The Rubberbandits - I Wanna Fight Your Father (Album Version)

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Nilguiri : This song needs a penny whistle.

F Clarke : All Irishmen can do no handed push ups. Fact.

thevoicesareloudtherearemany : I'm Irish, but I live in America. I know this is supposed to be a parody type band, but they're actually really good lol

Róisín Shallow : Ha ha my name is Roisin and only now i know y people in my class sing that to me !

Kian Martin : For Any1 that wants 2 know fighting fathers does happen in Ireland and we're proud of it

Michael Galster : 144 people are british

Donald Trump : The rubberbandits just make any day better. Class .

Eddie Keating : isnt roisin father the ber man from killnaskully

Brogy73 : 2016, and this is still me fucking jam!

Jimmy 187 : Greatest love song of all time

Activeterror : *meanwhile in Ireland...*

Lucky Luciano : Lonley island but pikies

TotalFlop 21 : Everybody who commented on this, I wanna fight ur fathers

choccy milk : SACABAH!

Flynn : Anybody else here for SACABAH?

Rebecca Farrelly : Its not the same if your not from Ireland

XCDGames : WARNING: do not watch if you are not from Ireland

DuraFunk : I'm spreading this vid (especially the hot little piece of Irish arse) all over Australia to all the 2nd hand paddys that call Oz home. Truth.

Chad Davis : this is fuckin genius. creative as fuck..... smart fellas. tidy lass too.

Roisin Molloy : im only here becuase people at my school keep saying that they want to fight my father so i looked it up

ManWhoKnocks : 1:54 will always be my favorite part in this video lol.

nik lynch : i'll fight u all for a fiver

Bob Jefferson : The rubber bandits and DEVVO should do a collaboration

Mary Craig : UB40 HAHAHA!

Declan Aylward : 2017 anyone?

Caoimhe Murphy : Only the Irish could come up with something like this I'm Irish and I'm proud to be🇮🇪

Ben Smith : If Connor Mcgregor doesn't use this now for his ring entrance music against Mayweather then he's really letting the side down

Layzie Haze : I'm from the Netherlands. Some friends from Ireland told me about the Rubberbandtis and I fucking love them!

Jamie Guthrie : Are you guys touring the UK at any point this year? We need to book you in Cornwall.

Pistol Pete : goddamn i would fight her father too!

David : Still a better love story then twilight....

dacypher22 : Roisin in the video has more than a passing resemblance to a young Katy Holmes.

Daniel Antonetti : Holy hell Róisín is hot though....

Jason Mcmaster : I likes these boys so I do, there very funny so they are can't wait for the next release so I can't but I'll have to wait so I will.

Adam Ski : the beat was a song by Dr Dre that these idiots stole. if someone could reunite me with that song , that would be great.

Kill Me : When you realise her dad is 6,4 and 300 pounds

The Brady : Rosin <3

robby marchant : gaegil is better

Malory Flashcock : This video reminds me of Ninja from Die Antwoord... a lot.

The Skullful Gamer : hurly bat led

randyhandbag : serious question. where the feck can i get a brown jumper like that??

Ezra Goldfinkelsteinberg : what a fuckin jam.

Joshua Holland : The producer of this beat is a genius

Craig Talbert : +Conor McGregor, now that you've finished Denis Siver, I want to see you fight Roisin's father.

LittleKillian : Irish And Proud !

A. B. Larson : Honestly, who wouldn't fight for Róisín?? That is one fucking beautiful girl. 

Enzymes : centre and spar plastic bags XD

tdawggonzo88 : I love you guys! Come to the states!!!!

AlphaBanjaxedBanshee : 😁

frankman2 : why is this so worse than dads best friend?