James Franco Reads Bad Video Game Lines as Tommy Wiseau - Up At Noon Live!

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Nice Try : Time to wait for a Skyrim SE mod that legit replaces the guard line with that.

Wut No : Why didn't they put "Why we still here" speech from mgs , it could come out hilarious

Deathlygunn : "That sounds like a Tommy quote" - The most backhanded compliment Kojima has ever received.

Rafael : Oh hi Mario

Jesse Clary : Tommy Wiseau would have easily done this for free

Evil V : The “ get over here “ was spot on

MetalGamer : This is one of those things you didn't know you needed until you got it

Nathan the white guy : "War... war never changes" 😂

Cyberbird86 : I want the "get over here" line as my ring tone!


Mario Gamepro : His Tommy voice would be a hilarious dlc voice option in a future game haha

Princess/Queen CB : Please let James Franco do this more

Nik Bay : the mortal kombats one is perfect..hahah

NRL : This needs to be so so so much longer

nat : you know how back in the day people were big on having famous voices as their gps navigator we needed that with tommy wiseau *takes wrong turn* “you’re tearing me aPaRT”

Immanuel Smith : I didn't hit her. i didn't. I didn't hit her. I did not. Oh hi mario.

solidv2 : Why not have the actual tommy wiseau reading those lines

Organization XIII : You know where you can find some sailors? That face

Michael Keefe : oh hi mario

Gerald Higgins : "War never changes" isnt a bad video game line? It was badass

Red Ned : Where is All your base are belong to us?

chickenbeforeegg : Oh hi, Mario

Elite 1984 : "Oh hai Marioo"

Bat Industries : GET OER HERE!

nothing,nowhere : Why didn't he do more.

Toxsa Dalton : Wow. This before he hosts SNL!?!? What? I WANNA SEE TOMMY ON SNL

Isaac C. : Why is this not longer?!

Nico Brav : He can be the ghost in the next Destiny DLC 😉

Xx OGGumby07 : "Oh hi Mark"

George Back : This is absolutely amazing.

Whiterun Guard : Hey, I'm famous now!

Eriko. Oy : This is great meme material

The Dragon Legault : This needs to be dlc for every game ever I would buy it for ever game

WolfSajin : Did this video need to be made?.....no. Do I love it?.... yes!!

Ernesto Morales : Why didn't they get the real Tommy Wiseau to recite them? He was envolved in a gaming series a few years back with Machinima; might as well bring him back to gaming again.


covfefe : "Do you believe that love can bloom on the battlefield?" That one was on point xD

Basic Name : Don't tell harry...

king DOWG : I turn on Adblock for IGN.

Lukas Schoenhofer : a surprisingly good ign video

Sir Caco : 2017 and people STAY misquoting those poor Skyrim guards. Arrow IN the knee, folks. IN... the knee.

게비스콘 : "oh, hi mario."

noobslayer135 : Oh hai Mario!

Chris Toro : "You know where I can fine sum sailerz?"

ShowToddSomeLove : There's no such thing as an iconic line from Destiny. It stands out only in how bland it is.

Michael Prehn : He hasn’t aged a bit.

Smurf This : That had me dying in stitches XD

Entertainment Sausage : Oh hi Mario

Quentin Coberley : Better then 2017 rewind😂😂😂 best video on YouTube 😂

Captain Captain : Who else just came for the arrow in the knee line?