The Life of An Upstairs Neighbor
Life as an upstairs neighbor

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S/O to everyone surviving that bottom floor madness. #TrevorWallace Merch gang: Book me for a custom shoutout!


Eden : I think you forgot that they never sleep and slamming doors is their favorite hobby

Jonathan L : As an upstairs neighbor I can confirm this my day to day routine

Kenneth Kelton : When he got scared of that Netflix intro 😂😂 #theaccuracy

Damian Damianio : moving the table is so relatable tho, they always do that but why

colin r : my upstairs neighbor is a heel-walking buffalo-person

Inflake : I live at the highest floor but I still get knockings on my ceiling.

JoeSchmoe : I swear my upstairs neighbor is like a freaking ogre their footsteps are ridiculous

Amanda Rhodes : Don’t forget the random elephants...

David : My upstair neighbours have a dedicated employee for this

3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399370 : You forgot how they also party with fifty of their friends 24/7 while it’s exam week.

Adnan A : I’m always paranoid I’ll bother the neighbors downstairs

natham : after this: no noise complaints after accidently breathing too hard: *5000 Noise Complaints*

yo_boy_Roy : This was my living condition freshmen and sophomore year frick

AJ G : As a downstairs neigbor, i can confirm this is what it feels like.

txkyo Sakura : As someone who has an upstairs neighbour I can confirm all of this is 100% accurate. You forgot them dropping all of their plates at 3am in the morning

Forgan Mreeman : most relatable is the upstairs neighbor constantly moving furniture around

Mel S : Now add frying chicken in the middle of the night, DRUNK

Hiley Moon : The 32 people who diss liked this video were offended upstairs neighbors.

Jason Victor Turner : As a current downstairs lower level neighbor. I can confirm this is accurate.

adrift : Disclaimer: Numerous downstairs neighbors were harmed in the making of this sketch

Tamie I : Also, walking around in high heels at 3 am.

Wahi011 : Add a "singing" girlfriend to the list and you have my upstairs neighbor.

Max : “Yo we got any power tools? Yeah, the jack hammer is in the closet”

Morgan MM7 : Lmao sounds about right, and good luck relaxing if they have kids

taniamanik2012 : I think I AM the upstairs neighbour 😂

Tamika Rochelle : I think they have a wrestling ring upstairs too. I’ve been thinking of asking to borrow a cup of sugar to confirm.

Yukina : As a person who lives on the top floor, I can confirm this is accurate.

Viciousvince92 : This was literally the couple that lived above me in my first apartment. Plus physical violence.

camerica7400 : I have a subwoofer facing the floor for the Netflix base drop, shakes the entire floor, love it.

PapaLoosePinky xD : Watched this super loud at 3 am. So my upstairs neighbors could hear

your dad : Ironically my downstairs neighbors managed to be this

Caleb Smithwick : “Early bird gets the word Jacob” *banging*

kp23productions : This is the most accurate thing I’ve ever watched in my life

ESTAistheBESTA A : Just found this... That moving table thing and stomping the floor on phone is way too realistic. 😪

Grip Get It : I love that machine gun Kelly started making these videos 🙂

Ohne Name : I had a clean shit while watching this video thank you

Xenon Dominate [イーサン] : you would get kicked out of my apartment complex in japan.

Mythios : This exact idea was done like 4 years ago by above averge lol

Brandon : I'm surprised you didn't show the full bowling alley every upstairs neighbor somehow had installed.

ツ米拉 : Its the downstairs neighbours for me. They NEVER go to sleep and I always hear them randomly walking on the floor in the middle of the night

Elia J : SO TRUE WTF are they doing up there? 😂

John Hook : Reminds me of my upstairs neighbors ... I call them the "Klompuses" - constant banging, crashing, clomping, stomping ...

Certified Hero : I just moved out from under neighbors like this.

T-Roy Jenkins : As an upstairs neighbor. Can confirm. One time on shrooms I nailed blankets to the walls to cover my windows at 4am

Olivia Murphy : I NEEDED THIS. My upstairs neighbors are on crack, they just be droppin shit all day. I'm like are y'all building a new house in there?

MrRarekiller10 : Can’t stop talent. This guy is hilarious omg

Watson Delmick : I played this too loud and my downstairs neighbor started banging on his ceiling

indigodenim : Finally figured out who lives above me

Anthony Layfield : Methamphetamine.... They are Methed up and ready to go! *"I"* do not condone drugs. neither does God, Satan rules this system of things in the flesh but not in the soul.