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coopersloan : I guess you could say things went downhill fast

Luis Ortiz : It's called rollback. The lift disengaged from gearbox and all the weight from skiers made it go backwards uncontrollably. Better to break your legs jumping than getting crushed by chairs.

The Trail Less Traveled Photography : If a lift ever for any reason starts going backwards JUMP... it is a catastrophic mechanical failure.

Rory : INCOMING LAWSUITS IN 3...2..1..

Woomy Gamer : Lets all hope that those people that got injured will be okay

Lawrence Bader : 0:59 Nice air on that one!!

Derek Hughesy : Anyone else scared to ride chair lifts now?

Bruno Williams : Am I going to hell because I pissed myself in laughter watching this?

David Smith : wtf I didn't know that was possible

etronics moses : Im excited!! they're bringing this ride to my city.!!

Jake Heke : Look at the extension on that method air at :59

o k : final destination 6 (2018)

Joe Hinrichs : There are gonna be some huge lawsuits.

skrt milo : i would’ve stayed on and secured the bag

Tommy : Leave it to the Russians to design a lift that can go faster than ever intended, and also has the ability to go backwards.

Aj Seuol : did anybody else see the real tragedy? ie Chemtrails in the sky

Latnlvr : This is what happens when you legalize weed.

right wing conservative stunt bums 77 : I remember watching a video when i was in orientaion for being a lift operator about rollbacks and it showed how it will speed up as fast as gravity would let it and the lift actually caught fire. The most scary thing next to high winds and lightning on a chair lift

Zachary Saiz : The real trick is staying on when you hit that turn then smooth sailing backwards up the hill 😊

Clay Newton : Skynet must be stopped!

Andrew O : Sounds like the guy is yelling “Brilliant”

shan : that looks fun as hell

Elite Gaming : Who played the reverse card?

IsleofMAN : There's a emergency stop button, nobody seemed to know?

Arizona Phoenix : At least they had snow to jump on i ride a lift at the state fair thats 50ft above concrete im personally scared now and i blame YOUTUBE ha jp

Visonista : Gudauri Ski Resort, Georgia

Robby Wilski : Of course they turned the power switch off and that was when it went backwards. It's probably be one of those AC/DC motors. They turned off the AC but the DC kept coming through a "back door" such as when the diodes failed. The DC is probably used to power the light-bulbs or something else around the switch board. The DC is always on.

Littlecream Mare : I was on that lift in February. Absolutely no comparison to the lifts and workers who looked after us in Seefeld in Austria this week. Miles apart in every aspect, hospitality, infrastructure and attitudes. I will say it is a beautiful area and the snow was awesome.

T Rizzla : Hey by the way great job recording that whole unforgettable event. You held yourself together great and controlled the situation the best of your abilities. I hope your video helps many people the next time this may happen.

T Rizzla : I pray for all those people to be okay. That was incredible and looked so scary.

Mike C : Does anyone know how the injured people are doing? Hope they are okay! I didn't know something like this was possible.

Alexander Burt : Chairlifts have gigantic round red buttons that are kill switches to shut down the lift. Why nobody was able to turn this thing off ie beyond me.

Cody Holst : If the lift was longer and steeper it would have been alot worse

Doondah : The dude in the red coat landed it

Spen Dubz : If you ski or snowboard and find this funny your off your rocker


Erin Vaughn : Where did this happen ?

Kevin Schwinkendorf : I must be sick? Because I was laughing my head off!

Pro09video :

Barbara 1 : Holy s___ Dont they have emergency stop buttons?

George Mackley : Where is the stop button to prevent this madness? I hope nobody was hurt.

Rn Tn : That’s crazy! Anyone know where this was?

Bob Ranch : I had to play some AC/DC - Who Made Who

David Toth : I wanna play some Beatles albums backwards now

Agent Of Chaos against the NWO : Is that the new X games competition?

Phyck Yiu : Lift attendants got high again an out it in reverse

Jack Schitt : Calisse de tabarnac !!

CNN : 3 confirmed dead :( really hard to watch. Prayers for the families

Mad King John : Lol thats awesome