Lynyrd Skynyrd - Freebird - 7/2/1977 - Oakland Coliseum Stadium (Official)

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WilsonEatsASMR : hard to believe most of those pretty young girls are now in their 60s!

Will Play Tennis For Food : My mom showed me this clip recently. She talked about the girl at 4:14 on the left with the black sleeveless shirt and how she looked just like her in the video when she was a teen. Well, it's because that girl in the video happens to be my grandma when she was 20 in 1977. Hi Janet!

Ron Swanson : This video makes me nostalgic for a decade I didn’t even live in

R-Jupiter6 : I don’t think I’ve ever seen more good looking women at one concert😁

tassie dave : And not a fat chick in times have changed.

George Vreeland Hill : Look at this crowd. No cell phones or any hand held devices. Just people enjoying a great band. The way it was. Those were better times.

gregalabama : My my my how this country has changed for the worse...

Kristy Sime : I had just graduated Cupertino High School that year, 1977. My parents told me I was grown now, and to leave. I was so afraid. My friends took me to this concert. When I heard this song I realized I was a bird, and that I could fly. And I have flown. I'll be 60 this April... if I had stayed I would never have been the same.

teck3ight : Look at that sunburn. Not a care in the world. When magic is literally happening in front of you.

mike hunt : The guy in the front at 9:39 is so high, he forgot were he was for minute.....

Gerri Skeen : I was there that day!!

jimmie jo Barrett : I pray he is flying hi with the Birds , Every day. RIP.

Amanda Scott : Wish I had a time machine

IMONSMOKO : This 70's life would have just made me the happiest man alive

Trustson Kshetrimayum : Allen Collins was such a badass guitarist. RIP !!!!

Captpicard : Women in the 70's were SO much sexier than the androgynous semi-male looking partial Lesbians of today.

Byron Northington : It'd probably be a pretty tough crowd if you played with that rebel flag behind you in Oakland today. No one seemed to be offended in that crowd though.

Paul P : Live rock music just doesn't get any better than this. No autotune, no backing tracks, just brilliant musicianship, played to an adoring crowd who go full-on mental when they recognise the first couple of bars! It's not just nostalgia, they really DON'T make bands like this anymore.

Linda Butcher : "RED"... "WHITE".... and SOUTHERN "BLUES"....

Tracy Gallaway : Man I was THERE! What a great show, Day On the Green. A hot sunny day there, zillions of pretty girls, great American rock and roll. God this takes me back in time- to see the way it looked and sounded again...Thanks!!

Jamila Andersson : I Can Listen To This Song Always And Forever!!!!! I Will Never Get Tired Of It What A Masterpiece They Can Never Make Such Music In These Days Anymore!!!!!! I LOVE THIS♥♥♥♥

Mary Kay Zaineb : I was there for that concert. I was born in Oakland, Ca. Such a great time, back then. Lynyrd Skynrd was & still is so dear to me. For many years there was a "sharpie" comment on the wall at Oakland in the parking lot: "Lynyrd Skynrd Smokes!" They still do & always WILL!! Wish those times were back again. Better days.

LEONIDAS : When President Trump talks about Making America Great Again ...... This is a small part of what he's talking about.

Carlos Tenorio : When California was not a liberal mexican crap!!

Thurston Howell : It just doesn't get any better ... and it hasn't ... music has turned to junk.

leann lewis : About the Rebel Flag ... back then it was viewed as a sign of the south. These guys weren't racist at all.

mpaiges : Just saw them for their farewell concert in Biloxi MS on Dec 8th. When they played Freebird they had Ronnie Van Zant on the jumbo tron and he sang the 2nd half of the song. Was an amazing tribute. I was 8 in 1977 and always have loved them. We need more music like this and less rap and auto tune crap. I feel bad for the kids listening to that and will never experience magic like this.

Kampf0r : 11:06 Forrest Gump, during his runninG, is standing at the back right on the scene.

rye.8.feagin : You couldn’t have a giant Confederate flag in the background because of all the softies no a days

jed black : 9:38 the guy is thinking "these honkies are cray cray"

Charles K. Chaffin : we knew how to throw a party back then.

w26240 : God damn, women back then were absolutely gourgeos. Also, I love Lynyrd Skynyrd.

b24harman : Girls were so much hotter back then. All natural. No stupid tattoos. No stupid piercings.

Glaucio Laffitte : As there were beautiful women in this show, beautiful and perfect, not like today's pure barbies, and rolled a lot of marijuana, an unforgettable day, good times..

german199denuevo : When people went to enjoy the music and not to record them on your phone.

Savage Sooner : That... Was... Awesome!!!!

Unknown Account : Boy has this country changed. You'll never see concerts nowadays with that many white people, Confederate flags flying next to the American flag, and the subliminal show of patriotism and nationalism. I'm 20 and I feel like our country has been taken from us. This is what our country should sound like and look like.

OutrightIgnite : The rebel flag in Oakland...they would be shot now. How the world has changed from people representing heritage and playing good music to people being hypersensitive about everything. Simpler times man

Blue Berry : Play it pretty for Oakland

I B : When California only had two genders...

john skillen : Will someone please invent that bloody time machine, they don't make them like they used to.

ARR V : Simple southern folk doing their thang

Mother's Green : great band great performance.

ONLY ON WEEKENDS : If I leave here tomorrow would you still remember me...HELL YES

Wesley Hayley : the greatest song of my youth....many a dream began and many a heartache ended while listening to this great classic. summers spent down on the beach at galveston texas...skynyrd echoing out across the waves. the smell of coconut oil suntan lotion and the wonder of all the beautiful young ladies watching and being watched as the sun bore down turning pail skin first red then to bronze. the laughter and the tears never knowing that it will all end one day. but it never mattered as we listened to those wonderful guitar licks being belted out as the sun slowly set. ahhhhh the days of my youth...promises of love never fulfilled, dreams of riches never achieved rock on everyone...rock on.

FOXBODY 351W : GOD bless those gals.

Koda Kode : it didn't get much better in 76 and 77 than FREEBIRD

jason max : The South will be resurrected again by the grace of God. Yeaaah!!!

Tammy Lawrence : amazingly beautiful !

A.J Zz : This is beautiful...