It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 13 Featurette | 'Blooper Reel' | Rotten Tomatoes TV

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Kyle Robert : seeing these people laugh reminds me that they're real humans portraying the most lovable group of awful people on television.

alia al mutairi : It’s always sunny should be on Netflix.

Sam ytdjtdmhndf : Charlie fuckin loves it. I think after being on movie sets like Pacific Rim 2 he’s way happier being back with his mates

Weekend Wolf : I love how Danny Devito looks like the fricken penguin when he has an infection. Yes I know he’s in the old Batman that’s why I find it a funny callback

Capital Thunder : I think out of all the acting this HAS to be the hardest. How could you ever keep a straight face with Danny Davito smacking right there?!

Alchemistic Academician : There's such a specific humor to Always Sunny. Like that first blooper when Charlie says "he tried" and everyone immediately shut him down like "no no he gotchya, and it changed him" 😂 like 'we're not even going to entertain your lie here'

APG95 : Mac has obviously been starving himself for Chase to achieve that gaunt, athletic look in his cheekbones.

NefariousPorpoise : Season 13 - The Gang Gets Cosmetic Surgery.

Philosophy Search : i wish i had this much fun at work

Danny Richie : Uncle Jack, the original Nightman

squattingheads : love how only charlie aged gracefully. Fits the others characters to get jobs done. But damn does the hd and crisp film not fit the tone

Z fern : His neck is up high. Makes me trust him. @ 5:07

Ztormie : 6:45 Glenn breaking down and hugging Danny, so sweet <3

ruby : honestly i want bloopers for charlie's home alone

MyDefendor Q : What a great season. Philly is indestructible.

Nuclear Effect : 2:27 2:35 twice Rob places his palm on Glenn's thigh and twice he quickly removes them. idk why I'm pointing it out lol

Randall Romero : He got him, yeah he got him good. He wrote a whole play about it.

Billbo Crappins : bring back fat Mac

druidboy76 : I want to be inside mack so bad.

Lloyd Nix : i like the little detail of no name tag on Charlie cause he can't spell his name

Robert Udale : This has an almost improvisational feel to it

Fred Robinson : How Can you have not have fun with your best friends on one of the funniest shows ever?

San Dan : Glenn not being able to get through "Nah, it makes me shit" had me screaming.

Zachary Miller : DeVito is a legend.

TL C : Worst season of sunny by a long way

Dollars to Donuts : This last season was mediocre at best. I understand the subliminal Social and Political focus. But c’mon gang. The Bloopers were funnier than the actual season.

SuperNoone89 : Weird, the worst season has some of the best bloopers.

Diva in the Woods : I love how Dennis reacts to Charlie saying, "You can't hold 'up', it's a gas." Of course Charlie's delivery of pretty much anything makes me laugh too!

Adub Htown : "ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" - Dee

Rai Wolf : 2:56 Rob laughing his ass off <3

NefariousPorpoise : Weakest writing in the shows history. More like fan fiction than actual episodes.

not okay : Why does Rotten Tomatoes give the shittiest reviews possible? Their rule seems to be "if it doesn't gross at least 15 million, it's a 19% at best."

Ben Williams : ''nah, he gotcha''

Dozer1642 : I wish they hadn’t gone the plastic surgery route. Just sayin.

Hellfire Heroes : Season 12 was amazing but it kind of feels like the gang has lost the spark

Transmedal2 : Best show ever made

Kevin William : “He got in there”

Jack M : Can’t not stop looking at Nathan Barnett

samus1421 : up is a gas.

The Thot Police : Dee looks less like a bird as time goes on

Nullll1111 : Danny Devito is so good!

Steve Hanlon : Funnier than most of the lame last season, season 13 was a big fail. Worst season to date, just lazy writing.

Wayfaring Stranger : Best sitcom of all time!

Rafael Z. Galvan : Mediocre season and mediocre bloopers. It seems like they are trying too hard

phuc do : This and Curb is ny favoritt sitcoms

Leo Pickles : "I'm...I'm not holding 'up', how do you hold 'up'?" best bit

Jamie Conway : Why wasn't Dennis in the last three episodes?

Jay Vans : These bloopers where better than the whole season ngl

Barry Mulligan : Nobody else is laughing

nick0wnsu : Worst season by far & people who say that it wasn’t don’t known the show