Cat doing casually doing a moonwalk
Cat casually doing a moonwalk

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just a bbygal : me trying to move on in life

Andre Portugal : i think about this video at least once a week

Scwizels : Catto does a moonwalk

Mohamed Abdelkader Hamdi : “Mind your own business hooman”

byronius : Update 1.1.14: Cats will no longer moonwalk

DoriDoz _UwU : Proof that I can't do anything in life. I know how to do moonwalk but I can't do it. Then I look at this😂

Crispy Potatoes : Proof that even our own beings... *lag just like video games.*

Louis Hoffman : Cat is glitching

Umatsu Obossa : HOW!?

Tank Engine 105 : OW! *MoonWalks*

Sultan Olatunji : It adorable

Валерий Маркевич : Обалдеть ! ! !