Mac Miller: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

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HUMAN BEATBOX : Rest easy, Mac...You are already missed.

Freedom Essentials : This version of What’s The Use is one of the best things I’ve ever seen.

Jokem Krookz : I'm never forgetting about Mac Miller. I'll be 88 years old singing Mac Miller tunes to my grandkids.

Deez Nizzles : It bothers me so much I didn't give this kid a chance when he was alive. I heard the tiny desk edition of 2009 on facebook and fell in love. And of course this was after his death. For a solid 2 weeks now, I've listened to him constantly. I get it. I get why he was loved so much. The kid was brilliant. RIP Mac Miller, from a new fan!

Francis J. : Really pay attention while he's performing 2009. You can feel every chord of emotion; see the tears begin to gather in his eyes. Its like a confessional.

SuperXavier30 : "It is what it is, 'til it ain't".. R.I.P Mr Miller.

TreGullyBankss : It's crazy how it works, you don't expect a lot of people to die prematurely but I've never even conceived the thought of Mac Miller dying. It was completely from left field. And then when I go back and revisit all of his music it all seems like foreshadowing. He talked about death and OD'ing so much in his music and as a fan you kinda feel bad for ignore all of those signs and then you start to irrationally think "What could I have done to prevent this", you kinda feel responsible a bit for ignoring it for so long but then you realize you don't even know Mac personally. Hell you've never even met Mac. But that speaks to how much Mac connected to his fans through his music and outgoing personality. It almost feels like you lost a friend. This one hurt. RIP Mac.

Adolescent Daydreams : That last performance of 2009 seems so sad now, yet incredibly beautiful. I'm glad he left it behind before he passed. He was really feeling it. 🙏☝

Trevor Adams : I just noticed Mac tucked his chains for this. That’s the kind of man he was.. just humble and was truly a artist.

Cannabis Enthusiast : I will be rolling cannabis to this until the end of my time. 10/08/18

Drop Zone : REST IN PEACE MAC, 2018 is fcking cursed.

m 925 : any one else watch this everyday😭

Angel Dust : Mac & thundercat are like Peanut butter & jelly. such a smooth duo

Moses Keenan : He had so much music in him. I'm still so sad he's gone. The fact that we're never gonna see what else he had to bring to the table kills me. He was only beginning to mature as an artist and the more time that passes the more I feel like the world has missed out on something truly special. There's so much amazing music we're never gonna hear. It breaks my heart. We love you Mac. Rest in peace.

Jose Diego : September will always be Mac miller month 💔

angelina chai : just two days ago, me and my friend were talking about his npr performance and i can't believe he's gone, too soon too young. my brain can't accept the fact that he's gone, wish he could come back to earth... sigh

Jordan Moore : This should be preserved as one of the best Mac Live shows of all time.

Zoo VicK : He should win his first Grammy for this album. Also remember what has been dropped this year. That's saying alot Scorpion, Kamikaze, Carter 5, idk I don't see any of those men having the slightest issue with him getting it. It's deserved

Dark Night : 11:42 (if you are here to listen to 2009)

Jessica Byrne : i watch this every day now. it's so clear to see he was just about to enter a whole new realm of musical greatness... thanks for the music, mac. we miss you

Raffy Rillo : Watching this now and reading the news makes me saddened and heartbroken. Seeing him so optimistic and growing musically makes me appreciate his artistry. You will be missed, boy.

Sir SmokesAlot : 2009 always makes me cry its such a beautiful song all around rip malcolm rest easy

Luis Jimenez : Drinking alone, im getting emotional, its a late night in Italy . I go back Home to Houston tomorrow. I get the feels hearing this every time. I saw you perform in Houston 3 times. Your music helped me alot throughout the past years. This one thou relates to me even now I felt you knew where i was and where im going. Miss you Mac. #macmiller #Ripmacmiller #larryfisherman Ps. Im Mexican im just traveling. But im letting the world hear mac Loud and clear as I blare the speakers out the window. Love you, love yourself and love yours!

jojiro : 7:44 is such a beautiful captured moment of how music can be. That part was improvised and you can tell by literally everyone's face after it. Just beautiful.

