ODPixel's Rap God Cast ft. ChewieMelodies Piano Playover

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erick lamela : this guy deserve the respect from odpixel

Alakekkk : PogChamp rap

pong Bermudez : And this is why dota is greater than lol

Mz6 : odpix should try trap lol

Gemini Seven mjab : What do you like more?piano or dota? Why not both?

zem0ku : Liquid vs Planet ODD. LUL can't kill Timber

Saiki 67 : PogChamp

TheHieno : am i only1 who wants to know how to find this styled music more or ask him to make longer song out of this?

ExGamArs : Right-click video, select Loop. You're welcome :)

Quube Speedrun : i klicked play... thought "wtf who is talking in the backround"

marir fish : whoo keep repeating this video ? or only me XD

Jolly Roger ! : RapGod in disguise

wayne : dis is so dope actually 11/10

Joerty Toribio : Kreygasm

Sky Hunter : ez lul

kappa 123 : pogchamp

xGr ng- : Ahahah

Shark200 : Whats the piano song name?