The Messenger - Linkin Park (A Thousand Horizons Tokyo, Japan 2011-09-09)

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Vic Tiva : The only live version of The Messenger were Chester sings this high. Brilliance!

Father Metalhead : One of my favorite LP songs of all time R.I.P. Chester, we love you

jordean gomes : Primeiro Comentário ☆ we miss you Chester!!! R.I.P.

Ravesson Shaforostov : Chester bennington 😢😢😢

Pawarit Buttan : ฟังตอนไหน ก็ร้องไห้มันเศร้ามากเกิน R.I.P

Juraj Strýček : Chester amazig

Toshinori Kanehara : Chester, I really miss you ;)