Remember When Pixar Accidentally DELETED Toy Story 2?

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austinmcconnell : 35 videos so far this year. Thanks for your loyal viewership! In case you've missed any uploads, be sure to hit the bell, or whatever. You do you.

Mr Neddlemouse: The legendary Sanic Master : *Breaking news the American government deletes system 32*

Micky-kun : "Never use linux." *Correction:* "Never give someone who doesn't know how to administrate a linux server root access to the file system."

Mike Smith : Toy Story: I don't feel so good

MattMakesShittyMemes : Cars: If cars had feelings Toy Story: If toys had feelings Robots: If robots had feelings Inside Out: If feelings had feelings Coco: If Mexicans had feelings

Carter Miller : "They used to store all of their files on a big computer. But now they store all of their files on someone else's big computer."

Spencer Martin Navarra Chew : Okay, let make this clear. Austin was joking about Linux being bad. My original comment (below) is also a joke, responding to his joke. I'm happy to talk about Windows and Linux, and merits, history, and architecture of either; there's no need for anyone to get rude or upset. Original Comment: Great Video! I'm sure you know Linux has graphical interfaces and Windows has a command line too, right? LOL!

onox : What did the librarian say to some teenagers? Read more

The Serious Account : Dont use linux, because unlike any other operating system in history you can delete files in linux.

xG33Kx : >Don't use Linux Okay, let me use Windows. Ooh neat, 1809 upda- and there goes my documents.

Victoria : The story sounds very odd... In order to delete files on Linux you need admin permissions, which I doubt any random employee at Pixar would have, but let's pretend they do. Unplugging a server (no matter if it's Linux or Windows) is the worst thing someone can do, data can be damage and most of the times the entire system is restarted deleting all files it had, so it doesn't make sense that they saved 10% of the project by unplugging the server, but let's pretend that it actually happened for whatever reason. I really can't understand how a project as big as Toy Story 2 could be saves in a regular computer, that really sounds extremely weird, unless that employee had a personal server I would really doubt the credibility of this simply because of that. Plus, Linux is the most stable OS for servers, is way easier to personalize and is less vulnerable. Edit: forgot the backups not working thing. For months? Really? Sounds like Pixar wanted to have a huge story to sell in that book.

JPL Toy Experience : The thing is Thanos' snap reached year 1998 and affected the master machine

Keith Sieman : I subscribed just so I could unsubscribe for that little Linux remark.

Memestealer696 : you put effort in all wrong parts of the video

Cliff Daddy : Suddenly, @austinmcconnell is surprised to find out that YouTube runs on Linux. Google, thinking they are doing him a favor, delete his channel and wipe any Android devices he may own in a friendly effort to assist him in his Linux boycott. In solidarity, supermarket cash register systems refuse to take his credit card and his sponsor Dashlane ends their relationship as their own site relies on Linux servers. Unable to purchase food or use the internet, Austin becomes homeless. People, if you see him on the street in his cardboard box, PLEASE give him your spare change!

bastiat6865 : Why you taking shots at Linux? How is this a Linux failure?

SenorSchnitz : The whole story has more holes than swiss cheese. Here are the 7 big ones: why couldn't you recover the files? Deleted files are not really gone? why would a big company be ok not having backup for over a month? where are the files from a month ago? how can a "home computer" in 1999 have the huge storage space needed for a whole animated movie? who uses a system where a USER can delete all files? And now: 2 new questions from myself: 1. why would you pull the plug in panic if you believe you have a working backup - and 2. if all departments were working on the movie - how could so many files be deleted in the first place? Open files cannot be deleted The whole story sounds like complete made up BS to me...

21 Letters : If you know nothing about Linux, then don't try to talk about it. The back end of almost everything runs Linux... the back end of YouTube, for example.

GizmoMaltese : Nothing in this story makes any sense at all. If the backups haven't been working for a month then they would have lost one month's work not the entire project. And it's hard to imagine why they couldn't recover the data as others have suggested. Finally, if you're worried about something happening to her PC in transit, why move her PC? Just bring some storage solution to her home and copy the data and then move it. This story makes it sound like the people who work at Pixar are a bunch of idiots.

Grigor Todorov : Sounds like a half-true anecdote story for publicity. When you delete something the storage is tagged as empty, but you can use data recovery applications to get back everything you've accidentally deleted. Only once you've tagged the storage as empty and then overwrite it with other content the original data is gone for good!

