Atomic Cannon Sequence in HD
280mm cannon firing a nuclear projectile

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The Atomic Cannon, at 280 mm, was the largest nuclear weapons capable mobile artillery piece manufactured by the United States. On May 25, 1953, a 280 mm cannon fired an atomic projectile a distance of 7 miles at the Nevada Test Site. The test known as "Grable," exploded with a force of 15 kilotons, similiar to that of Hiroshima. Twenty 280 mm cannons were manufactured. None were used in battle. Sequence from the HD version of "Trinity and Beyond - The Atomic Bomb Movie" available on blu-ray.


MCosmin : 0:38 that sound is very satisfying

Vernon Roche : Atomic Cannon OP Nerf plz

Hamed pce : wondering how that camera survived

Sasha G : having seen this, terminator 2's nuclear explosion seems pretty accurate.

xxcrashcourse : I very desperately need to know who was sitting around one day and thought "You know what our nuclear bombs need? Cannons."

davidpar2 : I've always wondered what those vertical "jet streams" to the right of the explosion are from, specifically

CrazedGunman : behold, the bringer of light

DigitalHaze65536 : I'm really shocked that the tent didn't withstand that blast, on to Plan B now :(

Raven Soubst : Poor pigs :/

FieryWingedAngel : Terrifying.

Jeremy Bartlett : Hey Ralph, what are you loading into that howitzer? Well Joe, Do you know what the sun is? Ha ha ha..of course I know what the sun is Ralph. Do you know where the house of the rising sun is Joe. No sir! Well that isn't really important right now Joe, what is important is the delivery system and capabilities. What on (insert preferred religious icon here) green earth are you going on about Ralph? Get your marshmallows ready Joe! That projectile is launching a mile downrange. We are not close enough for marshmallows. Yes we are Joe, yes we are! Remember, in the event of a nuclear attack, duck and cover. Only you can prevent Forest fires. That's a fucking nuclear bomb Ralph. Nuclear like a fox!

The Doc : My God...

Andrew Bulman : Just like R.U.S.E.

Gustavo Goncalves : Atomic bombs are such a beautifull thing, yet deadly :(

Plusplusplus : Upshot-Knothole Grable is a bit creepy because it's the closest simulation of what the residents of Hiroshima saw nearly 70 years ago -- around about the same strength and detonation height

Wallie Newen : aint we stupid.

Fudall : 280mm of pure freedom.

youtuber : 0:36 "What this button?" "NO" NO" NO" WE NOT READY YET! BOOM💥 "What did i say?" "I wonder what this button does" "what i said is not to..." BOOM💥 "Yep that happens" the nuclear is just FU**ING EXPLODE EVERYONE RUN AWAY AHHHHH!!!

Benjamin Nguyen : Wow. This was over satisfying

tall32guy : It makes me sad to know they put poor pigs in those cages, right next to where the bomb went off. :( <3

Ethan : The Gloow!! THE WONDERFUL GLOOOW! Can't you see it general??

ShtormZZ : Хорошая арта. Когда в WOT?

Synthetic : The Astra Militarum approves. The Emperor Protects!

metelicgunz 1 : Where can I buy one

TheSoldierCore : Needs to be in world of tanks.

TheSoldierCore : Is it wierd to love the sound of that artillery firing?

maddox0110 : Would have made the cold war very hot in a "split second". Also, it falls under the same heading "we had to destroy that village to save it", But country size. How many nukes could have been used in Vietnam before it became "Fukushima'd?"

maddox0110 : There is also a "small" difference purpose. This small nuke is a large cannonshell, ment for a semi mobile battlefield gun. This was almost immediatly obsolete, due improvement on rockets and aircraft delivery systems. Tsar bomba was a propaganda stunt "look how big we can build them, nananannah".

Tech Lives : 1:02 - That's how I'm going to wash my car next time.

Sam Smith : Rockets were fired at a set distance apart as an additional tool for analysts to gauge the scale of the explosion in order to measure the yield of the device.

Doy Virginia : What's with the melodramatic music?

Carlos W. : That's not really obvious for most people , Mr Prick :)... I stumble everyday into gamers bragging about their 100 fps video cards, for example, while their monitor won't display more than 60 fps on default. Back to the point: Not HD, never been, never gonna be.

LuftWaffle3 : more like godfather

russotragik : ohh thank you Mr.Sherlock Holmes!

Tri Cities : Smoke rockets to illustrate the blast wave for high speed filming,

Tri Cities : If you had read the description you would know it was 15 kilotons and tested in 1953 as well.

Carlos W. : That's upscaled. They didn't film in HD that time lol...

WkKnockOut : Sooo very hot that it burns everything by the blink of an eye.

Rubén Mendoza Cabrera : explain me please

vibrolax : See my earlier reply to kingibad from two weeks ago. He didn't seem to understand my answer, so I'll explain it again. The long streaks of smoke are from smoke rockets. The scientist launch the rockets a few seconds before the explosion. The bomb's shock wave pushes the smoke trail a distance proportional to the power of the shock wave. The scientists can measure how far the smoke trail was distorted in the movies and pictures. From this they can calculate the power of the explosion. : with cancer

sableng404 : "Behold... the bringer of light"

hoho pipo : this is a small one in comparison with the TSAR BOMBA the mother of all bombs

hoho pipo : Radioactivity is a good thing that God gave to poor people, otherwise there had been exterminated

SonEriccs : 1:19 - 1:22 aaaaaaaand BACON!

Michal Jarnot : 1:14 and so... You can clearly see that the camera was literally part of the explosion. :/

Digital Nomad : wow

Alpha 007 : You don't say ?

Alpha 007 : 0:44 Uh... Nothing happening ? 0:47 OMAGAD