Will Ferrell Is All Busted Up Over Twilight's Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson - CONAN on TBS

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StrobeNetwork Records : Will Ferrel = My favourite actor

TrackpadProductions : I don't know how Will stays in character all the time. He's one of the only comedians I've ever seen who never laughed out of character, never slipped up, never broke character ONCE. I don't get how he does it.

Shae Matthews : "You don't even know" "YOU WILL NEVER KNOW"

Name : Kristen definitely saw this. No matter how serious her breakup was being called a trampire by Will Farrell would make her laugh.

Jordan Schlansky : I drink 156 oz of water a day.

305Rompechocha : Will making fun of crazy celebrity fans... classic

Alex Wright : When Will Ferrel yelled "YOU'LL NEVER KNOW" I was drinking water and i laughed so hard it came out of my nose

eamon0008 : Will Ferrell is the best at mocking millions of people without them even realising haha

Eric C : 'k stew" and "r pas"

HupfDole87 : damn that guy get´s never out of character once he starts o.O

frere jacques : "It's not gonna be 'fine!' EVER!"

arizonatsunami : I love Will Ferrell! I love his sarcastic form of acting!!

Stormy Kopa : I love how Will Ferrell says "Kristen Stewart" and people immediately start laughing. Guess it's true that her existence is a joke.

Michael McNamara : I hope Kristen Stewart watched this!

MonkeyMetal : She's a TRAMPIRE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Laurel Papworth : Not playable outside of US? I guess they don't want a bajillion views ^^

Tiffany Layton : He showed more emotion in one minute and fifty-seven seconds than Kristen Stewart has ever shown in her life.

Carmella : What they had was soo special YOU DONT EVEN KNOWW!!

Clothilde : *SHE IS A TRAMPIRE*

NuttyMadam : This shit never gets old. You can laugh at me and call me insane all you want, but you're still talking about me 2 years later and thats hilarious.

slimydick23 : 1:28 Conan corpsing.  He didn't expect the acting to be so vigorous.

MsGrumpyGorilla : well, im sure its gonna be fine- ITS NOT GONNA BE FINE! EVER!

Lauren : When I'm sad...I watch this

Anto theja : She goes by "K-Stew" :D always gets me

Luke Yamulla : Will is the master of keeping a straight face.

Olechka : omg Will, you're the best ahahaa I'm crying!!

shyshotcaller27 : "YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW!!!!!" lol

Bismoy Murasing : Can you believe that !! :O He did that in 1 take....just 1 take ! So real and so original...I feel sorry for those guys who doesn't understand the timing and sense of humour...Will is always funnily serious and I'm such a fan :D He is no different than the character he plays in movies just like Robert Downey Jr :)

Rebecca Wood : to understand this skit you have to know about the crazy british twilight fan girl who posted a crazy video crying and screaming at Stewart for cheating. its funny when ferrell does it but not so much when you see the british girl's video. her video is just sad to see.


Katrine D. : "Robert Patterson"

Jared Pahl : 1:24 I like how he goes from sad little girl to screaming psycho-man at the flip of a switch! "IT'S NOT GONNA BE FINE, EVER!"

Retroshift : the man is hilarious, I was about to say he has humour without insulting anyone and then he says trampire lol

911ambulancegirl : Will Ferrell for President

ScottysDetailing : love this one too!!!

trinsicity : Like if you cry everytime...

KreSade : With Will's face all scrunched up he looks like George Bush. 

MissVile : SHE'S A TRAMPIRE!..... makes me laugh so many times

Mays Valentine : That's how i feel about zac efron and vanessa hudgens :(

Celtic Dave : lol she's a trampire! thats hilarious

nick p : I still cant figure out why this dude is so funny. But he is. Never fails to make me laugh my ass off.

TheSpiritOfTheTimes : He mispronounces Pattinson's last name right?

Eric Siegel : Conan: "I'm sure it's gonna be fine." Will: "It's not gonna be fine! Never! Never gonna be fine! What they had was so special! You don't even know! You'll never know!" Conan: "I've been in love" Will: "Not like them, not like them. She is a TRAMPIRE!" Conan: "That's horrible!" Amazing start to an interview.

ivonne H : This still makes me laugh 😂😂👌

Andrew Stanley : Hearing him say "I'm okay, I don't wanna' talk about it", he sounds just like Brennan Huff (his character from Step Brothers), and the way he looks away and then looks down. He might not be everyone's cup of tea but ah well, he's hilarious!

LostInThought : The comment section makes me lose hope in humanity.

Jo Craw : This video is hilarious. If you're ever feeling down just watch it.

PforPZ : #Trampire Someone has to make a movie out that.

BuddyGroove : Will Ferrell is just showing every teenage girl how dumb they are for sincerely acting this way...I realize I'm over 3 years late with this obvious statement.

ThyChrysanthemum : Reminds me of Britney Spears cheating on Justin timber lake back then. They seemed perfect on paper.