Cornell Professor Outbursts at a Student's 'Overly Loud' Yawn

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Professor Talbert freaks out at HA 1174 students after being offended by a student's audible yawn. Now Professor Talbert can use his very own digital permanency example for his class! "Get up and walk the hell out!" "My bad side is as bad as my pleasant side is pleasant" Thanks to popular demand, this video has made Fox News and Bill O' Reilly's Pinhead or Patriot series:


Shelby Robertson : Those students are so great for not ratting out their fellow classmate

Ikjyot Singh Kohli : Chill dude. Chill. If you can spend any number of minutes of your lecture trying to find out who "yawned", what you're teaching can't be too important.

MT : I anonymously informed on the yawner....I've been in witness protection ever since.

jameshello38 : From that day onwards no one even dared to sneeze.

Aleaid : He should become a high school teacher instead of a professor. Tbh.

Rey Aguirre : I'm sorry I didnt say this years ago professor...but I was the one who yawned.

Nana Sol : I kind of get where this professor is coming from. But also relax man.

Dragon Spirit : I hope no one ever farts loud in that class.

syawkcab : The yawner and the prof are both in the wrong. The yawner can stifle the yawn and yawn quietly. The professor can handle it more professionally

mia : how tf are you gonna blame students for being TIRED, they’re STUDENTS.

Kelley : Also yawning doesn’t always mean you’re sleepy or bored... you yawn sometimes because of lack of oxygen

The Royal Monarchy : It’s just a yawn bro calm yo ass down xD I’m a lil ded there

Sabiha Ahmed : In India that's just a "professor has a casual conversation with students"

Billy Ray : A loud fart would be hilarious as hell! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

Michel Vaillant : Credits to the girl who said it was someone on the corridor 😂

Brad Marchand : Even at Ivy League colleges, no one wants to be a snitch.

Typical Indian : Hats off. Nobody snitched

michelle c : Yawning is to provide more oxygen why get mad over it?

A Dimitri : “My dark side is just as dark as my pleasant side is pleasant” Chills

Quinita Whitfield : For the amount of tuition you pay you should be able to yawn as you please

cocaineboi rippin a fat bong hit : "My bad side is as bad as my pleasant side is pleasant" Ladies and gents, we have a badass

Judi珠珠 : cash me *yawning* outside, how ‘bout dat

Skring Say : Who else yawned during the videom??

Kevin Isaacs : student: *yawns* professor: *pulls out gun* well hello, columbine

Annelise Williams : Random student: *yawns* Professor: I don't know who you are but I will find you..... and I will kill you.

Zidaru Ana-Maria : *inhales* A KILOBYTE

Shadow Of Light : *Yawns loudly* “My lecture may be boring but... who did that?”

Luke Sandifer : Would be so good if the yawner yawned again at the end after his speech

Mr Watto : What's all the bleeping at the start? Word on the street is professor is still asking.

Shubham Rajpara : His wife refused to blow him that morning

bpxl53yewz : He needs to chill. Anger management ?

Gordian Not : It was me yawning sir.. Me and your mother were up late making love and smoking drugs❤

Sun Ray : “...a kilobyte” Somebody yawns again Boom Shakalaka world war 3 starts

g l : No one: Youtube algoritam: cronell professor outburst at students overly loud yawn 😂

Click B8 : Imagine how scared and shook the guy who yawned must have been lmao.

Polar Bear : When I try to act some else that I'm not 1:10

Candace Anderson : "A kilobyte."

Yeehaw- Juice : This man needs a snickers.

Lila Chan : Hate to be his wife, imagine the one night she accident pooted in bed next to him

WINGSPAN TT : About 1 minute into this video, I yawned by mistake. Now I'm afraid for my life this guy is going to hunt me down.

Monica Sathe : Life lesson: a yawn could you get you killed

Techno Joe : Academia is filled with these soft-penised authoritarians who couldn’t confidently make an honest dollar in the real world.

Nishtha Lama : Yawn Nazi! 😰and I yawned twice writing this. 😂

Jason Wood : i yawned in 6th grade really loud i did not meant to and my teacher mrs ashbrook went crazy it was crazy

Tropicana Twister : So we're going to ignore those spongebob footsteps in the audio?

Wysdem Caesar : He’s Just mad that he couldn’t find pants that fit him at JCPenney‘s. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Jagmeet Sandhu : It was Andrew Bernard.

Gwy Gwy : I now understand where Andy Bernard got his anger issue from haha

sondre østvold : Am i the only one who didn't hear the yawn or was it not loud enough to be picked up by the mic?