Neil Patrick Harris Undercover on The Voice

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Amazing people : Contestants sing better than coaches!!! The Voice compilation Part 3!!! Adam is mad his team is full :

Roland Pedersen : it's gona be legen... wait for it........ dary legendary !!!

DylanGuitar525 : well he sings better Than the judges

reptilus89 : Why are the coaches American when it's The Voice Austria? I'm confused

Dennis E : That was legen- wait for it... -dary!

THE GREAT JIMBO : Watch this if you aren’t quite ready for Borat.

morbidchid : it's so obvious Neil Patrick Harris.

James Goose : why this show up for me? just kill me Youtube

hitheswitch : God those judges seem like self-involved knobs. Why does anyone watch this nonsense?

Ray Dillon : Were they saying his singing was "intentionally bad" because... that sounded pretty great to me. Seemed like Neil had a confused look on his face when they said that too. But they didn't sound like they were joking. Just hating??

hankattack : Borat already did it. And did it better.

gregory Lou : h

logmeindog : looking past everyone was in on it, borat is way more in character.

DeathwingsYOLO : Lol that World of Warcraft Mount sound effect at 2:33

Unlimited Game Works : Now that is a prank

Obsession of the Month : what was the point of any of this?

Alyssa16 : I love how Adam and Blake have constant competition 😂

TS : I think he got his feelings hurt on his tryout. He was trying so hard and didn’t get any chairs. His eyes told it all when Adam said he is actually a really good singer, but intentionally blew the audition. #awkwardlaugh

J Kyle : This was super awkard. Hard to watch

Dan Wilson : Honestly, I can't stand The Voice. It bothers me so much for some reason.

mekkiepoo : Would have been funnier if one of the coaches had turned around XDD

Pinu'u : I thought NPH was actually trying to impress them but they thought it was bad...

Ness : Hi everyone! It would mean the world if you would check out this horror movie inspired slime restock video<3

Hughfitz24 : It’s the real Stinson doppelgänger!

Jess : Oh, come on! NPH wouldn't do that!

Saint J : Pharrell's face at 3:04 was priceless! XD

voiceappeal : As a very good singer, singing like "meh" and covering your voice like that is actually not that easy so kudos to you lol

Boris Kogan : Sacha Baron Cohen did this way better. How about doing something original?

KnitterX : In the intro he actually managed to sound a bit Austrian instead of German.

Remmy G : They all knew the whole time... lmao

Sara Torres : He looks like his husband🤔

John Dragon : Is it me or Pharrel will always try to show off that he can keep notes for a long period of time?

The Nyartist : And thus, Barney Stinson has become a real person.

Ed R. : You are FAKE NEWS

Luan Oliveira : I don't remember this play on the playbook. Hope it's not a new Count Olaf persona because I'll take my ASOUE adaptation without inventions, thank you very much.

Xuagram2405 : Why didn't he sang nothings suits me like a suit!!!!

Velma Anyiso : 😣😣😣😣😣i wasn't here, i mean i haven't seen anything.. Its just a fu***k

Trevor Monasterio : Straight out the play book

Hans Choi : Pharrell’s face. Omg. I was dying from laughter.

Sheep Dog : Oh come on ! Tell me they couldn't tell it was Neil Patrick Harris. Looks exactly like him withe a beard. Total fake set-up.

Brian Fleming : WOW Gwen was hot. But anymore. WTF happened to her? Was she hit by a garbage truck and then back up over by the same truck???

Whyisjadakiss : The reality show music makes it dog shit


Thomas Gilleran : Jeeze Louise, if I didn't know any better, just judging from this alone I'd say Neil Patrick Harris was gay.

Bjarku : I definitely recognise hans from something...

Ronesha Holloway : he was pretty good I thought lolol

Josh Bruce : They didn't like his singing lol

Banana Tim : He's cuter in his my opinion

Miranda Madsen-Orr : Non of them turned around.... he was trying

Emily Anne : When he takes his glasses off he literally looks like Adam Lazzara