Lynyrd Skynyrd - Freebird - 7/2/1977 - Oakland Coliseum Stadium (Official)

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George Vreeland Hill : Look at this crowd. No cell phones or any hand held devices. Just people enjoying a great band. The way it was. Those were better times.


by1991hehadconqueredtheworld y : No fancy clothes, just jeans and t-shirts. No autotune, no attitude.

SovietWalrus1 : God, such a great song. If a band had the Confederate Flag backdrop today imagine the uproar.

Mark Roberts : Ya gotta feel a bit sorry for the younger generations that missed the music of the 60's and the 70's. They will never know that the USA was once a fun place to live and the music dominated the scene. Oh, and BTW, the young chickies were a helluva lot nicer back then as well.

WilsonEatsASMR : hard to believe most of those pretty young girls are now in their 60s!

Mishi Lynn : I freakin love this song.I wish I was around to get to see them in concert. This is real music lynard skynard is epic.They Rock😙

Marge Raymond : When I was dating my boyfriend in 1979, he used to play this all the time on the stereo. He insisted he was a free bird and could not change...haha! But we stayed married for 23 yrs until his death in 2003. Fly on free bird! Love you forever!

Plexpara : damn i want to take a bath in this mass of hot 70's Girls.

JoJo Hix : Greatest band ever....with the best front man.

leann lewis : About the Rebel Flag ... back then it was viewed as a sign of the south. These guys weren't racist at all.

Wanderlust : Best solo ever, solo in it's own is a song. Who agrees?

Shaun Davenport : My mates Mom has an afghan coat that once belonged to Ronnie. Her husband Colin Cooper(lovely guy) was the lead singer in a popular British group called the Climax Blues Band. They bumped into Ronnie and the guys at an airport in the States{don't know which} Anyway as musicians they got to talking and she told him how cool she thought his coat was. He took the coat off and gave it to her. She's kept it with much pride all these years. By the way my mates Mom is black so enough with the racist crap!!!

Rajesh Karan : Ahh The Original Gang Together before the Tragedy, just saw the Documentary " IF I LEAVE HERE TOMORROW " I Loved It!👍❤ 18 aug 2018

C Hoffman : if you weren't a teenager in the 70's missed something awesome!

Captpicard : Women in the 70's were SO much sexier than the androgynous semi-male looking partial Lesbians of today.

Donald Garrison : Good by to Ed. King now your with Ronnie, Steve, Leon, Bob. Burns, Allen. And Billy Powell you were one of the greatest along with all the others God Bless R.I.P

Gilles 82 : Not too many fat chicks around in 77.

Jack Szymanski : "if i leave here tomorrow, will you still remember me?" RIP free bird, Ed.

Jim Edwards : I sang this song in my head all day during my 20 year old daughters funeral just to keep my shit was our favorite song....

Geraldo Viana : When California only had two genders...

JeramieH : Just 3 months before the plane crash.

teresa sparks : Eleven years ago I was awakened at 7:00am by niece and the movie the devil's rejects was on the tv. she came to tell me that my brother had died that night. As I was sitting on my couch letting the news sink in, the part of the movies with this song came on, and I completely fell apart. He was my favorite person and I loved him so much. He had a heart attack the night before. He was in his early fifties, and a complete biker rocker kind of guy. So this song always makes me emotional. it was exactly the right song to be playing the moment I was told. He called me "Baby T", and I really miss him. he was the best big brother. just wanted to share, that's all. creepy part is I was dreaming about my brother the entire night before, and though it is sacred to me what they were about and what he said, I know he was coming to tell me goodbye. his old lady told me that he talked about me all the time and that I was one of the most important things to him. . when we talked after he died. I cried for a long time, sometimes still do. but this song is comforting and sometimes sad. so that is my story to tell about my thoughts and feelings concerning this song...

outlawtrucker70 uland : When music was music...not this fake bs we have tume this....

The Musky : good old 70s, where the breasts were all real, and 10% of the women didnt have a tree trunk between their legs. feeling nostalgic

Gerri Skeen : I was there that day!!

Sector Z : From exactly six minutes on, just watching every persons anticipation build for when it picks up; just amazing. This is a treasure of a video.


Sicao is dead : This is one of the most beautiful video's I've ever seen. I had goosebumps and was smiling the whole way through!!! Real real music played with absolute passion and the crowd... the crowd were just perfect, so much enthusiasm and actual happiness. Nothing like today where everyone has their phone out the whole time recording it and are too self conscious to dance freely. I would take living through the 70s and 80s anyday instead of now! ANYDAY!!

Yanette Schimmelfennig : I was there..I ditched school..I snuck into the coliseum..only time I did anything like that and yes I am now 64

FM57 57 : If you were born around April 1978 in northern California, it's probably because of that guitar solo

Gino VV : American youth at there best....This is America! Better times indeed..

Derek McDermid : Are the people at the end of the clip hugging and kissing married with grand kids, I'd like to think so :) .

67Psych AGAIN : RIP Ed King! Another legend GONE!!! 1967! Srawberry Alarm Clock - Incense & Peppermints (Straight To Heaven In 1967)

Brandon Hinchman : Time machine tours. This would be my first stop. I'd charge $5000.00 per concert. I need to build one fast. Who's buying?

german199denuevo : When people went to enjoy the music and not to record them on your phone.

Sozon Bakomitros : What a beautiful time in history...To be there right now!

Tommy Longmire : With the honorable flag of the south!

Alexander Johnson : The funniest part is this audience was filled with people who supported the legislation that would eventually make a concert like this forever impossible

R P : nowadays everyone would cry about that flag behind them.this is a great video.

Nobith Thanksy : Makes me realize how much the world sucks now compared to then.

Electric Shepherd : Wow, the woman @3:53 is gorgeous

keith whyte : Best I've seen as far as american band for a long long time.

Wesley Hayley : the greatest song of my youth....many a dream began and many a heartache ended while listening to this great classic. summers spent down on the beach at galveston texas...skynyrd echoing out across the waves. the smell of coconut oil suntan lotion and the wonder of all the beautiful young ladies watching and being watched as the sun bore down turning pail skin first red then to bronze. the laughter and the tears never knowing that it will all end one day. but it never mattered as we listened to those wonderful guitar licks being belted out as the sun slowly set. ahhhhh the days of my youth...promises of love never fulfilled, dreams of riches never achieved rock on everyone...rock on.

Jose Parra : RIP Ed King.

Mikel Borak : I was alive back then and that flag didnt mean racism so dont read what aint there youngsters

Wasted Dwarf : Wow, iv never heard this live version before and the pianosolo is out of this world :O

John Round : Came here after reading of the passing of Ed King on BBC. I like Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden, two guitars, thats very tight.Three guitars from Lynyrd Skynyrd, thats properly tight, well organised and talented.

Jan Mardi : Just feels like it was yesterday not so long as 40 odd years

Orion X : Look at these people, they gave their country away. Too concerned with the system that protected them, free drugs, sex and rock and roll to have a purpose. It took literally one generation to forever change America. Even if the plan was hundreds of years ago.