Mac Miller: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

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NPR Music : Read our Mac Miller remembrance, which includes illustrations from the Tiny Desk, here:

HUMAN BEATBOX : Rest easy, Mac...You are already missed.

FG : my mind still cant accept mac's passing. miss u forever dude.

Crew9t : 12:38 Don’t mind my comment, just leaving this here so I can easily get to where I consider is the start of the best part of the video. RIP Mac

Austin Hartman : This is the MTV unplugged of today

Brian O'Donohue : I had no idea who you were until you were gone. My son loved you, and it touched me to see how your death affected him. You were exceptional in a way not familiar to me, but posthumously, I can see, and I can hear what they mean. I'm sorry you're gone. I feel for those who loved you. I wish you could have found the help you needed. I pray you're resting in peace because you actually found love. Found God. RIP

приклад отверстие : RIP he had the chillest beats

roel f : Mac was an old soul. Had funk for days. He didn’t need to rhyme and rap like everyone else. He didn’t need grillz and crazy hair- no gimmicks. Just music. God rest his soul. It is truly sad that he is gone.

The jjöörrmmnnggnnddrr Kkrraakkeenn : who's here just to calm themself

Fighting The Fish : 41 years old. I don't listen to this kind of music and I have never heard of Mac Miller before. I heard this on a friends FB wall and now this music means so much to me. I am sorry you are gone Mac thank you for the beautiful words you left behind.

Makro : Fucking thundercat and mac having an amazing time lovin the music. Thats what music should be.

angelina chai : just two days ago, me and my friend were talking about his npr performance and i can't believe he's gone, too soon too young. my brain can't accept the fact that he's gone, wish he could come back to earth... sigh

Jeremy Short : What a set. He’s gone but not forgotten... He better get that Grammy for this album

Captain Wagz : The band looked like they were having a blast playing them tunes.. Hurts even more.

rami badreddine : That last “2009” performance probably saved a life no lie, most likely multiple, RIP Larry Fish

Tara fowler : He looked sad. Defeated. Heart broke in this . So many emotions. Love ya mac. Sorry

Infrared : damn when he raps 2009 ita hard to watch smh rip

JStazzy : 2009 performance will go down in the greatest of NPR. Miss you man.

Kramer McEleney : For anyone wondering when each song starts- Small Worlds: 0:05 What's The Use: 5:42 2009: 11:42

VideosByKev : anyone still watching this video in appreciation for mac and the music he blessed our lives with? Swimming was incredible. You can hear the hurt in his heart but the music in his soul throughout the album.

VITA LOKO : When he plays "2009".... stare at his eyes

Freedom Essentials : This version of What’s The Use is one of the best things I’ve ever seen.

bean trees : Unreal performance by everyone involved. This is Mac's version of nirvana's mtv unplugged in my opinion. Unfortunately with a similar ending as Kurt's. I wish it was a full set.

zion garcia. : as said before, I'M NOT EVEN SAYING THIS BECAUSE HE HAS PASSED... but this is genuinely one of the best performances in Tiny Desk's catalogue. The bands chemistry., THUNDERCAT (as well as the bands reactions whenever he does some crazy shit), Mac's tranquil presence, idk, something about this performance really did something for me, ESPECIALLY WHEN COMPARING THESE TO THE ALBUM VERSIONS. love you mac, rest in piece!

kat rose : You’re still making people smile Mac, your spirit is still everywhere. As strong as it was when you were alive, maybe even stronger now.

Nia : I hope he's doing so amazing up in heaven

Cheesespaghetti Bologna : my man's laughter so innocent almost got me tear up

J H : Raw. 2009 is way better than the audio version. Little homie put it tf down. R.i.p

hanah k.a : Before watching this video, I had only ever listened to a few Mac Miller songs and never really got into his music. But this side of him, his smiles, his personality blew me away. I was hooked immediately. The first time I watched this video, I cried at the end. I furiously searched for anything that I could get a hold on just so I could grip this piece of him a little more. I watched the tribute concert for him and sobbed over the fact that he was gone. A part of me was so upset at myself for not listening to him when he was alive, for not being a fan and having that sentimental relationship with his music- it seems like I only become interested in things when they are gone. It hurt me so bad to know that Swimming was the first reflection of himself getting better- listening to all these songs made me think there was no way he was ever in a bad place. He radiated happiness, hell, he was glowing in this set. I cried and heaved because he was on to better things- he was getting better. As someone who is quite morbid and empty, life seemed like such an unbearably painful thing to be in right now. But seeing him thrive time over time after so many downfalls, I felt like I was doing so much less than he was to live my life. I think Mac would've wanted his music to have a positive and inspirational affect- and it did. He was so beautiful, his soul seemed so kind. I imagine him somewhere resting now. I can only pray to God that he is free, of trouble and conflict. Rest in peace Mac. I don't think I can ever forget you.

Andrew Knowles : Never really listened to Mac till he passed. Massively talented and clearly touched so many people. RIP

Waynimations : You guys really bring in everyone. The true MVP is NPR. Keep up the great work!

Brian Amaya : what's funny is that this video only had 300K view when he was alive

dbev519 : Great to read all these comments from people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy and appreciate one mans talent.

Rod Super Tramp : I'll be honest I didn't want to hear his music but I started thinking keep an open mind. Now I listen to his music every day. I drive truck so I got to hear his music nonstop. Dont knock it until you try it I learned. Rest easy Mac.

Jason Fant : I ain't asking why no moe!.. 2009 I can feel the emotion on that joint. RIP Bro😥

SuperXavier30 : "It is what it is, 'til it ain't".. R.I.P Mr Miller.

Taylor Guzman : You can really see the hurt he mentally goes into when he does his last song. Damn that shit hurts to watch.

Ruth Olmos : Getting my daily dose

cathridge : Ok so I dissed this guy bc all I knew about him when he died was he used to date Ariana Grande or whatever her name is and it was all over TMZ so I stuck him in a rap category with lil Peep or Pump or whoever these lame rappers are who get famous after they die. After hearing this, I humbly apologize to you, Mac. You are definitely the real deal. Skills, flow, rhymes. I'm very impressed. And if Thundercat thinks you're good enough to play with then I know you're legit. R.I.P. Mac Miller.

Kurtis Barnett : Just keep coming back! What's the Use is an amazing song......this version here is Killer!

Raffy Rillo : Watching this now and reading the news makes me saddened and heartbroken. Seeing him so optimistic and growing musically makes me appreciate his artistry. You will be missed, boy.

Jason Plummer : Can you imagine how good his next project would have been. It hurts the dome to know it will never be.

Stan : goosebumps from 12:39 till the end

Ty Lito : Always coming back for how real 2009 was

Spartan265 : This version of 2009 is perfect. It sure aint 2009 no more Mac. RIP man. Gone to young but never forgotten.

offbeat kiki : Watched this before he died. Comments from then are buried. This performance of 2009 is.. wow. Rest easy.

Nicole Farias : “Thank you” 😹 man what great music and flow...back here to treat myself and enjoy this. I love to see how much they enjoyed making music together too. Strangely dreamt of him last night. RIP Mac. You should still be here man.

That DudeSTL : Just stumbled up on this guy and 2009 is some of the realest music I've ever heard since a Pac song...damn dude was crazy talented...RIP!

Polo Dolo Tree : I always end up coming back to watch this tiny desk...RIP Mac, you’ll always be remembered

GuttaMarley : Sometimes I wish I took a simpler route, instead of having 😈👹s thats as big as my house.. 💯