Young kid trolling Aronian's start against Magnus Carlsen

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hubomba : Taking Magnus out of his prep. Smart kid.

zoz0boy : 2900 FIDE child

lewiszim : That, I kid you not, is literally THE worst opening move for white according to the computer.

wOlf MVM : That kid found dead later ..

Sree Lakshmi : magnuses reaction- lol he got trolled wait... what!!?! what if he did that then that then that.... woah, if he sacrificed his queen rook and bishop it's a mate in 121 moves you can take the move back whew I just saved myself there

HillBillyCat : Imagine Aronian accepting to pay this move. Maybe he would lose the game, but he will forever be in chess history. Come on man, it's just one game! The whole world would be shocked

dgisgd : A real man would have played it.

Dagpojken : its called the "knights gambit" opening, its really strong in my rating (i have around 800 rating on lichess)

Modrozelena Alga : The funniest thing would be if they didn't allow him to take it back... :D

Adri4as : The fastest chess match 1. Nh3, 0-1. White lose by resign

Doctor Schultz : Nh3 and Carlsen is out of preparation

Shunya : Comeon , i bet 100% Magnus would have played in that opening .

Jose Cordova : Yes, the rare suicidal knights technique. Very hard to play, but it is deadly.

Brecht v : without moments like these chess would be rather dull at times

L'Hermit d'Wicklow et Sevan : Ammonia opening? Gosh that kid is evil......

Что? Где? Когда? [HD] : magnus could play same and they just back knights and start the game

James Bond : I would have taken Magnus' king with the knight on the first move.

Uranus : Funny how Magnus spends a whole minute writing down the first move just to avoid the camera.

Borja Merino Paco : 2600 ELO kid

Francisco Favela : It would have been nice to let the kid play also Magnus turn with a similar move.

Rocky G : Clever kid,Bobby Fisher Destroyed the Russians with this move😂😉😃.

Furkan Atak : He said that you can play any moves that you want and Young kid played a legal move , that's it :)

Nikola Lalev : And the game went on: 1...Nh6 2. Ng1 Ng8 3. e4 e5 ... :D I am surprised that Levon asked to undo his move....

mttrk : carlsen was a gm at his age. probably not amused.

The Gingerbread Man : I wonder who that kids favorite player is?

medexamtoolsdotcom : It probably was deliberate and not done out of ignorance, because that is literally the worst possible single first move. Except for hitting Magnus over the head with the chess clock. Or *maybe* that would have been the *best* move....

rbrtchng : oh come on. he should've just played it haha

Hyperbolic Paraboloid : Wow, what a rubbish opening move from that patzer kid. Everyone with sense knows that the Sodium Attack is objectively far better. He needs to study openings.

Large Cup of Milk : Aronian is such a nice guy, probably the only one that nice and playful among the top dogs.

serhat rakıcı : No ballz.

nth7273 : That's great. I'm going to go play that in some bullet games.

Arjun Pyda : I love this kid

Hassad Abbass : first Aronian's tough : "ok, ive lost" ...

Peter F : ?!? what it's that bad ?? i sometimes play this opening . my ELO is between 900 and 1000 .

Reivivus : Dude! This kid could beat Magnus Carlsen if you gave him a full game!

I AM SURE : I think the kid is a Carlsen fan loooool

Christian Scholte : I ask myself if he knew this was the most terrible move he could have made or if he had no clue what he was doing and it was only a funny co-incidence...

M0beast : If he starts at this move then moves knight back doesn't white technically become black

BvBCrafty : come on guys... just go for 1. Nh3 Nh6 2. Ng1 Ng8 and try again

JiveJudd 666 : Penguins attack PogChamp

Liam D : The move 1. NH3 actually has a name. It's called: Amar Opening

vikas bedi : Levon Aronian might have taken the gamble with Amar opening but he was playing against probably the best chess player in the history. Against amateur or perhaps IM/FM/CM he might have fancied his chances.

Nando Leriv : Ese niño pone en aprietos a Aronian.

Ben Robinson : Bet Magnus would have played...and won. In fact that was a move Magnus 8 came up with.

Андрей Головин : the Amar opening

tensuke : In magnuses mind... lol he got trolled wait... what!!?! what if he did that then that then that.... ..he sacrifices his rook here and... okay you can take the move back :D

LLOYD [LeMaudit] : best start ever, thx kid

blueC : Years in the future this move will be played again... by the same kid, grown up, an elite GM far above everyone else!!! And we will feel like fools for mocking him..........

Jean Carlos : what opening is this? haha kid troll attack haha

cardog kitchen : I actually won a game trying just now doing that move lol!