Doug Stanhope on nationalism

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MangoHombre : If the French hadn't saved the American's ass in 1778 we would be driving on the other side of the road right now.

upuntil6 : Trumptards gotta hate Stanhope.

Zach Jones : I'm a veteran and I couldn't agree with this more.

Adolph Oliver Bush : I am laughing at those of you who think Doug is off the mark. Sorry, he's spot-on, and he borrowed this whole bit from George Carlin, who said it a decade before.

Prog Rock Anarchy : Nationalism exists only to divide and give us the illusion of superiority

TheDeadlyAvenger : He's absolutely right, described loser Trump voters with the precision of a laser.

coltsrule5150 : Some people in this country recited the pledge of allegiance one too many times when they were kids. Nationalism and racism is nothing more than tribalism. It's basically like saying, all of us live in this cave, and not only should we fear anyone who doesn't live in this cave, but we need to kill anyone who doesn't live in this cave. We are superior to anyone who doesn't live in this cave.

Rayvyn007 : Oh yea and usually the people saying one race is better than the other are mostly pathetic losers. They have crap lives and they don't feel good about themselves and putting someone else or another group down is what they need to feel good about themselves. So the next time you hear someone using the n-word or other racial slurs, nine times out of ten, they're losers.

zar athustra : 745 butthurt nazis, after viewing Doug on 'nationalism', display their saltiness to the world by hitting 'thumbs down'...

No Good Gofer : I love how many nationalist losers are being pissed off by this in the comments.

Mr. Super Nintendo Chalmers : "If we didn't save the French in WWII they'd be speaking German right now." If the French didn't help us in the Revolutionary War we might still be apart of the UK right now.

AshZB : nationalism and thus ethnic/cultural pride doesn't inherently mean hatred for other ethnicities and cultures.

PuddHoney : How’s France doing these days?

Advertising : Ironic seeing a tRump ad watching this. "Nationalism teaches you how to hate people you never met"

Dan : Legend. He speaks sense

Tiffian Ruler : They terk er Jyerbs!!

TopLel123 : nationalism teaches you to love your country and your heritage, nothing about (actual) nationalism tells you that you should hate other countries or their citizens.

american37 : So, we can't take credit for what our ancestors did, but we have to take blame for things they did --- such as slavery?

James Halleluyah : Nationalism is what protects us from globalism which would enslave us all.

Bellerophon2200 : This guy is definitely America's Next Top Goy!

Czolgosz, Workin' Man : LMAO @ butthurt stormfront douchebags

a5teroth : Anyone who thinks Nationalism is about racism and hate hasn't taken the time to learn anything about it.

Roger Komula : Why didn't we elect President Doug?

Stefan Woldekidan : Brilliant on nationalism!

Doren Garcia : The best comedians are our greatest philosophers along with our best, mostly unknown, musicians. Doug follows in the great tradition of Bruce, Pryor, Carlin and Hicks... all great people.

dnort4343 : Haha.. Guarantee he's singing a diffrent tune nowadays

WTFjustno : I agree. Israel really needs to open its borders and stop its problematic relationship with those poor innocent defenseless Muslim PoCs. It is really heart breaking that everyday in Israel poor Muslims of Color are segregated and killed just because of the color of their skin. Do you know how many Syrian refugee's Israel is currently taking in ? ZERO. Very racist, very bigoted, its literally like Hitler ! There is no room for racists on this planet any more because after all we are all one universal race ! Israel is a rich white country and it isn't going to be the monolithic society it once was, Israel is going into a multicultural mode now because this is going to help Israel survive because without that Israel just won't make it ! #openbordersforisraeal

kargocult : I'd bring in more Somali immigrants, guaranteed Nobel prize material.

Mick G. : Watching this is like listening to a Hendrix solo, watching 2001 or the director's cut of Blade Runner. It's like hearing Jaqueline du Pre on Cello or seeing Pink Floyd live. Reading 1984 for the first time or taking a big breasted woman from behind after a night of Champagne and coke. It's absolutely pitch perfect! And dead true. Every stupid 'confederate' flag waving douchebag should be forced to listen to this over and over 'till they stop being retarded.

