BIGBANG: BELLS (Official Music Video)
Norwegian rock band Bigbang often get confused with the k pop group with the same name so they made this music video

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Bigbang performing their single "BELLS". Apple Music / iTunes: Spotify: Nordics: Director: Lasse Gretland Label: Petroleum Records / Grand Sport Records Management:


Katherine Garganera : just got curious, the song is good and catchy. VIP here 😊🙋‍♀️

OMGASL : Absolutely genius marketing. You guys are gonna gain an audience in Asia out of nowhere.

Мартин Иден : Heeeeeey it sounds really good! Okay it seems like I have 2 BigBang in my playlist haha Mv is funny thank you♡

Moneh Moyong : All the VIPs appreciate your hardwork. Nice Work. And miss my BIGBANG

99spectrums : Dette er genialt jo hahahah 😂Fant dere faktisk først på Spotify når jeg prøvde å finne BIGBANG 😂Fantastisk ny sang da!!

JBieber94GDragon88 * : Came here from insta 😁 ..Hi fellow VIP's who went here 🙌👌

Edith A. : 😂💖 VIP here 👏🏼👋🏻👋🏻

Lourdes Rodrigues : VIP here showing love to bigbang in Norway ❤❤😂 guys are fun!

JaWui : This actually sounds good

Lars Inge Torp : This is the best and funniest music video I've seen in years!

Deidara -san : Nice song and mv is funny xD <3

Areli Somerhalder : Omg! FANTASTIC BABY 🤭 KPOP BIGBANG❤

Christina Pang : Love from V.I.P

ifizzlesizzle1 : Meh. I'ma VIP but i dig this!

Toallthevipsthatare Waitingforbigbangiloveyouall : Lol why is this so funny 😂. Any way good luck Bigbang for your future

allgood2 : Funny!! Cool song, as well.


Tokki Ning : I like this song

Joanne EnnaJo : Is this allowed? Im just curious, they use BigBang’s popularity on youtube search

Jon Irenicus : Somehow I think this is going to backfire pretty badly...