James May's random general knowledge chat
James May talks about random stuff for 45 minutes straight

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James May bloviates about: 00:00 - Satellite navigation 5:24 - Barcodes 9:05 - Energy saving light bulbs 12:53 - Body odour 18:07 - The appropriate T.V size 18:54 - What James May watched on T.V 19:50 - What happens when you get old 20:30 - Bullet proof vests 24:51 - The art of making a good boomerang 25:34 - Helicopters 26:44 - Putting things in the bin 28:07 - Trains 32:21 - Singer's accents 33:01 - The stylistics of language 34:05 - May's favourite accents 36:31 - 1970's Man 37:15 - The most useful tool ever made 38:59 - Heights 42:11 - Selfies Part 2 is out! https://youtu.be/G4V8K6o8RWQ All video footage is sourced from BBC earth lab.


Dacia Sandero guys : I like it when James May is let to be himself without the inturuptions from the gnawing hamster and the orangutan

EpicRob : This has been an excellent expenditure of forty-five minutes of my life. I regret nothing and appreciate everything.

Anton Kalliokoski : James complaining about sat nav when he has the worst sense of direction in the world

Stylazation : James may doesn't need background music.

Spencer Bell : Nobody asked for this.... yet nobody’s complaining

Zombie Love Squad : I love these. I can listen to James mutter for hours. And I actually love his shirts. I would love an evening drinking at the pub with this guy.

Prakhar Mehrotra : podcast, podcast, podcast, podcast, podcast, podcast

Dope OrNot : Imagine being James’ son. “Dad, can I have the salt plz?” “Here you are....speaking of salt.......” 45mins past.....

GOTHICforLIFE1 : Jsut get him on QI already lmao - All i hear is "another thing that's quite interesting is...."

peanutbuttereggdirt1 : When james made his barcode noises my dog started barking

john g : Says the man that lost a race against a pigeon because he went to the wrong address in Mansfield.

D4BehindTheDoor : I originally clicked on this video with the intention of watching five or ten minutes but became absolutely hypnotized by this wonderful man and watched the entire thing.

Jonathan Rouse : James may has joined the chat Jeremy Clarkson has left the chat

Peter Compton : Traffic Lights in Italy.. Cracked me up

Harsh Wardhan Bajpai : Was having trouble sleeping. Thanks!

james fisher : I could listen to James for hours

Gunnar DeRoss : Still better than new Top Gear

mrmoran0077 : This is the best thing on youtube

Donguk Shin : This is great for Euro Truck 2 background sound

Todd Moon : This is actually priceless. Reaffirming my views and some tons of laughs. Keep up the good work James. Your reassembler show. Our great ideas series. It never ends. But this should be required reading in modern times. There’s a show name for this. Required Reading by James May. Common sense is hard to come by..

Richard Albert : I would listen to this all day every day.

vdochev : Man, I can listen May for hours! He's a very smooth story teller with a subtle sense of humor.

E Schel : I want to say; Yes dad... every few minutes.

daisyroots : this is Clarksons' favourite channel

Aesthetical : this got me to sleep real quick after a bout of insomnia, thanks james

schizogony : I like his shirts.

Ian Curran : Is it weird that I put this on to fall asleep too?

Colosseer : I'm now in the middle teens and I want to stock up my general Knowledge. This Video is perfect to do this. Keep doing this, I enjoyed the three quarters, that it took my lamp to get bright.

Edward Wood : I would like to see Clarkson do those automated checkouts.

86 : James May. The man who can both be the most interesting, and the most boring person ever, depending who you ask. For me, he is the former.

Aaron Walcott : "Kangaroo scrotum in tomato sauce." That is all.

cirrus : 'Another thing that would be quite interesting...'

Beno Kamer : Whoever put this music in the back ground should be shot!!!

Alec Denholm : The 'gold paint'/'skin needs to breath' thing is bollocks as proven by Mythbusters.

olafpayne : James May National Treasure

Jeremy Brookes : ''I don't want to sound lie an old person'' I laughed so hard on that line and I'm only 13 seconds in.

Warummussmein Nameangegebensein : I am scared now.. in some regards I think like James May and I am just 24.

autohmae : The sat nav part really reminded me of this: "General, you are listening to a machine. Do the world a favor and don't act like one." -- Dr. Stephen Falken, "WarGames" (1983)

Jeffrey Salzman : This is immensely entertaining.

Rawrwata : Gotta love a rant from James.

Hologrampizza : I could listen to James May talk for hours.

Stu : Brilliant and really interesting. I don't think the background music is needed though.

embe1 : I believe I would very much enjoy a beer with James. Hammond would be too wired up, Jeremy would be like entertaining a bunch of teenagers/stockbrokers. James is a relaxing, knowledgeable fellow.

Fred Schriks : Could listen to this all day. May is brilliant.

docthebiker : But I DO get a Map James. I use google maps on my PC. I can see the destination in relation to where I am. Zoom in and out. Streetview the destination (so I recognise it when I get there) and preview turn offs. It tells me how far I'm going and if I think I need petrol in my bike on the way, it even tells where I can get it. Even where I can stop for a brew and a fag (and know if they do a good brew from the reviews). Then get it sent to my device. Ya don't get that on paper maps. Oh! and I'm your age James. Don't knock the technology. Just the idiots who trust it blindly.

Bunne Rabb : If you let electronics do your thinking for you, you should stop trying to pimp the notion that doing so makes you smarter than people who can and do think for themselves.

noahs trucks : He's like a very polite karl Pilkington..

Gewel ✔ : Some people listen to music I listen to James May

Zoltán Kozma : James, your hair is not greenscreen compatible I'm afraid :)