How to Win a Fight with a Sword and Buckler

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Honey Badger Strength & Conditioning : You guys are wizards. I was just thinking to myself we need more sword fighting lessons, and here you are.

Derek Long : "Do dresspants robotmen have to follow Asimov's laws" I sure as hell hope so.

Polaris : When will they teach you how to end your opponents rightly with a pommel throw?

TehAdrenalinePickle : 15:08 - Half-expected that upward pan to reveal Brian with a fresh eyepatch.

Cameron Barrett : "Is there a rival school?" "Not anymore..." I love these guys

Zarathustra : Filthy dex builders

Cade Bengert : Further evidence that one day, when Brian tragically parishes while filming, it will not be an accident. Murphy will have just finally succeeded in his dastardly plot...

SpockLogic : Thank you guys for showing people HEMA stuff. Our sport is really unknown and underappreciated.

Assassinboy 990 : My only experience with a buckler is Gladiator from For Honor, i was expecting a lot of punch.


Angel Acuna : Brian if you care about your fans, you will have use the same haircut from the old scam school at least once

swiki923 : so i dont want to be a downer or anything and i personally love nord vpn service. and its true that the cable company cant see exactly what your doing with a vpn on, but they do see the vpn. they can literally just say your not allowed to use said vpn at all and force you to stop using it. which is garbage.

luke w. : They've done alot of these martial arts videos and never fail to both wear jeans instead of something more athletic

Ledge Nay : Holy crap Jason is gonna murder Brian in a boxing match... if he can get his hands on Brian in the first couple of rounds.

Psycho Pyro : Learn how to fight with a quarterstaff!

Ethan H. : When is the dragon fighting episode?

I Am Error : also glad you guys endorsed a vpn, keep up the great work

Justin Owen : "Search history is questionable." Has Scooby Doo. 100/10

Nick : I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT. Anthony kinda looks like WoWCrendor. No one will know this reference, but yeah

BILL XRL : who's a better warrior whos the better scoundrel and who's the better gentleman

Richie Demo : Man, I really like their new HEMA series.

Mrmoocows99 : I find it funny how they forgot everything as soon as they started going at it. I can understand why, and how, but its still funny.

tim220122 : Man, I'm just waiting for Brian and Jason to do a collaboration with Dan and Gavin from the Slo Mo Guys.

Thedoctor133 : Don't forget to end your opponent rightly by throwing the pommel at them

juhheli : You have to end them rightly. Just unscrew the pommel and throw it at the foe.

Alexander deChaneet : Parkour?

FlyingCat_00 : 04:46 When you see the first question on a test

LuckOfTheDraw : Respond to make my day Brian! RESPOOOOOOND

RaketenKuhGewehr : "Is there a rival school?" "Not anymore."

Trash Can Of Useless Knowledge : You guys should do a video on ARGs (Alternate/Augmented Reality Games), would love to see it! Keep up the good videos.

Steel City Historical Fencing : Love that Anthony is getting the art out there, he runs a great club in Austin. Great job!

starshipfantastica : 25:33 the 8th Ward- Fake reluctance then screaming war-cry attack.

TheEnchantr : Ahh. A Modern Rogue video with 1,668 views, 168 likes, and zero dislikes. I like it.

Alan Blair : Watching Brushwood is easy. Working with him must be demanding. Here is a shout out to Jason in the form of a haiku: Dodging jabs verbal and directional as well Jason follows, leads.

Baktillus : That instructor should really watch their distances, they tend to stretch out a loooot. Cool guys though!

Cameron Bloch : 3 years VPN? idk if ill have internet next year

Ast vom Baum : Just go behind the enemy and backstab him.

professorDD87 : Speaking of a modern rouge... the ad was rougeish I hope it doesn't sound too far fetched to thumbs up because the ad but with the new net neutrality how is a VPN not a modern rouge tool and the ad fits the channel so well. Well done guys.

Humanoid25 : Boxing episode would be cool but what I want to see is a revamped pro wrestling video. I want to see the ultimate return of Kmart Guile Jason's questionable search history "scooby doo" "how to grow a good beard" "drink beer explanation" this man is clearly dangerous

Svinja : I can tell you right now this is the first time i've seen someone wield a sword with a hoodie on

mt Sanchi : When people in the period carried bucklers around it was as a substitute as armor/gloves/shield while doing daily life, because true armor would be a little cumbersome for having a drink and getting some errands run. You pull out a sword in buckler when your coughs off guard doing something while your not geared up. Most of the time sword a buckler fight would be an unarmored civilian fight.

Gabriel De Leon : S/o to Anthony. That intro was amazing

Elisa : It's so funny to watch these when you know German. Because Fechtbuch, halpschild (halb Schild) or Messer, Oberwacht from the long sword episode are just German words. They pronounce them so differently.

Shawn Clement : Gotta give Brian big congrats for surviving a sword to the eyeball and fighting on when there are some guards who quit adventuring after only a mere arrow to the knee. And one to Murphy for finally realizing his life goal of stabbing Brian in the eyeball with a sword. *High five Rogues*

Tyler Foss : Brian looks like he should be on vikings

CRÌMSON BLAÐÉ : But what about ending them rightly xD

Gorski : Do you respond to early comments?

Mick Lane : Ouch that eye poke looked pretty bad. Taking it like a champ Brian. Maybe one you guys will have a combat episode where no one has to take 5.

Brandon Ali : back in the day when war and fighting took skill and was actually fair, instead of dropping bombs...:/