Doug Stanhope on nationalism
Doug Stanhopes nationalism rant

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Eric van Bezooijen : Schrödinger’s immigrant: one who ‘lazes around on benefits whilst simultaneously stealing your job’

MeesterVegas : Nothing like a drunk philosopher.

Tiffian Ruler : They terk er Jyerbs!!

Philly Wonken : I just realised, watching Doug Stanhope is like watching Trevor from GTA 5 doing comedy. And I love it!

Brian Hooper : "do they do your job training in pantomime" LOL

Mr. Super Nintendo Chalmers : "If we didn't save the French in WWII they'd be speaking German right now." If the French didn't help us in the Revolutionary War we might still be apart of the UK right now.

Mike Wazowski : Drumpf supporters need to watch this...

JustusGregorius : Weegee! What a great term. Dis Doug invent that one? Because it sounds pretty legit.

Pat H : Man, I love gibganabs. My favorite foreign food.

tom quigley : This should be broad cast in prime time on all the major networks in the US.

Skyrim's_For_The_Nords : Don’t be a nationalist! The globalists don’t want us to be united against them, duh!!

Max Steel : *I'm Norwegian, but please don't beat me down, I mean, I'm pretty stupid by most standards and I promise not to become a surgeon.*

Filurkatten : Bill Hicks, is that you?

StopFear : I agree. Until last five years or so I didn't notice how evil and destructive nationalism was. It is horrible.

Meat Scepter : Boy, the irony now.

Fuzzy Bits : I live in a country where being nice, thoughtful and considerate are weaknesses. We are devolving. We are becoming the thing we fear. We are Klingon.

Brendan Primus : I mean I have national pride, but yea this is 100% accurate about hardcore nationalists.

Mr. Advance : Here after kunal kamra's interview.. and this guy is a gem.

Kristin Ludlow : I love this man.

blakeafc : This has never been more relevant to this day

Dan : Legend. He speaks sense

Snaggle Toothed : CLASSIC! Especially relevant at the moment.

Nash Paya : Viva Stanhope!

Daniel Tucker : Stanhope!!!!!! 2020 lol

Dr. Larry Mitchell : 3:14 GNIP GNOPS!

Rayvyn007 : Oh yea and usually the people saying one race is better than the other are mostly pathetic losers. They have crap lives and they don't feel good about themselves and putting someone else or another group down is what they need to feel good about themselves. So the next time you hear someone using the n-word or other racial slurs, nine times out of ten, they're losers.

Gordon M : History is fun. Politics is a game invented by a drunk guy in a castle. Punch a face!

Marko Petkov : Some has to convince Stanhope do a skit as a drunk Beetlejuice.

moto montoya : You are my hero....... lets get drunk together ASAP....

KableGuyCGY : This shit is so good. Doug you're a legend!!!

Stefan Woldekidan : Brilliant on nationalism!

dustdeviltc88 : T.A.R.D - Trump Anxiety Resistance Disorder

Guy ByTheDoor : Stanhope is an American treasure.

Ashley Boers : Classic Doug. Simply. Brilliant.

Touch El Ela : TV today is like taking black paint to your eyes... lol Bill Hicks

coltsrule5150 : Some people in this country recited the pledge of allegiance one too many times when they were kids. Nationalism and racism is nothing more than tribalism. It's basically like saying, all of us live in this cave, and not only should we fear anyone who doesn't live in this cave, but we need to kill anyone who doesn't live in this cave. We are superior to anyone who doesn't live in this cave.

Rishabh Heer : The more I listen to this guy, the more I realize how much Louis CK is "inspired" by his material.

AlexZeBeast : I LOVE HIM!

Juan Carrizosa : Glad to see sensible people in this!

John Bell : Local Apparent Sidereal Time WILLARD , MO Longitude -93.42 degrees 07:41 LST Agradecemos, thank, express gratitude

Gold Knox : I have to disagree with you. Yes, Stanhope is a libertarian. That doesn't mean that he is not socially a libertarian. Some Libertarians are socially conservative and some are socially liberal. Libertarian belief system means that you don't want to force your personal beliefs on to others. I have seen quite a few hours of Stanhope and he is a Libertarian and also a Socially Liberal in his thinking. The differences in these two views are Huge, but they are not mutually exclusive.

Gold Knox : Very funny stuff. To bad it is so misguided. This is typical of liberal thinking. Nations pay for wars for decades and not just with money so later generation do contribute to the war efforts. Nobody is worried about illegal immigrants taking their jobs but they will have kids that will go to American schools and get an American education and then those kids will take American jobs. No, they are not American just because they were born here. Still it is really funny, he is a great comedian.

PrussianEngineer : In a lot of cases it doesn't.

PrussianEngineer : You're assuming correlation implies causation again...

PrussianEngineer : I'm gonna have to go ahead and ask you to provide a source to support that claim.

PrussianEngineer : Being educated often times causes ultra-liberalism and internationalism.

PrussianEngineer : Furthermore, if you're poor, uneducated, and a nationalist, it doesn't mean that being a nationalist made you poor and uneducated nor that being poor and uneducated made you a nationalist.

PrussianEngineer : Correlation does not imply causation.

PrussianEngineer : We are not really on the same page. I think you understand my sentiment and I believe I understand yours. I don't feel carrying on this discussion will yield anything other than lost time for the both of us.