If you're smart you'll walk away.

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Varun Muttur : "If you're smart, you'll walk away." *dies by walking away.*

Breaker of Everything Mother of Cats : Hmm. The body's still warm. Looks like there's a boulder about.

Heikki360ES : Plot twist: he was talking to the rock all along.

LUKA : Tullius: Skyrim needs the Empire, we protect them from the Aldmeri Dominion A rock: allow me to introduce myself

Bugthesda : That moment when you realize you've fought mudcrabs more fearsome than him.

Zurgo Pussysmasher : I like that subtle hand gesture at 0:29. "Well, now you found out!"

SUBSCRIBE TO ME JUST BECAUSE I SAID SO : I bet he doesn't get to the cloud district very often.

Mudkip971 : "The Thalmor used to ride these babies for miles"

VRMusic : I think we don't have to worry AI taking over any time soon

Overdrive UK : To all you people who think this is funny, just remember the last time you were running and stubbed your toe on something as solid as that rock. I think you'd keel over and die too.

Needles Iblis : "I used to be a justiciar like you, then i took a boulder to the knee."

Kwiewy : That hand at the end being like: this Guy... Just perfect

Klod twenty two : —... after saying this, my Justiciar walks away. — Throw 1d20 — Ok " Nat 1! " — Your character slips over the rock and dies.

JRPGFan20000 : He claimed to rule this land...and it was the land that killed him.

Drakonus : "If you're smart walk away" *-Walks-** Jogs away* "I'm gonna find whoever did this" *Trips and dies*

All_Joking_Eyes : " Rightful rulers of Tamriel" Rock : *Skyrim belongs to the nords!*

Lil Tee : Nobody: That dude: *stubs toe on boulder and dies instantly*

Dance Electric : The “rightful ruler of Tamriel” dies by slamming against a boulder.... Yeah, Tamriel is in the dark ages now.

LEG : To think that the somebody actually LOST a war against these people.

LeoGuitarize : Geodude uses Rollout! It's super effective! Thalmor fainted.

Freek Vonk : First place he looked for the person who did this was sovngarde

FusRoDah Daily : How to defeat the Thalmor. -Burn the white gold concordate and plot a way to unite Skyrim and the rest of Tamriel against the Aldmeri Dominion.- _...Boulders._

Tyler F. : This got recommended to me and I am not disappointed

AlmightyWizardYuu : Its understandable why he died instantly... I mean, who can go up against Dwayne Johnson himself?

Alicia Nicholas : Thalmor: I’m going to find whoever did this. Boulder: IT’S ME THALMOR! IT WAS ME ALL ALONG THALMOR!

Volaire ♬ : When you walk away You don’t hear me say *GyAaHhh* 0:28

Hyunbae 아기 : it seems that this man really got caught between *_a rock_* and a hard place

Gwen Stacy : He ran instead of walking The real cause of his death

Eric Stickney : “Rightful rulers of Tamriel.” dies by tripping over rock

Pushpak : 500k views in 2 hrs for a channel not that big?! That's impressive! Well if you were smart you wouldn't end up here

Dustin Hanor : *Bounty of 1000 added to whiterun*

Anaberu : "How do you want this character to di-" *"YES."*

Wyattearpp : The Boulder feels conflicted about fighting a young elven girl. “If you’re smart you’ll walk away!” The Boulder is over his conflicted feelings, and now he’s ready to bury you in a rockalanche!

SurroundEdByFreaks : Thalmor: If you're smart, you'll walk away. Thalmor: *runs* Thalmor: *dies* You should have been smart and _walked_

Ąbandoned Bucharest : It happens to the best of us...

Xylarxcode : Imperials: 'The Aldmeri are coming to conquer Skyrim!' Nords: 'We'll be fine.' Imperials: 'But there's hundreds of thousands of them!' Nords: 'And we have hundreds of thousands of rocks. We'll be fine!'

EL Fuego : ONE,You walk away. TWO, I walk on your face ! The Elder Scrolls VI : Shaggy

Poofy : See you in 2027 when this gets recommended again by Youtube's algorithm, because this channel's content is timeless.

Spencer Whiteway : This seems like the kind of video that will appear in the recommendation feed in 5 years.

Ryu Kageki : Have you heard of the High Elves? *They hit boulder and died.*

Kaitlin Andreia ツ : Have you ever heard about the tragedy of Darth Thalmor Justiciar the wise? I can already hear papaltine's voice in my head saying *how ironic* .

Slix : his speech was so powerful the even convinced himself

LUKA : Who would win An army that beat the Empire in a full scale war Or One rocky boy

Chocolate Explosion : The boulder is Skyrim's equivalent to stepping on a lego.


Lekha Pratap : Rock: Another one bites the dust. Hand wave: Dude, come on.

ToothPizza : _Oh Skyrim npc, oh you!_

YuccaPalm : Thumbnail totally looks like the villain from Lazy Town.

Smiley the Smile : *Envoy of the Aldmeri Dominion* Status: Dead Cause of death: Critical Boulder Poisoning