Cornell Professor Outbursts at a Student's 'Overly Loud' Yawn

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WINGSPAN TT : About 1 minute into this video, I yawned by mistake. Now I'm afraid for my life this guy is going to hunt me down.

RoyceReefee : The people next the the yawner are real G's for not snitching 😂

Annelise Williams : Random student: *yawns* Professor: I don't know who you are but I will find you..... and I will kill you.

account_name_online online : I love it when dorky professors try to be tough and edgy. Makes me wanna yawn.

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : 144p for better experience

carl shneebly : Wow that looks fun. Paying 60k a year to be yelled at like I'm just another kid at a public high school.

MrPomegranX [Matoi] : The one loser is the one teaching the class...

Zane Harding : Somebody should make sure this guy’s wife is okay

Gabe : In middle school I did an audible yawn, not even out of disrespect I was just genuinely tired and the teacher blew up on me in front of the entire class just like in this video and I was really confused cause I was like 12...

Sadie Marie : This man needs to get laid lol

Jake Jacoby : *It's said that yawning is contagious... Too bad that yawn didn't start a chain reaction of yawning.*

OtterGod : *how dare some yawn. The AUDACITY*

Zachary Abuid : “I like to keep things as informal as possible in this class” ...while students are wearing suit and ties during lecture

Anthony Wang : Imagine next class someone wants to yawn and sprints outside, yawns, and comes back in The teacher: “OKAY NOW THATS JUST PLAIN DISRESPECTFUL GET OUT OF MY CLASS AND NEVER COME BACK”

KenzieCrow : What if everybody just started yawning?

Jose Lara : Imagine what he would do if you fart??

cisik123 : what an unprofessional approach to such an event. a person can be tired for more than many reasons if anything the professor should be happy that the students still chose to attend the lecture even if they are tired as well as understanding that yawning does not mean the person is tired or bored necessarily it can mean many things such as lack of air in the lungs. I would have definitely gotten up..

MJ Music : I just wanna ask that teacher “It’s cool man, we can talk. Who hurt you?”

Brian Orr : Wow, public shaming, good method of teaching. I wouldn't stand up either teacher, just get on with the lesson.

Gonzalo Collao : The point of discussion is not whether or not the yawning was disrespectful - even if it was, making a full on drama queen scene about it was completely unnecessary. He could've just said "please don't yawn out loud in my class, don't be rude", and move on with the lecture without wasting time. Can't stand people that react that way over banal things.

Res Art : Nobody sniches for free anymore

le man : that ending line really cemented him as the loser

John Smith : I used to love when teachers did shit like this.

cameron Stevens : Yawing is a human thing ..... CHILL

Sehnsucht : The teacher is being a jerk but I know students can be a little mean with that sort of stuff. When I was in lectures they used to play games by coughing loudly. The lecturer would get visibly annoyed but how can you tell someone off for coughing?

EGOR : Legend says 8 years later this guy still walks around that room and asks "Who just did that?"

Sunny D : Those classmates are homies for not ratting whoever yawned out — especially that one girl who said it was someone in the hallway lol.

jsdjsdssa : Why is he screaming at them, they are adults not children

Deepa Singhal : Did he ever think the cause of his students yawning repeatedly in class is his BAD TEACHING. Students/admin should give him an earful for bad teaching. Students don't give $60K to sleep in class, they can do it for free . He isn't a $100K earning bloody nanny chiding them or explaining chapters like lullabies.

Neil Jiang : This guy died 3 years ago, only 55 years old. I think that's his good Side.

mia i don’t want a last name youtube : how tf are you gonna blame students for being TIRED, they’re STUDENTS.

Kyle Bigman : haha professors and their egos.

Mr.Mister : Can't really blame the lecturer. He said it has happened many times in that class too so he has obviously let it slide up until this point. I mean come on, yawning is fine but it is actually easier to do it quietly so that student went out of their way to loudly yawn multiple times and disrupt class.

genevieve _ : LMAO drama queen

Zeyad S.El-Gendy : Honestly, I'm fed up with all the people commenting about how the professor was wrong for getting angry. You can yawn but do it quietly. It's quite absurd how people keep saying that they're "not a kid anymore" and that they shouldn't be yelled at. Everybody needs to understand that people have different ways of dealing with problems. Some bosses yell at employees and vice versa, that's just the way it is. He didn't yell at him for the yawning loudly once, he said he heard it regularly, and I don't know about you, but yelling definitely seems like the best way to deal with the problem. If he had done what he said he'd do and not resumed the class, people would be even more outraged saying "I pay 60k and I don't even learn". It's also utterly idiotic to see people call the man a narcissist. People should really think before they comment!

Ken Stentiford : I was hoping for a yawn right at the end, or someone drops a loud fart.


Lokesh Pathak : He should call FBI

Robin Esta : Imagine if someone let out a fart in the middle of that..

10,000 subscribers with some low quality videos : *Student yawns* Professor: god damn we can’t have anything nice Professor: reaches into bag pulls out ar15 with bump stock *Students scream* Da thing goes...

twes619 : I would've farted right after he said "a kilobyte"

Chris C : Telegrams, kilobytes, I already feel tired.


Raghad S : I like that nobody told. But he still has a point. Especially since it was repeated. It’s rude.

Shubham Patil : Teacher : " I wanna know why 220 other people in this room don't find the need to do that ? " 220 other people : " actually...."

MonkeyBoo : LMAO the teacher clearly needs get laid!

Good Luck : Actually I'm at the lecturer's side yawning is fine but very load yawn is really disrespect. I mean I yawn in my lecture hall when I'm tired or the subject is boring however I don't yawn so loud to the point the entire hall hears my yawn

talkisreallycheap : A liberal eating other liberals, I love it.

Kyle Flash : "lemme tell you something..." Every middle aged white guy starting sentence when they pissed

Michael Pang : So he doesn't have a bad side?