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Ashtin Larold : This is the tightest shit ever

Strontiummuffin : Elon musk Dis track

Axel Walters : damn bro, youve been one of my favorite rappers for a few years. insane to see you do some shit like thit.. 🙌💪💯 respect and love, Towkio.

Sparky : No other artist is doing anything like this, it disappoints me that people with visions like this don't get the recognition they deserve

D. Luch : Shout out Chance for sending me here

Olumide Sobodu : Nah if towkio don't blow after this I'll be mad af

Ecojock : The concept is absolutely genius!!! Most rappers talk about being worldwide; you took it stratospheric. Your growth as an artist has been phenomenal.

Tha Swami : This is Towkio's year. Such a great project!!!!!!

Szejku : lowkey that was b.o.b diss vid lol

matt skills : it was faked

The Olymp : Who paid for this AMAZING

supadupaflow326 : Not even a big fan or anything prior to this, heard maybe one or two songs by you...but seeing you do this then also listening to the album...can honestly say this is some of the most creative shit ever and it was awesome to see how overjoyed you were by this! Could see your happiness, your fear and your excitement all in one. Great shit my dude and you got a new big fan now!!!!

First Cooommment : Holy shit is this true, cause he could literally be fire upon RE-ENTRY! That should be the title. Setting records good luck!!!

madebyTHRD : Flat Earthers brought me here.

BIGBIZGRIZZZ !!! : How is this not national news?

Ed V : How much does it cost to do something like this? Asking for a friend...

Psychidize : Savemoney boys

Evan Ferrari : So to have world piece we just need to launch all the world leaders up into space? Easy.

Logan Joseph : Whoa

pattyvilleTV : ok is the album good though

mondn : here befor a mil

zenk : Out of this world...

Cody Valente : When he said, "omg, I'm in space" i felt that.

PEKA PEKA : insane

Eldryche Flores : Why isn't this trending???

LILBRTHRTAYRO : tokyo shawn to towkio! we rocking wit u

Matthew Monahan : no one upset about how fake this is?

mondn : this is fake lmao

BabySharkey : you couldn't pay me $1,000,000 to do this😂😂😂

ST : Fake but cool concept

Timothy Alan : Ima buy whatever he's selling just off this video alone.

Leslie Moreno : Beautiful way to release your album!! Wish you all the best towkio!!! ❤

Herman Wade : So dope! You out here fam. Been a fan for years. U killed on late night too. Chi town stand up! Peace and positivity brother ✌

Lil Soup : and no one thinks this is fake at all?

TOMY.BEBOP : Thought he would've skydived

Kukushkin : Fake

prettyfirsboy : Y’all see that weak curvature and FLAT horizon? 👀👀👀

Sydney m : Damn this is the dopest thing I've ever seen from music b


Majestic Casual : elevate!

FG : someone show b.o.b

Rich Hirsch : Wow

Matt Keed : this is insane

Roast Fest Worldwide : This is so dope glade to be comment 54

TheHipHopGuru : A YOUNG GOD!!

RustyMetalFingerz : We love you bro!!! I'm glad you're safe

Catricia Hiebert : Him falling on his face after was one of the cutest things I saw all week 😂😂

C.Z.C. Custom Zombies Chronicles : Fisheye lens

Takomborerwa M : Thats soooo tight - this is tight, top man,  this is great, top man, well done

Meme Name : Mad respect This alone confirmed a download