Mac Miller: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

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Waynimations : You guys really bring in everyone. The true MVP is NPR. Keep up the great work!

Adapted MC : that live version of 2009 made me cry. this is fucking amazing

Sniperheem35 : Mac is amazing... Swimming best album from an ARTIST Standpoint this year..KOD or Daytona best Rapping album

How To Emil : I cried so much on 2009.. I had to go out of the office to hit the rest room. I love this new album so much it's hard to even explain. Thank you Mac!

James Nolasco : 9:40 the keyboardist can't believe he's playing with thundercat

Dunaliga : that bass line..

sofrozyne music : Thundercat is the level of happiness I'm tryna reach 😂😂

Latoya Johns : Ok 2009 is that deal..always liked Mac Miller but this set solidified it for me..MPR keep sending us these bops!!!

Sammy Pharaoh : I watched this on my iPhone while taking a poo.

2coolrun : Everything about this is great. Thundercat just CRUSHING it on bass, Mac Miller's general style and attitude is old school cool, and speaking of "old school cool" the dude on the very right playing guitar looks fly as hell. Everyone looks so natural and relaxed, and they seem so genuinely happy.

Paulo Nideck - Inglês direto ao ponto : Deeeeeeeeeeeep bass

Ben Radtke : Thundercat be like, "How fast can I get you to forget that first bass player?" "This Fast!"

Kyle Paquin : Now you all start to appreciate Mac, kid has had style and flow for years

Gladys Quesada : NPR is not a youtube channel, is like the great cool fantastic hate free world we dreamed on our teens and can´t find now. NPR is music, is diversity, is the humbleness, the simplicity of real beauty and is, for real, my escape. We love you NPR!!!!!

supersonickoolaid : Severely underrated. Best album of the summer!

MorissetteMedia. : Hes such a sweetheart

Cooper Kirby : Guitarist is so underrated here. He kills this and the whole album.

AQGOAT24 : Thundercat is that dude. And Macs album was dope

crystalsunshine : My mom passed in 2009. I'm sure the song means different things to different people..but for me it brought me to tears.

Jackson Steel : Mac, please do not ever stop making music.

M4TT EXE : copped the Swimming pocket Tee & digital album can't wait for it

Ron Burgundy32 : Man Thundercat gettin close to legendary Bootsie Collins status...BASS LINE IS SICK!!!!

Jordan Rice : Mac is smooth as hell on this. So is the cat on that bass 🔥

Eisa ✖️ : This video is stress relief

Weston Forrer : The keyboardist is loving those Thundercat fills haha.

Netron : Is it wrong if I like tiny desk versions of artists more than originals? Sound engineer needs a raise

leFoodeater : I discovered this guy three days ago and now he's here. The timing couldn't be better!

Roger O : Guy on the shaker is brilliant. Can even sing! I guess his bass is good too but man that shaking.

GoodxJ : Dope as ever!!! Miller Mac!

Shihyeong Yu : So,,,,,I've never listened to his songs but is goooooodoodododd

Buddy Cooper : Love me some thundercat.

sustainableman : it warms my soul to see in Mac in such a good place. 2009 is a masterpiece

nick hughes : So much emotion in 2009. Think he was fight back tears

MONSTALUNG SOUNDVIZION : great album by Mac, and great performance, pain can make great art.

Big Boss : 2009 was smoothe man real smoothe

Sytze : Are there already some tabs of that bassline?

Samuel Soyebo : This was playing in the background of my headphones, but THOSE BASSISTS made me open the app and watch. Filthy. Mac crashed it too

Josue Galindo : Why this shit not have a million views yet TF , this was fire 🔥

hugo martinez : “Don’t Trip” man from first listening to him till now he’s a legend. I literally grew up with his music same age. So much respect we both went through similar things. Stay up MAC

ahrayahthelion : Would also love to see Mac perform Hurt Feelings, Perfecto, Self Care, Ladders, Conversation pt1 and Jet Fuel of the swimming album. NPR we need a part 2,3, and 4.

Jordan Nutt : Mac Miller has really found a beautiful path! So happy to have him a bit public again, I have all but detached from social media and turn to my friends

OmShantiShanti496 : uhh, i ain't got a small behind no maww

Bradley Martin : He really is doing something magical with his musical direction right now. Yes opening up doors to a people that have many doors shut to them in the open. For now one must look to the dark for the answers. Cause the light has been overtaken by agenda and money

Ben Radtke : Well Mac Miller, you surprised me today. I had no idea. That was Awesome!

Zac Kennedy : The instrumentation, man. Bravo

TokeThePoet : The same dumbasses that disliked this video must be the same dumbasses that voted for Trump

I AM SAM : Been waiting on Mac to be on Tiny Desk for way to long. Today's a good day

Tshidiso Makoti : Now I can't not imagine a collab EP between Mac & Thundercat; with features Anderson Paak & Robert Glasper, Terrace Martin & Kendrick Lamar for some Jazz Hip Hop fusion

King Green : Someone please upload an audio video of this 2009 performance please!

Trevor Krinke : Can't stop smiling at the "what's the use" performance, thank you mac 🙏 thank you for everything.