James May's random general knowledge chat

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EpicRob : This has been an excellent expenditure of forty-five minutes of my life. I regret nothing and appreciate everything.

Peter Compton : Traffic Lights in Italy.. Cracked me up

Anton Kalliokoski : James complaining about sat nav when he has the worst sense of direction in the world

Bryan Fahrenheit : This is Clarkson's version of hell lol

autohmae : The sat nav part really reminded me of this: "General, you are listening to a machine. Do the world a favor and don't act like one." -- Dr. Stephen Falken, "WarGames" (1983)

GOTHICforLIFE1 : Jsut get him on QI already lmao - All i hear is "another thing that's quite interesting is...."

Harsh Wardhan Bajpai : Was having trouble sleeping. Thanks!

schizogony : I like his shirts.

mrmoran0077 : This is the best thing on youtube

Todd Moon : This is actually priceless. Reaffirming my views and some tons of laughs. Keep up the good work James. Your reassembler show. Our great ideas series. It never ends. But this should be required reading in modern times. There’s a show name for this. Required Reading by James May. Common sense is hard to come by..

john g : Says the man that lost a race against a pigeon because he went to the wrong address in Mansfield.

Dacia Sandero guys : I like it when James May is let to be himself without the inturuptions from the gnawing hamster and the orangutan

Richard Albert : I would listen to this all day every day.

Beno Kamer : Whoever put this music in the back ground should be shot!!!

peanutbuttereggdirt1 : When james made his barcode noises my dog started barking

Aaron Walcott : "Kangaroo scrotum in tomato sauce." That is all.

james fisher : I could listen to James for hours

Don Cairns : Sorry mate, but the gold paint thing is a myth. The rest was spot-on though!

Alec Denholm : The 'gold paint'/'skin needs to breath' thing is bollocks as proven by Mythbusters.

Donguk Shin : This is great for Euro Truck 2 background sound

T Liu : Imagine being James’ son. “Dad, can I have the salt plz?” “Here you are....speaking of salt.......” 45mins past.....

Stu : Brilliant and really interesting. I don't think the background music is needed though.

Sophistafunk : Does this count as revision?

Edward Wood : I would like to see Clarkson do those automated checkouts.

Nietzche Preacher : isnt the goldfinger thing bullshit tho?

dreadlocks outdoors : Is James on his knees?

D4BehindTheDoor : I originally clicked on this video with the intention of watching five or ten minutes but became absolutely hypnotized by this wonderful man and watched the entire thing.

First Name Last Name : where can i buy the shirt

airwickfreshner : But it's Captain Lost, he's the one who needs it the most

Chris 61982 : we all use our galaxies and iphones and not the gps james

Vector Corbin : perfect material for dozing off to

Mike Dench : which idiot added the appalling muzak?

dyuman pandya : Why on earth is that music in the background? What were they thinking!

Django James : I've always wondered why some people's BO smells of minestrone soup or meat pies !

Alan Mchugh : I work at height and James is talking absolute bollocks.. Im not scared of heights because i dont understand what might happen to me if i was to fall, im well aware of the consequences of falling (people die in my trade quite often from falling). Im not scared of heights because im confident in my ability not to slip. I have faith in my ability to build a structure that wont fall over as im building it.

olafpayne : James May National Treasure

Vaughn Sigal : Am I the only one that found the bar-code segment outrageously funny

Prakhar Mehrotra : podcast, podcast, podcast, podcast, podcast, podcast

Richard Sharpe : Definitely a weed smoker🙄

MUHAMAD IRFAAN : He's captain no sense of direction and captain slow

Guus Bouwmans : 16:46 someone didn't watch Mystbusters..

Maarten van Heek : Can we have your voice for guidance, James?

Emma Paignton : I agree with satnavs

Nordle69 : where are these clips taken from?

Mute Stingray : James May is like that one uncle...

cirrus : 'Another thing that would be quite interesting...'

Bobby Cameron : theres a part 2 !!!

Oregon696969 : Stopped listening due to background music.

Dylan Diaz : Excellant sleep material

Kevin Martyn : James....Think you are going "Crazy". But as a person you are cleary a smart person