Unboxing A Fortnite Package from Epic Games!

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Keegan Phillips : Love your content man, you’re such a great YouTuber and post your deaths unlike most which just makes the video better to watch!

Patrick Star : I thought epic didnt do loot boxes

Jobin : If sorry for your fatal case of ligma

Praiz ScarX : The dude who placed down the trap at the beginning, his user was “The Sneaky Man”


Red knight 21 : Nice mouse

Eddie Kempel : trending nice!

Shorty Rumble Beatz : This Comment is a comment

TacticalPlayz : So ungrateful, I’d be happy no mater what

Ivan Grove : the tally on the mouse pad is for the 99 other people in a game

Braydyn 123 : Rip Minecraft Lachlan

Uni Productions : the tally on the mouse pad add up to 99 and there is 99 enemy’s in a game of Fortnite this means the last tally the ‘100th’ is not shown as that represents you being last one left to get a Victory Royale!

Frost Cube : Its my birthday

CzechGamerCZ : i got a fortnite ad

SaltySaLty13 _ : *Nice keyboard*

Garrett James : 4,000th dislike

DJFattyP : what happens when you rocket ride into a rift 🤔

Ori : Ask cosplay chris for some help hes from australia he make really high quality cosplay

Gruff H : The little marks next to the fortnite on the mouse pad make up 100 little lines, which represent the 100 players in the game

Nathan Nesbitt : The mouse pad has a built in wireless charger for you phone

Clown Lives Matter : I hate these types of youtubers

fortnite good : Love your videos

The Flame Force : Congratulations on trending dude!!!

Canadian Gamer : Gaybox common man

Cheesy Charlie : Ah... Now that’s a *big box*

Tempted L9 : The thing on the left is 99 and I think it's because there are 99 other players

John TGY : Lachlan what’s yo favorite cricket team 🏏

TB TeLLyTuBB : 6:50 rip x😣

Willem deLoryn : Love your work you are my favorite YouTuber by far keep up the good work

Hugo Bertrand : A Pump Shotgun Pass for A Non 8 Damage...🔥

Nat Barons : Lmao, I love Lazarbeam! 😂

DARIXK13 : Omg u so lucky, my parrnts will NEVER be able to buy atleast 1 of those things. Gratz bro, u deserve it❤🎉

GOM0R G0M0R : I cloud see therelaxingend

poke mario : I subscribe, liked, turned on the notifications

Mr. Fruhen : The tally’s are how many times everyone cringes at you in each of your videos 😂😂 lol jk jk

DonutDude YT : I love fake noskining

trigdon414 : Great vid man

Goldenr : Lacheee

Real Z : Trending

ice cream : Tbn frags got the same

Lars Jakobsen : The drift skin reminds of Lachlan

Yagirl._ Dei : He is very humble I love him💯

Ex1tw0und Gaming : I have that mouse and that keyboard LOL

Kaitlin Kal Lee : I need to get one of these 😱😍

Ralph Kids : dam #13 on trending

GARCLAN : 32 on trending wow....

Aaron Broussard : The mouse pad was saying 99 kills

bestOFclipz : oi 🐠🐟🐠 Only some will know

VOID_ONYX : Lazerbeam was getting mad because u was taking his loot 😂

Bo bo : Grow up bro