Fire Tornado in Slow Motion 4K - The Slow Mo Guys

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The Slow Mo Guys : I have to admit, that opening shot does look like it was shot on a green screen. I assure you it wasn't though. We are just being shaded while the background is in total sunlight.

אוריאל מורנו : 2 0 1 9 ?

Picasso Gaming : 2 0 1 8 ?

iTheman 6s : 1:31 It sounds like Bowser’s airship.

ELEAZER S Gun : Wow the fire The fire looks like from a movie

ElmVFX : That seriously looks fake its so BEAUTIFULLLL!!!! Amazing video guys!

Romantreechannel : 2 0 1 9 ?

Sam is Someone : Now do one with water and merge them together :> please?

beasty Tha basic : It looks cool but also fake

Anomy mous : *Thumbnail looks edited lol*

MeLikeBigBoom : I want to hug it

Brohan : Fiaaaaaaa tornaaaaaaaaaaaadooo

Oyun Curcunası : 2019?

Ozan The Jedi : Sasuke Uchiha liked this video

RITEIN 8 7 : Fire on slow motion like paper I'm right?


minerpro 365 : Ese tornado es más falso que el amor de ella

Destroyer 58 : So satiafying and the fire looks like an animation but its not haaha!

Tareq Agil : 2 0 1 9 ?

Braquel Dimaano : It look a like a dragon in slow motion cool

MrDoctorProfessorPatrick Star : The fire almost looks animated. Fire is so weird

Adakah Acaramalamini : Hikeeeeennnnnn!!!!!

OtaviioL : Parece q é fake

Taj Tousant : Its fake

Frama Putra : Awesome... but i think the fire looks like McD chicken when slow motion

Abelhawk : So weird... fire almost looks fake or Photoshopped at that speed.

XRailgun Gamer : Wow! The Quality of the Video is so Good! and oh that Fire looks so Delicious! Lol!

RAKESH ROSHAN : looks like crispy kfc chicken 😂😂😂😂

Minha vida com ela ! : Em câmera lenta é lindo.

꧁Ⳁlayer Ṧtanley꧂ : *_Amazing_*

Charles E. Darko : At night it would have look way cooler! PLEASE, DO ONE AT NIGHT! Make me a top comment people so they see it DO IT AT NIGHT! DO IT AT NIGHT! DO IT AT NIGHT! DO IT AT NIGHT! DO IT AT NIGHT! DO IT AT NIGHT! DO IT AT NIGHT! DO IT AT NIGHT! DO IT AT NIGHT! DO IT AT NIGHT! DO IT AT NIGHT! DO IT AT NIGHT!

Infinity Master : Looks like those "Fire Hydras" that you summon in video games like Diablo 2 for example. Cool! :D

Maicon Douglas : 2019?

Amina Ali : Omg that was awesome love you guys keep doing what you are doing

VERIFundas : 2019?

Cai Thomas : Where can we donate to get Dan a new coat

ドラソル : 2                1   5    9     ?

Isaac Alexandre : Loco demais

shadow fight : 1:45 : Sheinron what you doet there

Dee A : Looks like fire fist aces fire pillar (hibashira) ^^

NoGravity Studios : It looks like the fire tornado was animated O.o

C Gamer Indonesia : Looks like edit

Ned Powell : never mind IS IT RISING

Trendy Duniya : Happy ...........yea

Kryptonguy- คริปตันกาย : 2 0 1 9

What's Inside? : Most amazing video yet. The images with the camera were so clear. I'm going to have to rewatch this one a few dozen times.

Adictos a la música : The Best scene guys 1:37

Saurabh Era : Most satisfying video ..

Del Firo : Like 3d

Sylozen : Looks cool with Inverted Colors... And also looks like water with Inverted Colors.