Tom Lehrer - I got it from Agnes | SUB ITA

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Omar Shuaibi : Started out with just a kiss, then you ended up with syphilis 🎶

Sapphirelia : Tom > Marie > Harry > Louise > Jim > Agnes/Millie/Billy/Gillie/Willie > Tom Francois and Jacques > Pierre > Sheila > Blarney Stone > Joan > Daphne > Jiles Her daddy > Edith > Max and Daniel > Daniel's Spaniel ??? Dentist So how did they all get it when there are three separate "links"? Was it their dentist? lol

KSL1972LLC : That 'Lucky Pierre' reference... Tom was waaay ahead of his time.

BobTheTrueCactus : It's all just in our dirty little minds.

Nick Pollard : I love the big build-up for the last line. We know what it's going to be, making it a bit unnecessary!

Sonja B. P. : sensationell

Armstrong WANG : what a genius !!!

hoilst : "Plays the piano acceptably".

Igor C. : Bella, ahahah!

Roger Turner : Fabulous!

Eric Waldow : Does anyone know the source of this recording? I remember hearing "I Got it From Agnes" as far back as the early 1980s, but it wasn't on any official release of his until years later. I found a reference to him performing it on a British talk show in 1980, and it's possible the version I heard was from there. I've never found that same performance again, and this one doesn't quite sound familiar, either.

oakesp1 : this was from a Parkinson chat show , Lehrer is a genious ,  its about the common cold

Splash Boy : its feminism