TheDmonet : Stanhope is funny but his elitism about jobs is quite evident. white hispanic and whoever else...used to be able to own homes and have families doing things like roofing and those jobs dont take as much skill as walking around on stage and calling other people losers but those jobs are all in the hands of illegals now. I'm a professional by the way so im not looking out for my own interests here.

kebakent : There are obviously a lot of very basic counter-arguments, he either didn't understand or chose to ignore. I'm guessing he knows them already, but is very aware that his audience does not.

Matt Biden : Multiculturalism creates nationalism. Humans are tribal. Sometimes its a good thing like kicking third world losers out who soak up our tax dollars and commit crime and blame us?

paolo monticello : Nationalist parties are now surging all over Europe, taking seats in Parliments and soon taking presidencies and ministerships.  I Guess around ten years ago when this was made, Stanhope didn't realize just how wrong he would be .

Peaceful Saxon Migrant : talks about cliché arguments ... proceeds to regurgitate cliché arguments

John Silver : Nationalism is taking pride in your culture and country so that you can defend yourselves and act in your collective best interests. Nationalism is what makes countries wealthy and powerful. The alternative to nationalism is cultural suicide: to erase your borders, to replace your population with foreigners, to squander and give away your wealth and power as you replace your own culture with foreign cultures. Nationalism is like having an extended family or community. Sure, you won't all get along or personally talk to one another, but you act together in a collective interest. Sure, idiots may be proud of things that they didn't personally contribute to and will look down on other cultures, but that's stereotypical idiocy and not necessarily related to nationalism.

keatonf3 : Doped up, dumbed down LOLberterian who doesn't understand basic political philosophy. Libertarianism is purest form of liberalism. Global utopianism is laughably naive. The "us versus them" is the basis of the political. Nations exists, people are inherently tribal, and genetics plays a large factor in group preferences. Since he ignores these truths he should try his schtick in Mogadishu but I imagine his own heuristics would advise against. Comedy is facetious and entertaining, but not politically insightful.

DreamBoulevard : Imagine if all Americans were like this guy and all of his fans that love him. There would be no army to protect them, because there is no need to fight other countries, we are all one people on this earth. Imagine saying to a Chinese soldier "I'm anti war, stop that," lol, that wont stop him killing your family and friends. People like this live in a fantasy world . People like this guy and his fans are the hippies of the 2000's and they dont even get that they are..They think that they're intellectuals. They are the flower children of the world who have been protected all their lives because of the Americans that went before them and the Armed forces of the US that are still the worlds most powerful. Fold the US Armed forces and see how many weeks longer you would have your fantasty life, hippies.

amanda miller : Trump supporter..this is for you :)

paolo monticello : That's the most moronic interpretation of what nationalism is I've ever heard.

fronke : So you shouldn't feel pride for something your race did good but have to feel shame for something your race did bad how does that make sense?

Benksy : this guy is not funny

uncrownedoak : I feel like Rick Sanchez was inspired by Doug Stanhope.

Billy Bob : It never fails to amaze how most 2nd/3rd gen immigrants rail against indigenous Mexicans who aren't really immigrants at all

Pr3ssPl4y : This guy is the real Jesus.

dauði sigla : He may be a comedian....but stanhope is one of the smartest people out there.

Christopher Hitchens : Trump won. So Nationalism is alive and well. Go Trump!

Rayvyn007 : I like this because I argue with racist jackasses all day that brag about their race's inventions like they had something to do with them. They claim their race is better because they have lower crime in one country or they have more college grads. But if you really do some research you will find that race does not determine behavior or intelligence.

A. Larson : I consider myself a Nationalist and found this bit to be extremely funny. Doug Stanhope is actually an awesome comedian. The comments below, on the other hand......are quite immature and full of annoying ignorance.

Jack Cade : spoken like a liberal that never had to work for a living and whose personal knowledge of the planet ends at his property line.

SamSam G : I understand his point about nationalism, but not his insult on low qualified people, "losers" as he call them, who are in competition with foreign workers.