quite realize what you've got hereSo why don't you just ruminate, whilst I illuminate the possibilities.

John Howard : you will always be a great genie

George Washington : God, we'll give you Beiber for Robin Williams

Daveme123 : You will be missed.

Dakotah Robinson : RIP robin williams this has been a tragic day

Giggity King : The genie was the third most funniest character in animation history. Second place is DeadPool who is followed by BOBOBOBOBOBOBO