Hansen Vs. Predator: Accountant adds prison time trying to net boy (Pt 2) - Crime Watch Daily

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Chris Hansen : what a sicko. I regret meeting him.

JKL : Nope. Chris Hansen is not a friend of yours. You rode a train that he was on. Lol this guy is creepy

Joel Palmer : I feel like this video was sponsored by the makers of “Seattle Bareback Boys” seems like a plug.

jenny Trejo : All those nasty texts were sent to a skeleton looking old lady lmao

Rachael Johnson : I'd be scared if he was my accountant getting the number 3 and 8 mixed up lol

Junie WitDa Doobie : The voices reading the texts got me in tears 😭😭😭💀

yoongis puppyface : “Now the man I know from the train, is about to get *derailed* “ IM DEAD

Louis KNABLE : Anytime you see that plate of cupcakes you know your in trouble

kissit012 : Hate when they run before Chris can say his catch line & read them their shame messages

El rey : He expected a 13 year old boy and instead he got a 35 year old decoy.

Just a Wimpod : Seattle Bareback Boys is my favorite football team

Roselia Jackson : Y'all can say what you want about Chris but he looks damn fine for his age.

Black TmarTn : *And hopefully soapy, el oh el ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

Osirus : They're wrong for saying the name of the porno bruh 😭😭😭😭😭

Ray : i hate it when they use a 32 year old man as a decoy for a 13 year old boy.

That_Other_guy : Lol Chris Hansen is the monster hiding in every pedophile's closet😂

Jordan See : Is someone going to eat those cupcakes ?

junnny **** : The people narrating the text messages are killing me "And soapy lol" 😂😂😂

Gyrbae : "But for this agent, THERE IS NO OPEN HOUSE" "His best sales pitch, IS ABOUT TO STRIKE OUT" "The man I knew from the train, IS ABOUT TO BE DERAILED"   The puns.. So terrible, yet so fitting.

Jordan Blackburn : Most awkward reunion ever

Boogie Boy : "Hot and wet lol" "And hopefully soapy lol" Tf did I just read?

DropTheBat : He always has to mention it's an unmarked car😂

Fat Loser : "Seattle Bare Back Boys"???  This sicko deserves to die.

ThatOneKid95 : I'm sorry but what "13 year old" would be on Grindr

Juan Rolon : S O A P Y

What Now : he needs his balls cut off

Abdullah Khan14 : How in the world did the honorable Chris Hansen become friends with a pedophile... I would have thought that his pedo sensors would have gone off at least

freee63 : the new voice actor sounds like he's really getting into his roll

Diego Delgado : I’m waiting for someone to catch Chris Hansen as a predator.

matt Heffernan : The guys voice whos reading the text ahhaahhaha

Esteban Rodriquez : When he said "nooooo, chris" I thought the dude sold Chris his house 😂

Jackie Jikariti : Who just casually has gay porn stored in their car?

Alex Jean-Baptiste : Dude saw Hansen on the train and thought the show was over and it was time to strike......*surprise*

will : How do pedos not realize they could get caught by Chris Hansen 😂

zaya : "aand hopefully soapy ;)" fuckingg LOL

Kyle Alton : I swear this is the best prank show ever!!!

shamood. : *and hopefully soapy* * voice deepens * *lol*

soada159 : "and hopefully soapy lol" had me dead

Tyler Johnson : I'm a bareback boy. hell ya

tthomaselli2 : 0:42-0:50.; Chris Hansen actually knew this guy???... Crazy stuff!?...

Cal Turn : The reenactment of the texts are cringe worthy 🤐🤐🤐

generic mexican : seattle bareback boys 😂 im in seattle now.

Chan Kong : Hahaha I love the narrator of the text messages

KingJacob : 1:32 He runs out the door "Casually opens the door and walks out."

Rachel Copacetic : And hopefully soapy *breathing* lol

Kentonthelucario : "Seattle bareback boys" 😂

Winter :3 : It's such a small world

AmericaTheEngravy sauce : "now the man i know from the train, is about to have a train run on him, in the state prison."

DerbiLeipoo : i actually want to see someone mess with chris just going in the house like "waddup chris my dude"

Seriously Yavi : Lmao the text voice actor