Kingsman: The Secret Service - The Church Fight

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CamoGhost : legit the best fight seen in a movie, the music made it 10000 times better

Legend 27 : Harry Heart. 47 kills. Yes I took my time counting them all.

danny hernandez : Top 10 Pranks gone wrong.

Jeffrey Cross : The Free Bird instrumental overlapping this scene was a perfect fit.

Rick Sanchez : 1:45 when you see it, you cant unsee it

Lil VomiT : If you look closely, you can see that Harry's face gains more expression as the fight continues. The most noticeable part of this detail is near the end of the fight.

AlphaDog2090 : 1:58 was the most painful for my soul....and spine...and neck...

piccolo917 : i counted 51 people.... that's impressive

dank0 noodle : When you bring a gun to a knife fight

the Goldengear gamer : it was a joke

TheStealth Phantom : 2:45 *Victory Royale*

Mate Product : Rainfurrest 2016 in a nutshell

SKETCH MASTER 73 : Well it was a hate church so at least no one innocent died

Rochateau Stjura : Man i wish i had those skills

A. R. : 1:58 :/

NICK THE HEDGEHOG : Deadpool should be there , it would be epic 😎👍

Devin Baird : Having not seen the Kingsmen. Why is everyone fighting each other in the church?

Miger : Dont stop me now would be a good song choice

Arya Faeqy : This scene made me like Free Bird

iFabianXD : Imagne the entire church filled with all the EA employees and bosses in it. Everybody just there and you can just whatever you wanna do with those people as the church doors close..nobody will stop you.

sabscrib : paint the town red

Arty Shorts : 1:26 =badass

Ajei Tanglao : 2:31

DereC : 1:03 this is how my textbooks will protect me in the apocalypse

Q shex : I love how he just causally kill people *IN A CHURCH*

Jaharah Hobbs : this reference was seen in the simpsons 600th episode

lay lover : Nice HD quality!

05candyman : This guys the white John Wick xD

Simon Campbell : Using only 0.23% of his power

sibusiso DeepQuitactive : Best action 🎬 ever

GeorgianMoBster : When you high on drugs 😂😂😂

Charles Schaming : What the government plans to do: send AGENTS to churches to do this...

Anime lover daisuki : When the teacher leaves the classroom...

Mr.SAINT : Does anyone know what music is this in background

Harsh Jaiswal : When teacher leaves class for 3:01 mins

Bhargav Solanki : I don't know what happened to me but I see this video every day FOR REFRESHMENT🔥🔥🔥

Sixpaths Naruto : Exerme battle royale!!

Rossele Sarabia : I liked it when he dodge the bullet and got the gun(clever)

Ajei Tanglao : 2:28

koohikoo : His reaction: well I'm going to regret this in the morning

Boy Gorgeous : Just your average Pentecostal service.

Unknowned User : Great that this video can be downloaded xD

FLAKYSHA 2 : Yo jugando una partida online :v

Ajei Tanglao : 2:31

Ajei Tanglao : 2:30

Ajei Tanglao : 2:31

Ajei Tanglao : 2:30

Paulo Cavalheiro : da hora! :)

Torben Rudgaard : Every Atheists dream :D :D :D

Henry Goater : Tell me any fight scene that is better