I'm Your Huckleberry Tombstone

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DIOSpeedDemon : Val should have got the Oscar for best Performance of the 20th Century, hands down.

Diggz11 : Probably the best role Kilmer played. Damn good actor.

Gangrel Aussie : I always wonder from some of these scenes if Ringo actually really respected Holliday, and might have preferred to not he on the opposite side. Kind of like meeting the childhood hero that you wanted to be better than, but were always terrified you'd lose something of yourself if you actually won.

Bradley Carroll : Doc was my favorite character in the movie. Biggest shit talker in the movie but backed it up

Nexius : Val Kilmer's Doc Holliday is one of my favourite western characters.

Rio Rivera : Why Johnny Ringo! You look like somebody just walked over your grave...............cold blooded

AssinnippiJack : Johnny Ringo knew as soon as he realized that it was Doc Holliday it was all over. He was a dead man.

Kenya Robinson : Val Kilmer did the best Doc Holiday by far. I remember me and my Dad would do this scene hundreds of times, lines and all. Holiday knew Wyatt wouldn't win in a duel with Ringo so despite him being sick he took his place. Toughest Cowboy ever in my opinion.

PB King : Tombstone way better than Wyatt Earp with Kevin Costner! Hands down, Val Kilmer should have won an Oscar

Zycho : 'What do men like Ringo want..' 'Revenge' 'For what?' 'For being born..'

White Wolf : "I was just fooling about" Haha, Ringo knows Doc Holiday is one of the fastest drawls.

MadWifey : Doc really loved Wyatt, he crawled off his deathbed to ensure his friends survival.

Wolf Man Lyken : Doc:    "play for blood remmember" Ringo: "i was just foolin' about " Doc:...."I wasn't"

Michael Chacon : Everyone loves the "I'm your huckleberry" line and "Say when" line... My favorite is when Ringo says "I was just fooling about." and Doc replies with a menacing stare "I wasn't" .... So cold and cool...

Nigh Hoon : I'm the quick. You're the dead.

chicago south sider : I'm afraid the strain was more than he could bear! Val Kilmer was awesome in this movie.

Guitarfollower22 : 0:48 Ringo’s heart beat skyrockets

Caoimhe Clancy : Dude should have won an Oscar for this.

Tom Barnes : I wrote Doc Holliday's Road to Tombstone and believe I know him better than any living person. Val Kilmer gave the nearest Doc Holliday character I've ever seen on the screen.

Jason Rapozo : Val Kilmer played this role to PERFECTION!! He made that movie!

Varun : How in the hell did he not get nominated for Best Supporting Actor?

V.O.R. man : "Ah, Johnny", lol. Never gunfight with a man who's already dying.

Stormin Boy : Oscar worthy for Val kilmer.  What a great performance.

Hades Lord of the Underworld : Ringo's face, he knew he was dead the minute he saw it was Doc and not Wyatt

Wis Dom : Deep down inside, Johnny was scared and knew Doc was better than him, but his ego wouldn't let him walk away. Sometimes it's better to take the L for that day. lol

HelotOnWheels : I don't agree that Ringo knew he was dead as soon as he saw Holliday. Oh, he's surprised all right, and put off, and more than a little nervous. He didn't want to fight Holliday, and Wyatt is the one he really wants to kill. Most of all, he knows that Wyatt hates killing, and he had counted on that advantage, while Holliday just doesn't give a damn. But if Ringo really thought he couldn't win, he would have just turned and run instantly; better chance a bullet in the back than a showdown with a guy you can't beat. Instead, he gives that crazy, crazy smile and says "All right, lunger. Let's do it!" After that,you look at his face, and there's no more fear, not even any resignation, just deadly intent to kill his man.

Brian Clancy : Possibly Kilmers finest performance. His role as Morrison is a close second.

theartofpimpin : He really should have won an oscar for this.

Gary Manfredi : Ringo trying to back out,like a Bully.. One of the best Scenes ever.. Johnny the punk ran his mouth , and could not Back it Up..

Santiago James : Doc is one of the greatest movie anti-heroes ever.

halnywiatr : In 1834 Davey Crockett dictated his biography.  There he used the expression:“This was a hard business on me, for I could just barely write my own name. But to do this, and write the warrants too, was at least a huckleberry over my persimmon”.  It is meant to indicate something “beyond”, “over-and-above”, “better”. “Huckleberry over persimmon” appears in several 19th century publications meaning the preferred option.  After 1875, after the publication of Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry in reference to a person starts to mean “Pal”, “Sidekick”, “Wingman”. I can find no published examples of “Huckle Bearer”.  This is not to say that it did not exist.  I would love to see a citation of its use for “Pall Bearer”. Doc Holiday who was educated in Latin and enjoyed word play to taunt his opponents.  It is enough for him to be saying “I am the thing that is better than you”.  It would not be beyond his character to also be saying: “I’ll bury you”.

Chuck Jones : Kilmer should have gotten an oscar for this role

navblue20 : Historical fact or not.....great scene.

Paul Mays : The best role Kilmer ever did IMHO,

Brian Eastburn : Say When.......... Classic scene.

Brent Daniel Coley : I said every line in that scene. Hell, I practically say every line in the movie

rocdarjar gm : Val did it in this one ..the best

Viktor Reznov : Arthur Morgan died of TB just like doc holiday, very interesting.

nonplayerzealot4 : He was just too high strung... :-(

David Tolley : Considered to be the best western ever made Where's Vals Oscar? Bout time don't yer think?

Brad Malden : 90% of Comments section: “Val should have won an Oscar” I agree but an Oscar wouldn’t do his performance justice.

Michael William : In real life nobody knows who killed Johnny Ringo. He was found under a tree with a gunshot wound to the head and a round from his gun had been fired. His gunbelt was on upside down for some reason. Doc Holliday may or may not have been in court at the time and Earp supposedly had an alibi. Ringo's death almost appeared to be a suicide but who knows.

Timothy Huff, jr. : "I was just foolin' about." "I wasn't." That line is so heavy and sinister.

Alonzo Branson : One of the reasons I liked this portrayal...Kilmer actually looked and acted severely ill.

Lizzy Koopa : only reason i play mccree in overwatch is for his voice line taken from this.

Robert Lee : Your no daisy! Your no daisy at all!

Israel Moreno : never dropped his smoke

Rainy Boi : McCree brought me here

SUPER REPUBLICAN : Val Kilmer stole this entire movie. He was absolutely outstanding as Doc Holliday, no one will ever fill that role again.

Knowlsy1878 : Freaked me out when I was a kid that Ringo was still stumbling about after he'd been shot in the head. Great scene.