Whoop That Trick - Djay, from the movie "Hustle & Flow"

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Theo Potter : If this scene doesn't get you amped, you're dead.

StutteringCrisTop10 : "Who gon' play that?" ROFL!!

Marlene Barrera : fuck outta here....MAYNE 😂

Ms. Phoenix - The PunkRockPrincess : I was going nuts when he built that beat, shit is hard son

Aequh808 : "Stomp that Hoe" haha Im dying xD

Fab🎃 : Terrance Howard left the avengers to become a rapper while Anthony mackie left the rap game to become an avenger

Deneen Peyton : Shit he ain't white he light skined!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

William Mason : that beat is mad sick

Moorekeice Phillips : Naw man he just light skinned lol

DraYzey : Lol I miss crunk music.. too bad it was more a phase that faded with time. Much like how this trap stuff gonna be after some time.

Jamison. edits : 3:10 I love Terrence Howard's face when he realized "oh shit this white boy's actually good"

SpaghettiDoctor : Every second of this was art.

Pa' La Raza : we ain't gotta lie this track here bangs harder than most in 2016 . #facts

Travers McMahon : scene always gives me goosebumps. Beat is just dirty dirty.

TheSaturnSound : The reason some of us started making beats!

Mike Michel : 11 years later and this beat still give me the chills

Mike T : I like his rap voice way more than most popular artists today.

Tr3DaMayor : Back when Cookie was pregnant with Andre!!!

Joey Diaz : Haha hip hop knows no color. Just hard knocks homie. Get it dawgs

William Rodriguez : Beat hit me harder than my father when I was 9!

Dre Loco aka ZFG BEATS : That's definitely some Memphis Tenn shit

freshfade28 : Stomp that hoe 😂😂😂 Anthony Anderson expression cracks me up

Justinbowen2003@yahoo.com Bowen : I fail to see why this movie got such shitty reviews. I loved it personally.

SayNoToTroll : This could easily be the prequel to Empire

TheFredBone : the creation of the beat slowly forming is what's Magic.. like watching you child grow or something.. but I kinda wish this was a real mainstream song for a real rapper not actors but the beat hot still.

DxnnyBoy AdventurezTM : 0:50 When yo lil cousin wanna chill with u and the older cousins at the family functions

Tyler Rice : 😂😂 "okay, let's go smoke that joint"... Lmfao

nitro 07 : this song got errybody feelin like a thug after listenin to it🔥🔥

Darryl Walker : This the most inspirational hood shit I ever seen. Brought a tear to my eye lol

Kay X : there was a kid in piano class that was able to lay sick beats like these right in class. they used to compete to see who can make the best beat. needless to say, that kid is working in LA now.

Tony Jenkins : the greatest scene in any movie ever made

Chi Raq : That shit was live in the theatre too when this scene came on. Everybody in the theatre nodding and getting crunk. Shit was tight.

Kalin Puls : 4:35 is when the theater exploded...

wahran kiko : Who come's from snoop instagram?

AIZEN : About to coach a middle school basketball game and this has me lit. These kids gone learn today

Annette May : Who knew watching this movie that 10 and 11 years later, Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson would reunite to film "Empire"? They both still look great together. Great movie!

Valencia Cody : damn my fav part is when there tryna find the beat.

Alexander Milani : If you disliked this video you are a stone cold hater. Probably a trick that got stomped out!!!

Fudge Fantasy : while he's trying to find the beat it's crazy

TheNewKingOfBASS 160db on music : this is the shit Chris Brown rides around listening 2


Jay Ceez aka joeldaillustrator : I love this scene absolutely sssiicckk👊💯 does anyone else agree that this would be badass if it was connected to Emire? (I'm fully aware it isn't) Lucioius breaking into the game along with Cookie 👊💯


Korey Sylver : Straight tear the club up music

Pandabearmadness : I love 8 mile but I have to say I love this movie equally. imo this has better much much better actors.

Tullbrayom Peterson : You gotta have on headphones to enjoy this 🔥🔥🔥🔥

I Am Grime : "You know he white right?" "Naw. He just light skinned"

Kim7000000 : Classic scene in a classic movie!

Tamaku'Yahu Byn Yar'sharal : Realist part in the whole movie...nuff said

Michael Havas : if juice documents ny hip hop in the 90s, this documents the dirty south