Fortnite Dances Played By Band Kids

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Martvel : *_D E F A U L T ? !_*

JuicyKiwi : 0:15 Guy In Red Hates His Life

MGM_rambo 19 : 0:39 when you don’t bring your instrument and you have to clap

iiFoulerZz X : *suicide rate drops to 0%*

Diego Tovar : 0:35 love the guy clapping 🤣🤣👌👌💯💯

Ivan The Potato : This has actually been arranged and played well. this is the only thing I like from Fortnite. This masterpiece right here.

idab_allday is my roblox username : Next thing you know those kids will be playing ali-a intro

KAREN SAAD : Epic games would like to know your location

Evan : 0:49 clarinet kid stares into your soul!

Jayden Aoki : Ah yes my favorite instrument C L A P P I N G

Seba Martinez : Squidward and Spongebob would kill you

Darius Safavi-Abbassi : They did surgery on a grape


JivikkGD : anyone watching in s7?

Kylie : Now this is a victory royale

PIZO : Good job!

Wilmer Andersson : This is pure virginity

Thunder Pride : Guys don’t you hate people who ask for likes Like if you agree (I liked my own comment)

NERK : 1:18 The SHHHH in the background killed me lol

Sophie : I want the dude playing the clarinet to be my minecraft boyfriend

Austin Corrigan : Why do the short kids always get the Trombone lol

Impreza555 : Baritone saxophone player is very cool!!!

Wyatt Cusick : 1:11 I liked the most because it sounded like the instruments were mixed up and it sounded a lot better

lampaca : They did surgery on a grape

adam gaming : Whos here from part 2


Robin Donvez : Rip the teacher

Choked _ : 0:29 that gray shirt on the left is talented.

Dan Stepins : 3.9k dislikes are defaults

Fortnite with Harman : 0:50 sounds like circus music decent

TheUltimateNavigator 1 : Fortnite save the world Is the only good thing from fortnite

traplifetyler : The runescape soundtrack at 2:05

itsHappy-_- : 2:10 okkay I see y'all hitting it with the outtro

whitfordBen 123 : OMG you are so talented!!!

Cian channel : 0:32 the kid with the maroon shirt with trumpet his eyes are sideways

RobTooCold : Came to cringe but actually enjoyed it wtf

NV_Shadow : 0:49 *when they put you on hold*

djmau : Fresh sounds like something off of Ed, Edd, and Eddy

Turtle Plays ROBLOX : 1:23 is my favorite part of star power

Spaghetti Sauce : NERDS JK they actually good

coolguy360edition : The very last song gives me save the world memories when I pre ordered it

MoGamingPlayz Games : Why is this so funny

TudBoatTed : How many of you realised that kid went from alto to baritone sax? Also, that tone you got from it was amazing.

Calvin Nelson : As a trumpet player, I’m kind of triggered by the kid’s attempt at a vibrato. But it’s fine, he’s still young and is pretty good

WuzNab : Pretty good not going to lie.

gforce 26 : As a band member I can confirm this is what happens when the director is late.

The Mobile Noob : 1:09 I survived LIGMA

Parallel Elvis : oh yeah yeah

Tristanandasherweirdstuff : I love it do another one plz

lol yes : *Fortnite has joined the chat*