The Pokemon Theatrical Releases Defined An Era

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Nitro Rad : I feel the need to mention that for someone who's critiquing style, and editing, it's easy to understand that's something you understand well, since you're videos are jam packed with style, attitude, and excellent editing. You really do an excellent job with these videos.

Michael Potok : Keep my dad white. I'm not a racist I'm just a fan of my dad.

HighLevi : "Japanese Madden" XD

Salvatration : Making things I don't care about interesting is hard. Good video.

TBrizzle01 : I like you soulbrotha

Dick Huntz : I seem to recall a Japanese drama film where the original dialogue for a rape scene had the rape victim saying "It is painful, but I will endure it." Some things need to be changed.

WMan37 : I feel like this video raises a lot of good points and is an argument for better style and emotional proficiency in localization and editing, but on the other hand it shouldn't be a video to point to any time someone is upset about changes from an original japanese version as it's such a case by case basis that it's sort of wrong to classify any complaints about localization as "Japanese dub purists hating change". They did a great job with the pokemon movie localizations, improving upon the original in a few ways but ultimately I don't think it's fair to use this as an example of why changing a lot of things in a localization as a whole is okay.

XylitoI : I come into this video expecting something interesting, but instead it's just five minutes of talking about stuff I already know, and feeling secondhand embarrassment whenever some imaginary badly defined strawman group of diehard wapanese fans are verbally attacked for being what they are. I mean I guess some quips were funny but somehow I expected more when I clicked on the video. Can't unsubscribe when it's your first time being exposed to a channel.

CLANG CLANG CLANG CLANG : "It's ok to completely fuck something up as long as it makes money because if you make money you're right." I like how you start by insisting the English script is better then you spend the rest of the video saying "I think I read that that Japanese version was like this or something maybe."

Limey Lassen : I remember Forrest Gump references in Digimon and this makes me sympathetic to the message.

Quiggity Quagsire : I do agree that A. The licensed soundtrack makes it feel more like a movie-going experience. B. The songs fit the background better, and it has this late 90's-early 2000's feel to it. C. Dubbing companies should be able to take some liberties. D. Weeaboos need to find better shit to complain about. But shit like the 4Kids dub of One Piece makes people paranoid about any and all changes, even if they're good. And even though I may not always understand or agree with their complaints, I can't blame them, you can't take a show like One Piece and make it _for kids_ (I'm sorry (I'm not sorry)).

Pokemon SnapSnap : I went with a middle school buddy to see the pokemon movie in theaters. 5 years ago that buddy killed himself.

TheValiantZero : Way too fast, not clear enough. What does English translation have to do with preventing new IPs? Slow down and be clearer. Otherwise, good job.

hudsonk1racer : I see a few people bringing up the crapshoot that was 4kids one-piece outta suck, which is ridiculous as that's the tale of icarus. Like seriously, that was when they took a not so child friendly show and tried to turn it into something it really wasn't.

Blueneonkid : This really puts into perspective the whole English kids dub/Japanese dub dichotomy arguement.

MissyShrimp 2 : I couldn't agree more with this, It's crazy how Some people think Americanizing or just tweaking stuff ruins the original product but if it makes the product better and more marketable ALWAYS go for it.

Captain Motorcycle : I like your ideas but, you are wrong. You are reading far too much into something.

Johan Mckillen : Good shit Soulbro. Love your videos like this and the 50 Shades review where you analyze what most people dislike and find something great/revolutionary out of it.

HyperdrivePics : Never thought to compare the music between the Japanese and American versions. Thanks for the analysis! I gotta rewatch this movie now.

Ryan Keenan : 0:58 Holy shit that's brilliant

doomfan12345 : Ah .... anotha joint smashed ... just like ya moms .....

NekoMMDGTS : I dunno, it sounds like you just like it better because they added a different song that you prefer and had a bunch of good marketing for it, completely ignoring, I dunno, all of the stuff they cut out of the US release that actually makes Mewtwo a more interesting character. That's not to say there was anything wrong with the dub, it did make money, but it could have made even more.

test : Jesus, this has to be the best pokemon related video I've ever seen.

Duff Mann : Seeing all those grainy commercials for merchandise I drooled over when I was 6 was a real trip, man....

Lozicle C. : 4kids and WB did a great job over all not just with the films but with the show itself. ... not sure why the films were in full screen instead of wide screen though...

Andrew Nigo : I hear that statement you made, "Hardcore fan-bases discourage progress," and I can't help but think about the Ninja Turtles reboot movie. In the Ninja Turtles reboot, the villain was originally going to be Eric Sacks, a businessman who knew April through her father and who masqueraded as the Shredder when leading the foot clan. Fans got upset over a white guy playing the Shredder without considering how the movie would handle this...OR the fact that this movie was likely made in part for those who didn't have much knowledge of TMNT other than: -who they are -their love for pizza -and that they often fought a guy called the Shredder. Instead they decided, "Oh this movie's gonna suck 'cause the Shredder's white when he SHOULD BE Japanese." And the worst part is, someone in charge actually decided to LISTEN TO THESE CRYBABIES! The decision to "fix" a problem that wasn't even there not only made the movie unnecessarily jumbled, but in my opinion turned what could have been a decent action flick with a rather interesting Iron Monger-like villain into a below-average action flick with a Big Bad out of Transformers and a Bigger Bad with less character than Whiplash from Iron Man 2. So yeah, I completely agree with that statement...but I also wanna say this: if you really are a fan of something like TMNT or Spider-Man--even Pokemon--you should be willing to give an alternate take on it a chance, no matter how different it is. If you can't, then don't bother. Things change, they can't always stay the same; and that's fine. Learn to accept that.

Hyperdreamvirus : I 'member when Pokémon was pulling Iron Man numbers. Hell I still remember watching the play on local national tv.

