Remember When Pixar Accidentally DELETED Toy Story 2?
The Time When Pixar Accidentally DELETED Toy Story 2

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Try Dashlane: 10% off Premium Promo Code: austinmcconnell Today I'm sharing the story of how Pixar Animation Studios accidentally deleted Toy Story 2 less than a year before it was set to release. Always back up your files, kids! #toystory TWITTER: PATREON:


Bloodlust : Don’t you just hate it when you accidentally delete a 90 million dollar project?

Micky-kun : "Never use linux." *Correction:* "Never give someone who doesn't know how to administrate a linux server root access to the file system."

Mike Smith : Toy Story: I don't feel so good

william broberg : The unnamed Pixar employee was a spy for DreamWorks

choz choz : When that girl finds the backup in her computer, I'd bet the first thing she did was to backup the backup..

Bronze : "Hey boss, don't get mad but... I might have just deleted a 500 million dollar project."

The Serious Account : Dont use linux, because unlike any other operating system in history you can delete files in linux.

Xanzs : Me: *Writes a 6,000 words essay* Allright finally it's finished. *Clicks the x button* [Don't Save] [Save] *Accidently pressed Don't Save* What The Actual Fu__ Oh wait i copied it *Pasted the essay back* Oof.

MattgMac04 : Cars: If cars had feelings Toy Story: If toys had feelings Robots: If robots had feelings Inside Out: If feelings had feelings Coco: If Mexicans had feelings

Oh Yeah Yeah I slap ur Momma : Paramount should've accidently deleted the Sonic Movie and the Dora movie

kremit : *_Elon Musk buys and then deletes Toy Story_*

Bishal Sarmah : Quick Tip: Once files are deleted from your drive. DO NOT put newer files into the drive. It will replace your hope of restoring those data. Then, use any recovery software to recover those files.

Freezerbomb : I made this mistake on a mac once. I accidentally put a space after the first "/". I didn't realize what I had done until parts of the UI started disappearing. Fun times...

ビド :3マルク : I should probably backup my he... anime collection.

Omar Hajjar : Elon Musk buys and deletes toy story 4 "Y know i had to do it to em"

Darry : how in the DEMONITIZED did they get these people to work together?

xG33Kx : >Don't use Linux Okay, let me use Windows. Ooh neat, 1809 upda- and there goes my documents.

FritoSalad : Valiant DreamWorks saboteurs cripple an enemy operation only to be foiled by a stay at home mom ~Colorized 1998

adinutza299 : Linux is not a system that only uses the command line. Do not give root access to everyone, especially those who do not know how to use a keyboard! Fortunately, the largest institutions and companies have servers on linux, making sure idiots do not have root access to them.

Blinking fate : Lesson learned *moms are also more realiable than IT team* :)

Gibby : No, I _don't_ remember such a silly thing But now we know.

Sound Offense : This is a truly horrific story, thank god it ended up well

spectrecutlass : Plot Twist: Elon Musk went back in time and bought Toy Story 2 and deleted it

Lisp Machine : Most likely we are talking about SGI workstations. Really expensive machines. All the actual screenshots are from SGI's IRIX. The scsi array being used to backup files might have been also SGI. File servers most have been likely running corporate grade hardware... either that or pixar had a bunch of cheap people working there. Which seems unlikely, but hey. Cool seeing Irix.

Toxic - Xyphall : nobody talking about how pretty much the whole video was made with plotagon?

Victoria : The story sounds very odd... In order to delete files on Linux you need admin permissions, which I doubt any random employee at Pixar would have, but let's pretend they do. Unplugging a server (no matter if it's Linux or Windows) is the worst thing someone can do, data can be damage and most of the times the entire system is restarted deleting all files it had, so it doesn't make sense that they saved 10% of the project by unplugging the server, but let's pretend that it actually happened for whatever reason. I really can't understand how a project as big as Toy Story 2 could be saves in a regular computer, that really sounds extremely weird, unless that employee had a personal server I would really doubt the credibility of this simply because of that. Plus, Linux is the most stable OS for servers, is way easier to personalize and is less vulnerable. Edit: forgot the backups not working thing. For months? Really? Sounds like Pixar wanted to have a huge story to sell in that book.

Anuar Da Luz : I wish that would've happened to Cars 2

Tapas Ranjan Mohanta : Correction :- Never use Linux if you don't know your way around. P.S. :- The "Cloud" that you mentioned what do you think that runs of ?

TVG28 : I'd say "Never use Linux in a business environment unless you've had a fair amount of personal experience with it."

