Whoop That Trick - Djay, from the movie "Hustle & Flow"

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DraYzey : Lol I miss crunk music.. too bad it was more a phase that faded with time. Much like how this trap stuff gonna be after some time.

William Mason : that beat is mad sick

Ms. Phoenix - The PunkRockPrincess : I was going nuts when he built that beat, shit is hard son

SayNoToTroll : This could easily be the prequel to Empire

Zarco : we ain't gotta lie this track here bangs harder than most in 2016 . #facts

Gio Aguila : Terrence Howard should have gotten an Oscar for this. He got robbed for this!!

Tr3DaMayor : Back when Cookie was pregnant with Andre!!!

Deneen Peyton : Shit he ain't white he light skined!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

Big Tuna : Get dafuq out of here mayn

Joey Diaz : Haha hip hop knows no color. Just hard knocks homie. Get it dawgs

Tony Jenkins : the greatest scene in any movie ever made

Moorekeice Phillips : Naw man he just light skinned lol

Justinbowen2003@yahoo.com Bowen : I fail to see why this movie got such shitty reviews. I loved it personally.

Travers McMahon : scene always gives me goosebumps. Beat is just dirty dirty.

Seth Hall : The best scene in any movie ever made and I don't give a fuck what anybody has to say about it. I just listened to this shit with my headphones on at 2:30 in the morning when I was about to go to sleep and now I'm up jumping around the house putting cold pizza into the toaster oven.

TheFredBone : the creation of the beat slowly forming is what's Magic.. like watching you child grow or something.. but I kinda wish this was a real mainstream song for a real rapper not actors but the beat hot still.

SpaghettiDoctor : Every second of this was art.

Tyler Rice : 😂😂 "okay, let's go smoke that joint"... Lmfao

DxnnyBoy AdventurezTM : 0:50 When yo lil cousin wanna chill with u and the older cousins at the family functions

Joel Clarke : I love this scene absolutely sssiicckk👊💯 does anyone else agree that this would be badass if it was connected to Emire? (I'm fully aware it isn't) Lucioius breaking into the game along with Cookie 👊💯

Kalin Puls : 4:35 is when the theater exploded...

Kim7000000 : Classic scene in a classic movie!

Joey Diaz : Lol ok lets go smoke that joint!

sgtstreetmeat : I like that clap..

STEVE Edwards : that shit gave me chills man! ive made many of beats that way.

KOOL G : *Uh huh I like dat clap*

Mike Michel : 11 years later and this beat still give me the chills

Tullbrayom Peterson : You gotta have on headphones to enjoy this 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Michael Havas : if juice documents ny hip hop in the 90s, this documents the dirty south

Robert Ryan : Yo, I still get fucking chills when DJ Qualls (Shelby) is making this dope ass beat.

Tyri Jernigan : cookie pregnant with andre

mvalovalo : The stink face djay get when the hi-hat drops. He was like "...mmmhmmm not ba - WHOOOAAAA"

Lusa Holani : "whooooooo"

Mr. Popo : nah he just light skin

Tamaku'Yahu Byn Yar'sharal : Realist part in the whole movie...nuff said

kzilla 689 : this scene is epic

gohstdog23 : "empire" the early days , lion Arm tatt poppin

kyzroc Krator : Terrence Howard fucking owned this roll mang. Seriously should have gotten an award for how good he did.

Mike T : I like his rap voice way more than most popular artists today.

AIZEN : About to coach a middle school basketball game and this has me lit. These kids gone learn today

Christopher Halpin : This shit still gives me chilllls

Pandabearmadness : I love 8 mile but I have to say I love this movie equally. imo this has better much much better actors.

RamzaBeoulve02 : The sad part is that the women who came in toward the end are the tricks that get whooped when they don't make the pimp's money... Glorifying a song that's talking down on you.

Angel Santiago : this song is fireeeeee till this day lol........

William Rodriguez : Beat hit me harder than my father when I was 9!

Jiren The Gray : DJ qualls went to school around here (where i live) but noone ever even knew him . shows you that even the most unknown people can become very successful

mike of dc : this part had the whole movie theatre rockin

Mark Will : "Naaa'.... he jus light-skin''''''''''

TheNewKingOfBASS 160db on music : this is the shit Chris Brown rides around listening 2