Top 7 Biggest Conspiracy Theories
Some interesting conspiracy theories

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Has the government lied about major events in history... Intro: "Controlled Chaos" & Music: "Interloper" By Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Starlight Silhouette : These are really good, but maybe consider doing a voiceover reading the text? Just a friendly suggestion from someone who watches a whole lot of these kind of videos. 😳

Defiant Abyss : There was a flaw on this video. 9/11 happened on 2001 not on 2003.

ethan hcsub : where did you get your art and intro. I would love to know.

Alfie Mcmillan : Amazing video great stuff interesting too learned a lot this time thx

Martin Johansson : Keeps getting better and better!

High Five : Cool channel, I subbed. But some of these arent even conspiracies.. MK Ultra was a very real thing, its been proven already.

WhiskeyBrewer : Great video my friend. Loving the diverse lists. Cant wait to see what comes next

Tim Showalter : Great video fright7 I loved it!

Douglas Chen : This was amazing keep it up

Maximoto : you've already improved a lot! keep up the good work!:)

Ryan Bondoc : You spelled impossible wrong. A tip is that you should watch your videos over to see if you have any flaws. I'm a new sub tho great vid!

godspeedsucks : Your videos are awesome! I'm surprised you don't have at least 100,000 subscribers! What kind of programs do you use to make these kinds of videos? Are they free? I'm searching for a good video editor

DoctorPandaFace : nice one! Remember, keep videos consistent!

Transdisciplinary Chimera : Some day, I'll look back and realize that this channel only had around 1000 subscribers and that I was one of its first. Keep it up ;)

exlibrisas : Why people see conspiracies everywhere? Is human nature?

sadbwoy2001 : Were are you from?

George Holland : 1:35, that's not all. The Americans at Pearl harbour actually fired first. One of the battleships fired a shot into one of the imperial navy warships and the Japanese retaliated. Well, they were already deployed - they just started their attack after taking this hit.

Samúel Ingi Daníelsson : great video! :) i think you will get big on youtube