Atomic Cannon Sequence in HD

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TornadoYoshi1251 : Am I the only one confused at how the cameras can survive the blast yet everything else is destroyed?

MCosmin : 0:38 that sound is very satisfying

xxcrashcourse : I very desperately need to know who was sitting around one day and thought "You know what our nuclear bombs need? Cannons."

Hamed pce : wondering how that camera survived

Fudall : 280mm of pure freedom.

Sasha G : having seen this, terminator 2's nuclear explosion seems pretty accurate.

Vernon Roche : Atomic Cannon OP Nerf plz

Xulius Caesar : Mankind has not matured enough as a species to be responsible with this kind of destructive power. It will be the end of us.

CrazedGunman : behold, the bringer of light

tall32guy : It makes me sad to know they put poor pigs in those cages, right next to where the bomb went off. :( <3

FieryWingedAngel : Terrifying.

Jeremy Bartlett : Hey Ralph, what are you loading into that howitzer? Well Joe, Do you know what the sun is? Ha ha ha..of course I know what the sun is Ralph. Do you know where the house of the rising sun is Joe. No sir! Well that isn't really important right now Joe, what is important is the delivery system and capabilities. What on (insert preferred religious icon here) green earth are you going on about Ralph? Get your marshmallows ready Joe! That projectile is launching a mile downrange. We are not close enough for marshmallows. Yes we are Joe, yes we are! Remember, in the event of a nuclear attack, duck and cover. Only you can prevent Forest fires. That's a fucking nuclear bomb Ralph. Nuclear like a fox!

Anonymous71475 : Nuclear bomb: Beautiful from far away, deadly from close up.

Plusplusplus : Upshot-Knothole Grable is a bit creepy because it's the closest simulation of what the residents of Hiroshima saw nearly 70 years ago -- around about the same strength and detonation height

DigitalHaze65536 : I'm really shocked that the tent didn't withstand that blast, on to Plan B now :(

The Doc : My God...

davidpar2 : I've always wondered what those vertical "jet streams" to the right of the explosion are from, specifically

Ethan : The Gloow!! THE WONDERFUL GLOOOW! Can't you see it general??

Andrew Bulman : Just like R.U.S.E.

N Marbletoe : There was -- get this -- a shoulder-fired nuke, the Davy Crocket.  

ShinobiStar - Eclipse : Wow. This was over satisfying

ToonandBBfan : Imagine if an apprentice gun crew was ordered to fire a blank 280mm shell as a salute for their parade.  A combination of youthful stupidity, inexperience and some moron mixing up the blank and atomic shells............

1pen2books : Beautiful !

Juan Eduardo Cabezas Cáceres : Why this is so fucking mesmerizing?!

Jujuh Afonso : Hello, i am Brasil.... I am brasileira...

Daniel : Now imagine this being used in a war, you'd have multiple hiroshima bombs

metelicgunz 1 : Where can I buy one

soloncy moura : i want just one of these cameras it's all i ask for now

옵티머스 프라임 TV : o...

Cristian Hugo Muñoz Campos : Ukraine need that cannons. ;) 😎

Buffy McMuffin : Let that be a lesson to you trouble-making third world countries. I"m talking to you, North Korea!

The rouge spartan : This cannon probably wouldn't have many useful purposes in a nuclear war.

vectorconcepts1 : and what if IRAN had gotten one of these operational ?   how far away is Israel ?   Think Benjamin has a point NOW Obama ?!    DAMN !...........THATS SOME SERIOUS DESTRUCTION ! 

GeorgeFoyet : D'un côté c'est "beau", mais la bombe H sera magnifique le jour où elle tuera le dernier humain de cette bonne Terre. :(

Multicam Diaz : lol ISIS...

Raven Soubst : Poor pigs :/

Yafie A Raihan Productions : Trump's Nuke 4 ME (Middle East)

POWER fuLL : Ебаннись

Zippy 1776 : Well, that gopher hole won't be a problem anymore...

Carol ND : Por isso que ficou meio calor do nada aqui kkk

Blood Beryl : grable lol...

subhro hasdak shuvro : Total annihilation

Wesley Salazar : Epic. One of my favorite soundtracks.

puncheex2 : Carlos Wendel: "Not HD, never been, never gonna be."  Sorry, but this particular blast was recorded by a huge number of motion picture cameras.  Among them were some having fairly slow color film; the resolution in that film puts HD very much to shame.  When, in the future, that film is released, and someone with knowledge about the processes involved were (and there are at least a dozen of those on youtube, our host not the least) you'll get shots that will knock your eyes out.  Best watched on a silver screen, with the annoying digital stuff getting in the way.

Underground We Stay : idk the part where the little forest gets hit by it it looks like a movie model. fake but idk

The Talented Mr Ridley : 0:08 Wouldn't you feel just a bit nervous handling that thing?

Flopsha Juega : Umm... This Makes very Sad cuz China vs E.E.U.U and... 1M of people in china died Because Of E.E.U.U Our World..

Omertrcixs : we launch 1400mm s in eve lol

Nico Cione : My anger being unleashed.

Damo 9988 : It was MK33 from GMod