Floyd Pinkerton : Takeshi Shud-in more like it haha

KinglyRed : yeah but One Piece tho

MultiRayman98 : Great video until, you showed the 6-17-23

Min Lungelow : On one hand, I think several things have been awkwardly damaged by being 'americanized'. The Phoenix Wright series got a little weird after the first game when they had to try to figure out how to convince american audiences that the game still took place in america, and not japan. Okami would have been ruined if the localization team had decided to rename everyone to common western names, instead of just shortening their japanese names to easily pronounced nicknames. I think a few animes have been kind of ruined by pop music sound tracks - the Digimon movie's sound track is like ear cancer if I remember right - but I think I definitely agree with you on the pokemon movie. I think. I've never watched the japanese one and I don't care to.

SarSaraneth : Because targeted marketing at children is such an ethical thing, and should be praised. Clearly.

Nicholas O'Neil : BK Kids Club for life.

Min Lungelow : "Japanese Madden"

FreeCpRareAccounts1 : I too choose Burger King.

Asmosis Jones : everything you said i agree with...cause its true...freaking weaboos...i like it when back in the day studios were allowed to experiment and not be forced to make the same movie the japanese did in english...whats even the point then?...the only ones who will enjoy it or understand whats going on is the subtitle fans and 3 is the bees knees and the best with the best message and very dark pg-13 level stuff for pokmans....I mean a girls mom died ...9/10...i love the first battle in that movie....between ash and that girl.... the theme song plays and matches whats going on with the action beautifully...cause its a remix....2000 is the biggest grandest adventure...8.5/10.... and the first movie was the biggest hype gravy train...with the littlest substance and the biggest in your face psa about fighting which is ironic and hypocritical for a franchise built on fighting to preach peace? my pokemans mom....

Aaron Sarnecky : Attaching so many popular artists to movies has definitely gone to the wayside largely. It was so huge back in the day that you could get buy the score and a soundtrack labeled music from and inspired by the movie. WB took a similar approach to Space Jam. The movie was whatever but the music was fantastic.

Lone : Thank good for soulbro vids keeping me cultured *slams back hi-c in a juice box*

Txmii : What happened to your spider man reviews?

gamephreak5 : The english OST to the pokemon movies were absolute crap with absolute crap bands. The original Jap OST was much better. Screw 4kids and all the anime they butchered (except for Pokemon since that was a crappy anime to begin with, even the Jap original) and screw any modern dubbing company that doesn't translate/localize anime shows accurately to the source material and doesn't have the decency to keep the anime's original soundtrack.

Salty : they still appeal for kids in western at least....... most grown ups already get over with it...

SXR123 : this video needs so many more views. Because this fucking video raises so many good points and it angers me, because on one hand I agree with it on so many levels and on the other hand I want it to be wrong on a lot of those points. Props to you man, this video could definitely be a conversation starter.

Samuel Davis : Sick video.

HollyBlueAgitated : long comment ahoy _but it's not a rant I promise_ alright, so yeah, the early Pokemon movie dubs are the ones I grew up on, I remember having Pokemon 2000 Tivo'd for ages (remember Tivo? it was some good shit), script-wise, there were some pretty good gags in them, certainly breathed a lot of life into there, but plot-wise, they did stray quite drastically from the original - which I get is the point of an adaptation, but the Fifty Shades of Gray movie trilogy is also an adaptation and y'know... but anyway, the first movie's dub did have this strange message of "it's not okay to fight" _for a series whose entire premise is based around fighting_ and then 2000 had the "you can't keep things captive" which in fairness the villain in that was like legit cattle-prodding the legendary birds, but again _this is a series where you capture monsters_ the dub of Spell of The Unown I think ticked all the right boxes, it had a great plot adaptation, great music, great acting (*Dan mothafucking Green*) and it certainly improved a whole lot of things I agree with some of your views on the whole Japan-to-English marketing/adapting stuff - however, if I were to do things differently, one of the few things I would do is keep the original songs, not to say the dub songs weren't good, they got fucking Donna Summer and Weird Al of all people beyond all the artists/bands you've probably heard of like once in the late 90s (excluding Westlife, Emma Bunton and Christina Aguilera _and_ a young Billie Piper) but I would've kept the original songs intact _and_ have had English singers do the vocals - and I know that's a big issue with licensing and all that, but this is a dream world where anything is possible, plus there actually is an English version of the original ending song for the Unown movie sung by the original artist, which should've been a no-brainer for the dubbing team but then again this is 4Kids _but then again_ they did give us the brilliant "Make A Wish" - hell, going on a few years later to the more recent movies, the Darkrai movie had UK artists Sarah Brightman and Chris Thompson do the ending theme, and both the Shaymin and Hoopa movies had Japanese artists who were born in the US then moved to Japan, and they can both speak English fluently, so... yeah, I think that should've been considered *tl;dr: good video if not an ounce detrimental to the Japanese side of things*

Primitive : I'm not really into Disney movies but I will say zootopia was not that bad at all, I went to see with my family, OK that's a lie, I saw a bootleg of it online and I got to say it was a pretty well-rounded movie. And with a 99% on rotten tomatoes for a straight week which by the way is a higher score then the revenant and other Oscar-winning movies i'd say the movie is Worth a soulbrotha review. And the revenant.

Kardel : I love to show your videos to goober lords whenever they "think" they know what their talking about when it comes film. Love ya big boy Mack.

thevideosinc : excellent video

Ol' Slaps : Why does nobody talk about the goddamn magnum opus that is Pokemon Heroes.

JustEatThePie : Great review as always, although I had to rewind on a lot of parts because I kept missing important details that went a little too fast.

Vysard : I like your point of view and how it tackles both sides of the issue. I also really want more Case Closed or Batman Beyond.