Kingsman: The Secret Service - The Church Fight
A Guy Killing People In Church

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Harry running amok in the church. The scenes with Valentine and Eggsy were omitted. Song featured in the video clip: "Free Bird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd "Kingsman: The Secret Service" © 20th Century Fox All rights reserved to 20th Century Fox.


danny hernandez : Top 10 Pranks gone wrong.

CamoGhost : legit the best fight seen in a movie, the music made it 10000 times better

Jeffrey Cross : The Free Bird instrumental overlapping this scene was a perfect fit.

Lil VomiT : If you look closely, you can see that Harry's face gains more expression as the fight continues. The most noticeable part of this detail is near the end of the fight.

dank0 noodle : When you bring a gun to a knife fight

Stealth Phantom : 2:45 *Victory Royale*

Mate Product : Rainfurrest 2016 in a nutshell

piccolo917 : i counted 51 people.... that's impressive

AlphaDog2090 : 1:58 was the most painful for my soul....and spine...and neck...

Alex Martinoff : Harry Hart is first movie special agent who DOESN`T have limitless ammo. He used fully loaded pistol of Kingsman Agency (10 rounds), one extra magazine (another 10 rounds) and one extra bullet in the barrel (that lets use gun immediatly without reloading) during the first kill - 21 shots in total, before Harry took another pistol. Now count the shots.

Rochateau Stjura : Man i wish i had those skills

David Harper : Most unlikely actor to be in the best fight scene ever! Colin Firth lol F***ING amazing!

iris lau : Wrong concept... TOO VIOLENCE😨

Devin Baird : Having not seen the Kingsmen. Why is everyone fighting each other in the church?

Kristina Fisher : 2:52: *_(breathes heavily)_** It was...a joke!*

Simon Campbell : Using only 0.23% of his power

lay lover : Nice HD quality!

sabscrib : paint the town red

DereC : 1:03 this is how my textbooks will protect me in the apocalypse

I Love Lea Thompson : 1:45 when you see it, you cant unsee it

VeridicusX : Wow. Pentecostalism has certainly come a long way.

Nick Ferrum : I watched this in theaters and this scene was so out of nowhere it actually made me a little sick to my stomach, I just wasn’t expecting the movie to get so brutal It’s one of my favorite fight scenes of all time though

Love Peace Harmony : When Fortnite employees tried to stop Apex Legends from being released. Unholy Assholes: Fortnite Players/Staffs Harry: Apex Legends/Me/Minecraft Ressurection Opportunity

Bhargav Solanki : I don't know what happened to me but I see this video every day FOR REFRESHMENT🔥🔥🔥

Lars Hildebrandt : Colin Firth channeling John Wick

Rossele Sarabia : I liked it when he dodge the bullet and got the gun(clever)

TheOhYeahKid : Fortnite copied kingsman 😂😂

jgaines4 : I'd like to think Ronnie Van Zant would be proud of this.

A. R. : 1:58 :/

Charles Schaming : What the government plans to do: send AGENTS to churches to do this...

Beeyoth Gaming : Girls fights: *slapping each other* Boys fights:

Harsh Jaiswal : When teacher leaves class for 3:01 mins

A Mailman : The cost of one ticket Just onE Stairway Left

animalboyzach2.0 : First time playing gta 5 be like

Trash Bin : Hands down, my all-time favorite scene.

Daniel Ceballos : After that he had a smoke🚬

Tig Ger : When you lose your winning streak in fortnite

Don Frenzel : I put "In the Mood" by Glenn Miller over it, and it just fits perfectly.

Marek Olewski : CSGO players better get some tips from this man

Sashkobg97 : When you try with bots after you played only ranked for a long time.

arty shorts : 1:26 =badass

ahrt : best. fight. scene. ever.

Simple : And you're listening to K-DST

Random dude in The comment section : I love John wick but this is far better

Ajei Tanglao : 2:31

EqUaL PoWeR55 : This is a deathmatch battle royale.

Jaharah Hobbs : this reference was seen in the simpsons 600th episode

Ajei Tanglao : 2:24 2:26

Artur Araśniewicz : Paint the CHURCH red.