The Rubberbandits - I Wanna Fight Your Father (Album Version)

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Craig Talbert : +Conor McGregor, now that you've finished Denis Siver, I want to see you fight Roisin's father.

thevoicesareloudtherearemany : I'm Irish, but I live in America. I know this is supposed to be a parody type band, but they're actually really good lol

F Clarke : All Irishmen can do no handed push ups. Fact.

Róisín Shallow : Ha ha my name is Roisin and only now i know y people in my class sing that to me !

Nilguiri : This song needs a penny whistle.

Kian Martin : For Any1 that wants 2 know fighting fathers does happen in Ireland and we're proud of it

Ben Smith : If Connor Mcgregor doesn't use this now for his ring entrance music against Mayweather then he's really letting the side down

Daniel Antonetti : Holy hell Róisín is hot though....

Activeterror : *meanwhile in Ireland...*

John the Paedophile smith : Still a better love story then twilight....

Rebecca Farrelly : Its not the same if your not from Ireland

Brogy73 : 2016, and this is still me fucking jam!

Layzie Haze : I'm from the Netherlands. Some friends from Ireland told me about the Rubberbandtis and I fucking love them!

Eddie Keating : isnt roisin father the ber man from killnaskully

Roisin Molloy : im only here becuase people at my school keep saying that they want to fight my father so i looked it up

Caoimhe Murphy : Only the Irish could come up with something like this I'm Irish and I'm proud to be🇮🇪

David Schmavid : Greatest love song of all time

nik lynch : i'll fight u all for a fiver

TotalFlop 21 : Everybody who commented on this, I wanna fight ur fathers

Staff 66 : Underrated tune

Charisma Onwuegbusi : Anyone still here in 2018

Declan Aylward : 2017 anyone?

Mary Craig : UB40 HAHAHA!

ManWhoKnocks : 1:54 will always be my favorite part in this video lol.

VeryRare AllStar : Lonley island but pikies

Kill Me : When you realise her dad is 6,4 and 300 pounds

Pistol Pete : goddamn i would fight her father too!

David O'Connor : she is a feek who is she

kayleigh shanahan : now imma b honest here I live in a caravan I quit school when I was 14 got pregnant at 16 and ill break ur teeth if u wanna come near me me mah is prowd of meh and I live my family life style hate all uz want I'm what they call a traveler nacker wateverrr

Not A Films : My favorite song



Sophia Emelie : Country side people are a different breeed yooo

dacypher22 : Roisin in the video has more than a passing resemblance to a young Katy Holmes.

sour cream baby : SACABAH!

Bryson Michael RC : LOL you cant be mad and watch these guys' vdeos haha. 3 videos in and im crying laughing. my new favorite shit right here

EB : 2018 anyone and man I can remember hearing this song back in 3rd class time flies

Joshua Holland : The producer of this beat is a genius

XCDGames : WARNING: do not watch if you are not from Ireland

The Brady : Rosin <3

Josh Fallon : This is better than the shit out today

randyhandbag : serious question. where the feck can i get a brown jumper like that??

Anónimo : Oh baby you're so beautiful I wanna be your man I wanna kiss you lot of times And hold your f*ckin' hand But your father doesn't like me Your father don't approve We'll ask him if he'll fight me Cause I'm in love with you Rosin, I wanna fight you father! [x2] (Uh) Cause I'm a black belt in karate And a master of Kung-Fu And I'll kick his f*ckin' teeth in Just to prove my love for you Cause your big fat f*ckin' father He said he wants it all resolved Your big fat f*ckin' father He shouldn't got himself involved Cause I float just like a butterfly I sting just like a bee Baby you won't find another guy That loves you more than me Rosin, I wanna fight you father! [x2] Do he know how much I love you Do he know the things I'd do (uh) And do he know I sold his hub caps (yea yeah) Just to pay for your tattoo? Well your daddy said he'd suss me out He says I'll break your heart But if your daddy had a busted mouth He wouldn't be so smart Now you can bet your life I'm gonna to put him in his place I wanna take a Stanley knife And open up his face Rosin, I wanna fight you father! [x2] I'm gonna fight your f*ckin' father!

Bob Jefferson : The rubber bandits and DEVVO should do a collaboration

PDBO : Figured them for the Irish Flight of the Concords...until I heard Sonny. Rubberbandits be poppin'!

LittleKillian : Irish And Proud !

Tayé Mitchell : Rosin is so hot

mikesreeboksclassics : lol roisins fine I see why he wants to fight him.

91Brittany1 : Roisin looks like Meena from the show 'Cory in the House'

Dagan Vickers : The chicken on the string hahahah