Fortnite Dances played by band kids

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Vallasis : 10/10 do the default dance next

Caleb OnPS4 : You guys are super great for your age. Very very great. Coming from a Sax player, my fellow sax dude there did an awesome job. Never stop playing!

Explogan : Saw this featured on IGN's twitter - You guys did such a great job! My favourite emote music is The Robot but I imagine that would be very hard to arrange for a band

Kekno : Well organized! Amazing video.

xX_Applesauce_xX 101 : Amazing vid nice well done

Riley Blue : This is so accurate. Well done. Loved groove jam

RELENTLESS : Just seen this on FB, hope to see you guys explode! Definitely sharing the video! Great video! Keep up the great work! See you on the battle ground!!!!

Sam Sanders : Do you have the music for the melody of the main theme?

Mezieny gamer 138 : good vid ❤️

lil_ matt : That was great

lil_ matt : Great vid love it

Gavilan Stuver : Yes! Well done everyone!

Mezieny gamer 138 : can i add you if you play fortnite