Lynyrd Skynyrd - Freebird - 7/2/1977 - Oakland Coliseum Stadium (Official)

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George Vreeland Hill : Look at this crowd. No cell phones or any hand held devices. Just people enjoying a great band. The way it was. Those were better times.

teck3ight : Look at that sunburn. Not a care in the world. When magic is literally happening in front of you.

Ron Swanson : This video makes me nostalgic for a decade I didn’t even live in

tassie dave : And not a fat chick in times have changed.

R-Jupiter6 : I don’t think I’ve ever seen more good looking women at one concert😁

WilsonEatsASMR : hard to believe most of those pretty young girls are now in their 60s!

Glaucio Laffitte : As there were beautiful women in this show, beautiful and perfect, not like today's pure barbies, and rolled a lot of marijuana, an unforgettable day, good times..

maxi4492 : Huge Confederate flag, bunch of girls with no bra's, no cellphones or cameras and a fricking 5 minute guitar solo! Those where the times!!!!!! Rock on brothers!

Highking Stoner : I would kill myself to be in this era. Ima a 90s kid and hate the fact that there won't ever be something like this. It's actually saddening. I'm happy someone was recording this moment in history.

jimmie jo Barrett : I pray he is flying hi with the Birds , Every day. RIP.

leann lewis : About the Rebel Flag ... back then it was viewed as a sign of the south. These guys weren't racist at all.

backroadjunkie : Every woman in that audience is hot....unbelievable

Colin Farren : Tits, Chicks, and the Confederate flag! A loony leftist feminists worst nightmare. Plus its a phenomenal tune!

Ethan Wren : Not offended by the Dixie flag . Love the music , respect for the South.

Janusz Dworak : These women are like goddesses comparing to what we have now.

Captpicard : Women in the 70's were SO much sexier than the androgynous semi-male looking partial Lesbians of today.

KADE DIVINE : The girls in the 70s where so on shape and hot

Brion Swanson : Was 17 at the time. 70's was the best time ever for music. ( Rock , Blues, Jazz, Fusion . ) Period.

Nick Mordowanec : 6:08 is instant pandemonium. One of the best things I've seen in my life.

Doug L.64 : Attention people of 2018 this is called rock and roll if you had the privilege of absorbing this music every day of your life as I did you should thank your lucky stars because today's generation has no idea what it's like.

Jamila Andersson : I Can Listen To This Song Always And Forever!!!!! I Will Never Get Tired Of It What A Masterpiece They Can Never Make Such Music In These Days Anymore!!!!!! I LOVE THIS♥♥♥♥

Nor Priest : Look at those ladies. Now look at those feminazis on the streets. How far have we come?

wildncrazyguytv : Era before there was such thing as a snowflake or social media✌️

graceeind : This is how real musicians play music ! All this and not a single "F bomb" word in the song.....we didn't need that back then.... We really don't need it today. Fly on Freebird !


german199denuevo : When people went to enjoy the music and not to record them on your phone.

lilacs and tulips : And then a plane crash changed everything so sad

Donald Garrison : On this day the day of Oct 20th 1977 Ronnie Van Zant, Steve & Cassie Gaines along with road manager Dean Kilpatrick all were killed in a plane crash. One thing I can't believe it's been 41 yrs and another thing I've never got tired of listening to a single one of their songs and no other artist that I've listened to in my life I can say that about hands down in my eyes they were and always will be the best music I've ever listed too R.I.P Ronnie, Steve,Cassie, Dean and the rest who passed away that sad day in Gillsburg Mississippi

ruben1million : So many beautiful women packed in the same stadium

SuperGear360 : 3:56 my Mom, 4:21 my Dad

Nobith Thanksy : Makes me realize how much the world sucks now compared to then.

Stephen Lehr : If freebird don't give you a lump in your throat you ain't human

Cristian del bosque : So young, so beautiful, and so natural these girls were! Man do i wish i had been alive during this time unfortunately I'm 22 and rock has passed

Justin Hudson : Back when women and music were cool

prunch72 : Just before America was overrun with "multicultural diversity", just look at that beautiful audience!

Johannes : Can we talk about how impressive the audio and video quality is for something that was recorded 40 years ago?

Casey : 16M views and I must be responsible for half of them lol. This song, especially this live version, makes me feel like I'm on top of the world.

Kleinequietboy Kleinequietboy : jesus. every babe in this crowd was fine. wtf . didn't know lynyrd music was such a babe magnet.

Jack Wing : Oakland California Today the Antifa and BLM mob, like the storm troopers, would be marching with bats and knifes on this concert, beating and hurting people to shut it down and intimidate . And then they'd blame their intolerance and violence on the band and the people who came to the they do these days any chance they get.

A.J Zz : This is beautiful...

gav mc grath : How attractive are the girls !! I wish I was there!

WaaDoku 【和ァ独】 : When girls used to go crazy by the millions for a bunch of dudes with beards, long hair and a cowboy hat. Good times... Must admit though, the Confederate flag in the background is a bit too much Rock'n'Roll for my taste lol

Stuart A Sankowich : The women I was around in the 70s had a truly innocent and adventurious time. Which other decade of girls would wear tube tops or danskins with lyvis corduroy pants Amongst my friends our girls stopped at third base. Just lying down next to your babe was a biggest high. We should bring back those women in high lights of the best girls of a generation. We deserve these girls again

Collin Wheeler : As i watched this amazing video one thought dominated all others. I was born in 1980, 3 years after this concert. Robbed. I was robbed. I want to a time machine to go back to the 70's.

Wesley Hayley : the greatest song of my youth....many a dream began and many a heartache ended while listening to this great classic. summers spent down on the beach at galveston texas...skynyrd echoing out across the waves. the smell of coconut oil suntan lotion and the wonder of all the beautiful young ladies watching and being watched as the sun bore down turning pail skin first red then to bronze. the laughter and the tears never knowing that it will all end one day. but it never mattered as we listened to those wonderful guitar licks being belted out as the sun slowly set. ahhhhh the days of my youth...promises of love never fulfilled, dreams of riches never achieved rock on everyone...rock on.

bdorrd : This band has been through so much. Poor guys.

conan howard : back in the days when girls did not look like sea monsters washed up on the shore,, old man 70

39thala : All those kids are in their late 50's to early 60's now. Wow! And this video seems like it could have been filmed yesterday!

Master Killer : Wow. Im 16 right now and in my opinion this is actually better than most music from today.

Steven Lind : One of the greatest ballads ever performed in the history of rock. This song is like a high performance engine winding out in all four gears. And then sprouting wings. One of the most astonishing pieces of music ever written. Sweet metamorphosing into ferocious.