Adam Hegazy TehTom&JerryLover : *Thanos snapped toy story 2*

GumbyParity Mick : The work done on the film to date was nearly lost in 1998 when one of the animators, while routinely clearing some files, accidentally started a deletion of the root folder of the Toy Story 2 assets on Pixar's internal servers. Associate technical director Oren Jacobs was one of the first to notice as character models disappeared from their works in progress. They shut down the file servers but had lost 90% of the last two years of work, and the backups were found to have failed some time previously. The film was saved when technical director Galyn Susman, who had been working from home to take care of her newborn child, revealed she had backups of the assets on her home computer. The Pixar team was able to recover nearly all of the lost assets save for a few recent days of work, allowing the film to proceed

Jacob Sahlmueller : Dashlane sounds sus. If you're not paying for the product, you ARE the product.

BlueTag : this comment section *adjust glasses* -Ahem, don't use linux? Listen here... [insert a way to explain why a joke is technically wrong]

zellt5 : blamed on linux for no reason, can easily do the same thing in a windows shell. Also good luck running a windows based server like that in the 90s. guy making this video is clueless.

Kyle The Legless Lesbian Seltzer Shill : Sony should've "accidentally" deleted The Emoji Movie

Carlo David : rm -rf Live by the sword, die by the sword.

Omar Hajjar : Elon Musk buys and deletes toy story 4 "Y know i had to do it to em"

Maria Rose : Why are people hopping on austin's case as if he is the "technological idiot" here. The man was just telling us the story as told by the author of the book. Jeez yal need to calm down🤣

adinutza299 : Linux is not a system that only uses the command line. Do not give root access to everyone, especially those who do not know how to use a keyboard! Fortunately, the largest institutions and companies have servers on linux, making sure idiots do not have root access to them.

Coolboy Revamped : Linux and Unix are not operating systems, they are kernels!

Richmond the Goth : Its like nobody in the comments or making the video or working for Pixar understands Linux or what the delete function is or what it actually does. Hint: nothing actually gets really deleted. It just all gets marked as "overwritable" by the system. As long as you don't immediately copy a crap ton of new data into the drive where you've deleted everything, you can very likely recover the vast majority of files if not all of them. I've had to do this countless times when customers have come in freaked out because somehow, the wrong drive was formatted. Hell, I've even done it when someone formatted a drive and installed a new OS on top of the old drive (of course there were overwritten parts I could not recover).

Goasler : NEVER USE LINUX WTF xDDD That was a classic "Error 40" where the Error sit's 40cm in front of the machine xD On the most linux machines today the "rm *" command doesnt work anymore. Now you really have to tell rm a file or directory

Noti : Somebody should have called linus tech tips lmao xD

Seïfane Idouchach : Removing a file from a system doesn't actually erase it, it just marks the space as available for new data to be written at the same place. If this happens to you don't use the machine so that the files don't get overridden by new ones and call an expert in file recovery (or use a file recovery software for less important things).

Fif Gallag : Oh yeah, that did happen! At least with Toy Story they redid the whole thing on purpose

Tyler Legoat : “We’re not aiming for the truck!”

Fox : You had one damn job

Adam Lopez : Wait. The entirety of Toy Story 2 was stored iMac G3? An...iMac G3....

Düşünen Adam : Not really convincing story for a million dollar motion picture project. I would even be able to think to save backup files on different locations for my stupid student projects. You say they didn't? It's not real.

Thiago Coura : So, you prefer GUI over command line. Now looks who is right next to rename option doing right click in a file

Milo the Alpaca Boi : *Elon Musk buys the government and deletes it*

michael roberts : Nice bit of fiction there. You clearly don't know how Unix systems work. I am sure files were write protected, and backed up (industrial/commercial computer systems have insane amounts of redundancy). Also the little toy Imac computers of twenty years ago did not even have the mass storage capacity for a single frame of 3d rendered data, much less for one having all the data for the entire movie

Somagarn Yo : Stupid video. Too many plot holes in this story. No prove of what actually happened. Any idiot IT would just recover the deleted files. Who would give admin. privilege to any idiot. B.S. on backup. Unpluging the servers is not that easy etc. etc. etc.

Bronze : "Hey boss, don't get mad but... I might have just deleted a 500 million dollar project."

Hero Fox : What did we learn today I learned to never use linux I now use windows

Mohamed Ansari : Really ? just .04% use linux ? damn..... I'm one of those lol

Angus Pontin : Imagine someone actually deleted google

Taikamuna : no I don't when did this happen

Bloodlust : Don’t you just hate it when you accidentally delete a 90 million dollar project?