Fire Tornado in Slow Motion 4K - The Slow Mo Guys

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ElmVFX : That seriously looks fake its so BEAUTIFULLLL!!!! Amazing video guys!

Charles E. Darko : At night it would have look way cooler! PLEASE, DO ONE AT NIGHT! Make me a top comment people so they see it DO IT AT NIGHT! DO IT AT NIGHT! DO IT AT NIGHT! DO IT AT NIGHT! DO IT AT NIGHT! DO IT AT NIGHT! DO IT AT NIGHT! DO IT AT NIGHT! DO IT AT NIGHT! DO IT AT NIGHT! DO IT AT NIGHT! DO IT AT NIGHT!

Raman M : That looks fake i know it is real but it looks like it's been made by an editing program

Aakash Parmar : AWESOME GUYS ❤️

iTheman 6s : 1:31 It sounds like Bowser’s airship.

The Slow Mo Guys : I have to admit, that opening shot does look like it was shot on a green screen. I assure you it wasn't though. We are just being shaded while the background is in total sunlight.

SCIENCELOGY : Seems like a graphic animation

GraTriet GT : 2 0 1 8 ?

Arfin Show : For a second i fought the backgroud was a green screen

beasty Tha basic : It looks cool but also fake

MeLikeBigBoom : I want to hug it

meme_waala _8 : 1:42 the beauty

Sam is Someone : Now do one with water and merge them together :> please?

AM Curiel : That looks so fake but so real good job😀😁

Isabella Conde : im gonna admit that was the greatest video on YouTube I LOVE your youtube channel and thats actually pretty good and cool I've been watching your Youtube channel ever since the beginning


MC McFly : Thats looks soooooo nice 😀

hec u : Looks cool with Inverted Colors... And also looks like water with Inverted Colors.

SpacyWalk : In the slow motion par t, it looks like a animation

Destroyer 58 : So satiafying and the fire looks like an animation but its not haaha!

MrDoctorProfessorPatrick Star : The fire almost looks animated. Fire is so weird

ben swolo : Fire never looks real to me

ELEAZER S Gun : Wow the fire The fire looks like from a movie

Az Plasma : I must admit when you look at fire up close it looks something out of this world


Cai Thomas : Where can we donate to get Dan a new coat

Saurabh Era : Most satisfying video ..

Infinity Master : Looks like those "Fire Hydras" that you summon in video games like Diablo 2 for example. Cool! :D

Frama Putra : Awesome... but i think the fire looks like McD chicken when slow motion

Amina Ali : Omg that was awesome love you guys keep doing what you are doing

Abelhawk : So weird... fire almost looks fake or Photoshopped at that speed.

Physiology Shark : How many fps was it?

James Cross : 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

toyjugando dceron : Firely fire

Ciencia Infclasificada : The Best scene guys 1:37

What's Inside? : Most amazing video yet. The images with the camera were so clear. I'm going to have to rewatch this one a few dozen times.

mario portillo : It's beautiful

deadgamer 6 : It looks soooo FAKE

Daisy Creek Movies : Hello

Elva Brent : Beautiful

NoGravity Studios : It looks like the fire tornado was animated O.o

akino darrell : Absolutely beautiful

Victor R : This appeals to everyone's inner arson lol

Mr. BrickBoss : Cool

Tuấn Anh มา : Wow that great !!!!!

すぽんじ0301 : 豪炎寺もビックリやな


GalacticGamerX7 : So cool I can feel the power of fire in Earth

IronAgate : What about a... SHARKNADO!!!

Daniel Bridge : the flames made a cool pattern that I made me think of Dragon scales