I'm Your Huckleberry Tombstone

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Val Kilmer ( as Doc Holliday ) in Tombstone scene

Comments from Youtube

Diggz11 : Probably the best role Kilmer played. Damn good actor.

MadWifey : Doc really loved Wyatt, he crawled off his deathbed to ensure his friends survival.

Theodicist Eddie : He made me want tuberculosis as a kid

Jason Rapozo : Val Kilmer played this role to PERFECTION!! He made that movie!

Varun : How in the hell did he not get nominated for Best Supporting Actor?

rcoronado83 : Tombstone is one of those movies that no matter how many times you've seen it if it's being aired on tv you watch it.  Even if you own it you put the remote down.

Nexius : Val Kilmer's Doc Holliday is one of my favourite western characters.

Bradley Carroll : Doc was my favorite character in the movie. Biggest shit talker in the movie but backed it up

SUPER REPUBLICAN : Val Kilmer stole this entire movie. He was absolutely outstanding as Doc Holliday, no one will ever fill that role again.

Cody Lakin : One of my favorite lines from Doc earlier in the movie is when someone asks him why he’s even doing this, risking his life and choosing to get caught up in the battle, and Doc says, “Wyatt Earp is my friend.” “Hell, I’ve got a lot of friends.” And Doc just says, “I don’t.” Or how he was offended before the OK Corrall shootout when Earp told him he didn’t have to involve himself. “That is a hell of a thing to say to me.” Makes this scene so much more powerful with all of that in mind. Doc could’ve been just as bad as Johnny Ringo, but he had a friend like Wyatt Earp, and that really meant something to him. His loyalty is beautiful

Diablo X Machina : "I'm your huckleberry" - One of the greatest lines in cinema.

Pedro Robles : Michael Bien gets overlooked in this movie but his performance was top notch as well

Rio Rivera : Why Johnny Ringo! You look like somebody just walked over your grave...............cold blooded

Oceanmachine27 : One of the things I absolutely love about this scene is that the first time Johnny and Doc almost faced off at the faro table, Doc was drunk and Johnny wasn't. The next time they almost threw down outside the barber's, Johnny was drunk and Doc wasn't. But THIS time, they were both stone cold sober. It's like the universe wanted a fair fight between good and evil, both at their best.

AtomicPickle1 : You can see how terrified Ringo is of Holliday. Kilmer is so smooth as Holliday in this movie. Also, Doc knows how to skin a smoke wagon.

Chuck Jones : Kilmer should have gotten an oscar for this role

Johnny Threefour : "You look like someone just walked over your grave" The master of psychological warfare.

Brad Malden : 90% of Comments section: “Val should have won an Oscar” I agree but an Oscar wouldn’t do his performance justice.

Alan Cannon : “Poor soul, u we’re just too high strung” lmao cold

Largest Classifieds : Val Kilmer delivered an Oscar quality performance in Tombstone. No question about it.

Bill's Kid : This is a very powerful scenes. You've got Doc Holliday with TB, a bacterial infection in the lungs and fills them up with butter. He's approaching and looking for a fight while smoking a cigarette. You can't kill a dead man. He'll stop at nothing.

Wolf Man Lyken : Doc:    "play for blood remmember" Ringo: "i was just foolin' about " Doc:...."I wasn't"

Guitarfollower22 : 0:48 Ringo’s heart beat skyrockets

Alonzo Branson : One of the reasons I liked this portrayal...Kilmer actually looked and acted severely ill.

Dan Garrison : Johnny Ringo:" I was jus fooling about." Doc:' I wasnt".. Best line ever.

Ty MacDougall : That smile before he says I wasn’t. Acting at its finest, then bien trying his psycho fake smile capped it off. Amazing performances

Paul Mays : The best role Kilmer ever did IMHO,

Viktor Reznov : Arthur Morgan died of TB just like doc holiday, very interesting.

HTX original : The best Western ever thanks to Val Kilmer.

Largest Classifieds : The producer gathered an all star impressive cast in Tombstone.

Cheshire Mad hatter : "I'm your huckleberry" it's kinda catchy

Hank J. Wimbleton : Doc no! How's he gonna fight terminators now?!

Yami Delacroix : I don't know why but it's like everytime Val talks in this film he looks like he's gonna jump someone's bones. It's just the way he moves...I don't know. Might just be me. 'Say when.' best line ever. Best role he's ever played. This was great to watch, I remember all of the gun tricks amazing me as a kid.God that scene where Kilmer takes the piss out of the minute gun flipping with a mere cup, completely straight faced had me breaking several cups just to try it myself.

roger twitty : get him a oscar i dont care how late it is

Ethereal Phenotype : what i wouldn't give to have a friend like Doc!

John Carver : This movie is pure gold. Every damn line. Val best DH EVER

Brodha Sattva : This performance and Heath Ledger as The Joker are the 2 greatest "supporting roles" in the history of cinema.

David Tolley : Considered to be the best western ever made Where's Vals Oscar? Bout time don't yer think?


Zycho : 'What do men like Ringo want..' 'Revenge' 'For what?' 'For being born..'

RedHeaded Damsel : That intro that Val "I'm ya huckleberry." Was awesomeeeeeeee and epic asf Sickly looking but totally dashing 😆😆😆😆😆😆

Keith Wills : Reading thru some of the comments, I see I wasn't alone in feeling like Val Kilmer should have hands down won an Oscar for his performance. There are movies with a great (single) punch line that people remember. Arnold was famous for that - but Val's Doc Holliday wasn't just a scene stealer; in all the movies I've ever seen, this is THE ONLY movie with a character that EVERY SINGLE LINE delivered was a classic and with perfect comedic and dramatic effect and intent. It may be the closest thing seen to a perfect performance.

Baseball Fanatic : The part where Ringo says he was just foolin about, Holiday knew he had him beat

Richard Marshall Bowman : "Why Johnny Ringo, you look like somebody just walked over your grave."

Caoimhe Clancy : Dude should have won an Oscar for this.

David Lopez : "Poor soul, he was just to high strung!"

swimhack : Classic

Jess Connelly : So many scenes that were all golden🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

Doc Holliday : I believe nobody could play this role better than Val Kilmer