How Long Does a Can of Barbasol Shave Cream Last?

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Zachary Cook : Thanks, dad.

drckml : Came for a review(?) stayed for the great advice.

Gabriel Farao : this guy is a prince of a man

Ulysses North : Barbasol is the best, oh and I dig the Statue figure!

Paul Floyd : Love the pep talk; great video

caycug1 : "Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." (Phillipians 4:6)

Sparta Batallion : I started using barbasol and at first i didn't like it because it was drying my face and not providing any glide. then i realized it just needed some water. before u squirt the golf ball size glob of shaving cream, have a little puddle of water in ur palm, then squirt and mix with water. result is thick creamy hydrating slick lather. great stuff.

ImTooAbstract : Walter White?

Tony Jax : Hi Douglas , can you do another barbasol shave with a pep talk please? & have you tried original Barbasol? it's my favorite 👍

Steven K : Thank you.   Peace.

Joseph Wilber : Hey great advice on how not to let worry get in the way of having a great day or not!! Usually if you worry then look back on it after its past, it's like geez it wasn't that bad or worth the time or energy to waste lol!!!! I use to use the Gillette Mach 3 razor but got tired of spending that much on razor cartridges. I just signed up for the dollar shave club and I'm really happy with the results thus far!! I also use Barbasol, great shaving cream, great value.

idesmarch1 : Hey i know this video is a few years old but i just found it! Ive been worrying so much lately got one beautiful daughter and another baby on the way! Life is so crazy and i want to find a career or skill to support my family to the fullest and its been filling me with worry and doubt thanks for the help man ill try my hardest to remember this!

iggypopisgod9 : inspirational! positive thoughts prevail! got a can of barb @ dollar tree!

Raphael Pistor : all that water....

Alex Vento : Mitch Hedberg is one of my favorites. Funny you mention him.

Evan Blake : I really needed this video, thank you

Tony Jax : Doug, please do another shaving video? You have a very calming presence 😉

Jose Santich : Your family name is an anagram of Lincoln (more or less).

dyingfly : Do all the Different Barbasol cans: Aloe, Pacific Rush etc...smell the same as the Original

panchotheaddict420 : does barbasol make good coffee cream also?

Sand_Deep_Fighter : I also drink my morning cup of Joe while shaving.

Jackie Roy : Wipe! Looks like you got a smidgen of shave cream in your sip of coffee at the end. LoL

Kaptain Kek : probably the most important video ive ever watched thank you

MrDC1001 : Amen

Ben Elizando : I'm worried about how much water he wastes while he shaves.

Li et Co : came for the Barbasol fact, stayed for the life advice

EnigmaV8 : Kind of ironic he first mentions Mitch Hedburg... a comedian who died of coke and heroin overdose in 2005.

EDP’s #1 Fan : Thanks for the wise advice

99CCFF756e6b6e6f776e6578696199CCFF647072746c646b : haha great video. Thank you!

FrostlightX : Thank you man, really appreciate your advice!

ChillCosmos : So this video was made about 5 cans of Barbasol ago.

Emit Poe : No cuts on his face, but his fingers are covered in Band-Aids.

Dufffaaa93 : You are not supposed to shake a can. Since "exit tube" goes to the bottom, what's on bottom will come out first. Cream falls to the bottom of the can and compressed gas gets on top. So when you press the valve only cream will come out. When you shake it, cream mixes with the gas, so gas comes out as well, decreasing the pressure in the can, meaning there will be no pressure for last remains of cream to come out.

Muhammad Adnan : Assalam o Alaikum 😊 Really lovely vd 👏

Douglas Conlin : Ten Thousand views in the last 48 hours!?! Where is all the traffic coming from?

xsanctom : When you mentioned "think of a funny joke a comedian told", I instantly thought of Mitch before you specified him, you're the man.

Robert : Will you be my dad? I'm 30.

Sam Warren : Nothing beats an old school safety razor and shave soap

Michael Sena : I know the owner

Reynol Del Bosque Davila : Are you shaving with a Gillette disposable razor?

Tony Jax : wow. you must have tough skin! if I'd have shaved like that my skin would be red raw all day. No prep? no water on face? minimal shave cream? geez it hurts me to watch!

geoh7777 : Actual scientific data -- a rare thing nowadays. .

Richard Henckel : if you shave once every two days does it last longer?


Thornton Alexander : did u ever have to re lather ?


JAKESTEED : Garbage in a can.. Why not just get some arko!?? Jesus man! Edwin jagger razor doesn't cost much! Either!

Michael Sena : No one wants to see you shave

cgasucks : Shave with a safety razor.

William Emil Celeiro : Please shut off the water while you're shaving. You may be able to afford wasting it, but our planet cannot. Thank you.