James Shaw : Technically, that isn't Linux. They used SGI and Sun workstations, so they were probably running IRIX or SunOS/Solaris. Linux, at that time, was VERY young, and not used on many systems. Anyway, now Linux is widely used on several platforms, Apple utilizes FreeBSD for Mac OS X. It wasn't the fault of the OS, but of the user entering a command that started erasing everything. It was also Pixar's fault for NOT backing up their files and/or verifying the backups worked.

AO1337 : Yeah, this actually happened. It's not clickbait.

Eduardo Avila : Rember when bbc deleted doctor who? Yeah and they even didnt recover most of it yet

[DAN THE GREAT] : Roses are red Violets are blue *Are You Sure* *You Want To Delete* *Toy Story 2?*

GizmoMaltese : Nothing in this story makes any sense at all. If the backups haven't been working for a month then they would have lost one month's work not the entire project. And it's hard to imagine why they couldn't recover the data as others have suggested. Finally, if you're worried about something happening to her PC in transit, why move her PC? Just bring some storage solution to her home and copy the data and then move it. This story makes it sound like the people who work at Pixar are a bunch of idiots.

Jacob Sahlmueller : Dashlane sounds sus. If you're not paying for the product, you ARE the product.

sentaiaddict : It's annoying in certain situations where you are forced to tell other people to do something urgent and critical and you won't bother telling the reason directly. It's much more time consuming to not tell the reason than explaining it as short as you can. 'My name is Lauren Jacobs! I need the systems dept. Right Now!! The files in the master drive are being erased! It's an emergency!!!!' Connects to Systems Dept. 'Hello! Systems Dept' 'My name is Lauren Jacobs! Pull out the plug on the master machine Right Now!! The files in the master drive are being erased! It's an emergency!!!!'

Electric Engine : i mean.. what Guy dos’nt backup important files?

Mr Neddlemouse: The legendary Sanic Master : *Breaking news the American government deletes system 32*

Sylwester : "Never use linux"??? Basically for this case any Unix (including MacOS from terminal) would behave the same. How is it behaving? Well it does exactly what you ask it to without moving the files to a directory called "Recycle Bin". One should be very careful with what one does in a production environment so dry run, moving the files first then delete day after, etc.. are measures you can do. Only an individual without experience would actually do such a blunder and I guess this is his last one. For me I did an unconditional "DELETE FROM table" the first year I worked as a programmer and I remember it vividly to this day. Another gotcha is backup. It is never prioritized like a security and important part of a operation until you are standing there in need of it. Usually a company prioritizes it correctly after such a blunder so I guess both the company and the person doing delete learned something. As for the rescue it was originally a security threat. One day they will learn that keeping secret files on ones private computer is a very bad mistake. The hero of the story probably had the biggest blunder IMO.

Dustoo Mcnabb : The day I lost the entirety of my novel which took 2 years to write, and my whole life past age 3 to plan.

How Nice : This guy is thanos in human form.

Keith Sieman : I subscribed just so I could unsubscribe for that little Linux remark.

Person 1 : Man I'm sure someone got fired for that

Thiago Coura : So, you prefer GUI over command line. Now looks who is right next to rename option doing right click in a file

High End : *Toy story theme song plays...*

BlueTag : this comment section *adjust glasses* -Ahem, don't use linux? Listen here... [insert a way to explain why a joke is technically wrong]

Mecha Flyer : Damnmn, was my data loss hard hitting. I'm a high school university student, and recently I lost all of my data to a drive failure. I work from a mac laptop and have been for the past few years and because this particular laptop doesn't have enough space to house all of my games, personal documents, and school work I decided to dump it all into a 2TB SSD. On one morning (on a day which was a deadline day). I was rushing and finishing off work on a document of stickers to be printed for a group project model while having breakfast. Now, my 2TB data drive was connected to my laptop via a cable, and to make matters worse I had my laptop on my lap since the food was on the table, duh (in hindsight that was extremely stupid of me, but then again I was sleep deprived). You can see where this is going now, the drive fell off the table because of one wrong move, got disconnected from the cable from it's end and dropped hard to the ground. I've dropped this drive from higher on another occasion, but it decided to go dead on me this time at a much lower height. And that's how I lost all of my documents, including the one deadlined for that day, the next week, and so forth, got deleted. I had no backups either so this video was a good reminder, well played my friend.

Greenayy : *I don't feel so good, Mr. Lightyear*

PataponCreeper : they should make a movie based on this story, it's so much like one and I'd watch it, How We Almost Lost Toy Story 2