James may's random general knowledge chat

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Anton Kalliokoski : James complaining about sat nav when he has the worst sense of direction in the world

EpicRob : This has been an excellent expenditure of forty-five minutes of my life. I regret nothing and appreciate everything.

GOTHICforLIFE1 : Jsut get him on QI already lmao - All i hear is "another thing that's quite interesting is...."

schizogony : I like his shirts.

Todd Moon : This is actually priceless. Reaffirming my views and some tons of laughs. Keep up the good work James. Your reassembler show. Our great ideas series. It never ends. But this should be required reading in modern times. There’s a show name for this. Required Reading by James May. Common sense is hard to come by..

autohmae : The sat nav part really reminded me of this: "General, you are listening to a machine. Do the world a favor and don't act like one." -- Dr. Stephen Falken, "WarGames" (1983)

Harsh Wardhan Bajpai : Was having trouble sleeping. Thanks!

Django James : I've always wondered why some people's BO smells of minestrone soup or meat pies !

Richard Albert : I would listen to this all day every day.

Merlin Grim : Interesting opinion ... but satnav is more than just navigation. For example, in my car, it offers trafic re-routes, petrol stations along the route, hotels along the route, weather alerts, speed limits (very handy when you don't know the road and speed limits change frequently), traffic cameras, etc.

mrmoran0077 : This is the best thing on youtube

airwickfreshner : But it's Captain Lost, he's the one who needs it the most

Chris 61982 : we all use our galaxies and iphones and not the gps james

Vector Corbin : perfect material for dozing off to

First Name Last Name : where can i buy the shirt

Beno Kamer : Whoever put this music in the back ground should be shot!!!

Glen Onions : 50 seconds in.......enough!

peanutbuttereggdirt1 : When james made his barcode noises my dog started barking

MUHAMAD IRFAAN : He's captain no sense of direction and captain slow

Bunne Rabb : If you let electronics do your thinking for you, you should stop trying to pimp the notion that doing so makes you smarter than people who can and do think for themselves.

Miki LaCourse : I love these. I can listen to James mutter for hours. And I actually love his shirts. I would love an evening drinking at the pub with this guy.

jblyon2 : The self checkout at my local supermarket yells at you to put the first item in the bag before it's physical possible to have moved your arm over. It also yells at you to take all of your items before it finishes printing your receipt.

The RoGus : Placing the new lightbulb(s) in your slipper(s) will surely remind you of the burnt bulb you were supposed to change.

Magnus Gladén : Great man, totally right! More of your thought please. :D If you ever happen to be in Stockholm/Sweden, I'll buy you an ale or several :D

Dylan Diaz : Excellant sleep material

J-F Dube : 2:00 "I know basically which way to go..." ROFL!

zen babaloo : I like the guy but what exactly is the point of this?

Faust Evilstien : "Things that are slow in the modern world are annoying." Captain Slow

Vaughn Sigal : Am I the only one that found the bar-code segment outrageously funny

John Ashtone : No James you are quite correct to be afraid of heights, fall out of a tree, and you might be dead, and early humans in Africa, if not dead, might well be eaten by a predator. The conundrum is why we are NOT afraid of speed. The answer is probably early Humans were not exposed to the danger, they couldn't go faster than 30mph (assuming they had tamed some local Zebras to ride) , so death by speed is not feared.

Miguel Canedo : This is actually rather good!

DanClarky1 : Never trust a man wearing a t-shirt of himself.

Aled Long : Did he learn to speak english on some alien planet?

fredy gump : "Prepare to carry straight on"--this is the failing of every GPS! Every time I get to an intersection on the highway, it tells me NOT to get off, at the same time as it prevents me from seeing where I'm actually trying to go!

james fisher : I could listen to James for hours

Professor Wiesy : A lot of Chinese citys smell quite disgusting

Rog5446 : Why would you want that, he said about the voice instructions of sat-nav? Well Jimmy, it's the screen you should want off and only the audible instructions you should be paying attention to. You have already pointed out that you keep looking at a little screen and you should be keeping your eyes on the road instead!

Gordon Aitchison : There is another use for a tin opener. I modified a Phillips' hand held tin opener to close the curtains on a timer.

Bobbly Wobbly : You can zoom out until you see the whole island if you press the minus arrow you know Jimmy James McJimcent. This coming from the man who's sense of direction is so bad that he has been known to poo out of his head ;) I agree though, autonomy and self-reliance must be preserved. We love you James.

Kevin Short : Oh the irony! May complaining about people not using maps and getting lost.

luuke luketer : stream of consciousness eh ?????????????

daisyroots : this is Clarksons' favourite channel

Terry Winter : The amount of people i see on there mobile phones is scary, i have a very basic mobile phone all it does is text and call, that's all i need