Fortnite Dances Played By Band Kids

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Martvel : *_D E F A U L T ? !_*

Azuural : Take the L *Christmas edition*

RobTooCold : Came to cringe but actually enjoyed it wtf

Murffin : These kids are *E P I C*

Ivan The Potato : This has actually been arranged and played well. this is the only thing I like from Fortnite. This masterpiece right here.

Koonai : This is even more legendary than a gold scar

Dj WolfTang : 0:49 why does it sound it sound like some sesame Street background music

TheB0SSPlayer Ayeew : now this is what i call a victory royale

RealYukioYT LOLLELHELLO : 0:44 *Take The L* 0:50 *Take The W* or the *Take The L (Happier Version*

PIZO : Good job!

Ruby Rose : Oh thank goodness, the comments are positive

FZ3 Clan : -one of the most cringe- never mind great vid Omg I got my first like 😂

TAP_ HART : This is good but You can’t make a video like this and just leave out “Dance Moves.” Its like the backbone of all emotes

YourYani : This makes me wanna play Fortnite

Austin Corrigan : Why do the short kids always get the Trombone lol

Pumpkin Shibe : *Cringy 12 Year Olds have left the chat*

F0TG2 : My mans squidward plays better than you all hA hA!!!

Zoee 329 : Tell you what, these kids have talent. I'll tell you what else, this is the type of content I like seeing coming from these games. Big thumbs up from me

Caleb Ennis : The only fortnite dance video I can stand

TheUltimateNavigator 1 : Fortnite save the world Is the only good thing from fortnite

thebitchfromtheback : 0:11 with the guy shaking the instrument is me when my mum asks me to unclog the toilet at 3am

Lucky the parakeet : Take The L You should have left that to the violas, it would be squeaky enough.

Wild_ Rush123 : their nerds but talented nerds I'll give me that (BTW that wasn't an insult)

Herm : I was your 4,000 sub

gforce 26 : As a band member I can confirm this is what happens when the director is late.

Dawson Stanton : No Blond Deafault? Reported for bullying

KrystianYT RoS : Part 2 HYPE!, like if you agree

Swaggy Jay : The last part was my favorite. Great Job!

Niko Ruzic : 0:28 the only thing i know how to do is clap for that dance


Jason Chen : The old, classic emotes from the past...

Denzo : How it feels to get a victory royale

khamis : Dance fortnite Level one Sings fortnite Level 10 Actually trys to make fortnite music *level 100000*

:D : They are gr8 keep practicing kids :D

Goblin_ : -one of the first- The first video of kids recreating fortnite that isn’t cringey and overall pretty good.

Legit Elementary schooler : This is why orchestra is better.

Johnny Johnny no papa : Plot twist: They don’t play fortnite...

Fortnite Geek : awesome! Funny! It made me laugh and amazed.


NJgamer : Thought this was going to be another cringy video but it’s actually not. It’s amazing

A Y E : They are good but... *g o d k i l l m e*

Comic Boy's : Loved it

one dead boi xd : -Bad-

Ben Cooper : This is genius! I wish I had thought of it!

Roboto lol : Even though fortnite is kinda dumb and bad in my opinion, you guys should be making the songs for fortnite.

Bongo Cat : *GAE* than me

Cici Roman : Wtf where are these kids and how are they so talented

its martin time : Der in der mitte siht wie ein luser beim luser dance

X-90 : Fresh actually sounds much better your way!

Chase Matlock : For a moment I thought the kid was holding his trombone with his hold hand instead of his two fingers