Band Plays Fortnite Dances!

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Vallasis : 10/10 do the default dance next

Haunted Haunter : your solo in squat kick was amazing wow

Caleb OnPS4 : You guys are super great for your age. Very very great. Coming from a Sax player, my fellow sax dude there did an awesome job. Never stop playing!

Explogan : Saw this featured on IGN's twitter - You guys did such a great job! My favourite emote music is The Robot but I imagine that would be very hard to arrange for a band

NJgamer : Thought this was going to be another cringy video but it’s actually not. It’s amazing

Riley Blue : This is so accurate. Well done. Loved groove jam

Jack Tuel : love the ending, nice job on the whole thing. Any of you guys play flute?

cooperater Vedwards : Well darn this is actually pretty good

F4-G ECLIPSE : I thought this would be cringe but you guys did great 👍

Evan's Studio : 2 Words Absolute God Like. COULDNT EXPLAIN HOW GOOD IT WAS IN 2 WORDS!

Rena Rhodes : Hey guys. I am a band director looking for music from Fortnite for my band kids to play and came across this. Great Job! You all are very talented. Keep up the great work!!

Chad Snider : Would you be willing to share the arrangements? I am a band director, and my band kids would enjoy playing this.

gforce 26 : As a band member I can confirm this is what happens when the director is late.

KineticGoblin52 Gaming : Brother, I'm wanting to do this now XD

killer kawk : Were tuba!!??

Empa Romo : This video has 7.7k views rn i am guessing that will be a lot bigger soon

RawbThatPunk : This reminds me a lot of Grant Kirkhope's work

TheelectricalForce : End this disease called life

Mezieny gamer 138 : good vid ❤️

Sam Sanders : Do you have the music for the melody of the main theme?

RELENTLESS : Just seen this on FB, hope to see you guys explode! Definitely sharing the video! Great video! Keep up the great work! See you on the battle ground!!!!

lil_ matt : Great vid love it

Kekno : Well organized! Amazing video.

xX_Applesauce_xX 101 : Amazing vid nice well done

lil_ matt : That was great

Lewis Wetzel : God has quit the match

Jonatan Trap lad : I live it I’m in band

Worldofgames101 : This is so good

the dutch empire : Epic

AVV Hater : Amazing

fortnite beast : Last song is the best

cool woomy : good job my guy 👌👌

Ryschnythefireryguy S : Great music guys! Sounds awesome! Nice job trombone! 😄

The Almighty Bread Loaf : i dont even like fortnite but this is really good, keep up the work fellas

rainbowkitty 3120 : Good on them

VictorGreatGhost : DANCE THERAPY

VictorGreatGhost : DANCE THERAPY

VictorGreatGhost : DANCE THERAPY

Robert Barahona : 10/10 do theme song you did at the end on this vid but do it full song

TheMusicGuruoakley : Kid on clarinet. You rocked it bud.

Matthew Parson : You guys did great on the fort nite music for the dances 10/10

Joe LaSota : squat kick is spot on

Wild meme Appears : Pure virginity

gforce 26 : Absolutely perfect. There is only perfection in this video. Pure perfection.

jason mclarty : clarinoot 4 lief

Ryan Gatlin : I think groove jam is the best 1

ToxicTokyo : Truly iconic.

Itz AttAkz : cool

xKaua_Gabriel _ : 👏