Tyler Adkins : "2009" brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. The world didn't just lose a great musician but a tender hearted soul. A loving person and a visionary. I've listened to your music since K.I.D.S Mac. I miss you and I know millions of other people do too. You always had a smile on your face no matter your struggle. You were up lifting and dedicated to doing the best you could in a harsh world. I would trade places with you just so you could continue to reach out and touch the souls and hearts of people. Rest easy Mac.

Vulgar Watcher : 3 weeks without u big bro, love u for ever my guy. Thanks for everything

Matthew Archer : Anybody theorizing that he might have planned his suicide? His late music seemed to carry that message. I hate to think so but I have to wonder. Love ya Mac. RIP. You truly were an artist who liked playing with Musical boundaries.

Devon Miller : It's crazy that hes gone and wont be around to see how epic swimming is, literally the best album of 2018 and even 2019 easily! The amount of talent he had is humbling! Still my favorite artist! Anybody else have swimming on loop? #restinpeacemacmiller #easymacejththecheeseyraps

Da'Sean Orduna : Can npr please cut the 2009 version as an actual song, I like this one better than the one on the album. Rest easy, most dope 🙏🏽

Dunaliga : that bass line..

samkachar : So poignant! Reminds me of Kurt playing the MTV Unplugged session. Even the last song in both this and Nirvana "Where did you sleep last night" smacks of an artist knowing the end is close. Whoever the 2.5k that disliked this doesn't understand true talent. Go watch the fader documentary. This wasn't just a front man. He created his own keys, guitar, drums, lyrics...pure talent. RIP Mac.

Tony Loiacono : all 2.9k who thumbs downed - show yourselves out. RIP.

razvan RZV : i come back and play this every single day since...

LateNight Pastafari : This is tough to watch. RIP Mac Miller 😖

Nathan Hamilton : Tear up every time listening to what’s the use. Crazy how good that song is.

PKmode : I've listened to this Tiny concert probably 50x already and here I am again. As usual, we take things for granted until it's too late. RIP Mac.

Juan Naym : Man it's been weeks since Mac's death and I still have trouble believing it Rest in peace man

Yvonne Valentine : A month later & I’m still in disbelief 😢 .. love you Mac 🧡

boi if you boo me, ima boo boo on you : The fact that he never got to tour for this album when thats all he wanted to do is breaking my heart. He didnt want to die, he wasnt in his prime yet and he did not deserve this. Im unsatisfied with this he was never done. Ur spirit lives on, u love you mac rest easy, you deserve to rest.

Waynimations : You guys really bring in everyone. The true MVP is NPR. Keep up the great work!

Jonnathan Fernandes : ''Music is a beautiful thing'' R.I.P Mac

Natalia Araujo : I can only imagine what would've been the tour...

Jay King : Glad he got this in B4 he passed on🔥🤟💫

Vidal Carrillo : If you don't funk around when "What's the use" is playing during this session, you literally have no musical soul. I've watched this maybe 20+ times, because this is the most raw performance I've seen on YouTube of him, and many of the other artists NPR has hosted. Thank you NPR, you're a big part of hip hop history for the 21st century and more to come..

LeGoat James : damn when he raps 2009 ita hard to watch smh rip

Hugues Gervais : It makes few weeks now that I'm listening to this guys thanks to NPR Tiny Desk recordings...I appreciate a lot his groove & his flow.... I remember also today that few weeks ago now I saw on TV the death of a young rap singer I didn't know..... It is only today by looking for more songs that I realize that It was you.. Mac Miller ... Your smile & your groove with the band in this video were making me happy & groovy also .... RIP man ...Too young to die .... thank you for these good vibes...

Daniel barneski : This version of what's the use should be released as a single.

bataleon : I can't tell you how many times I've watched 9:08. Miss you bro.

American GanGster Lock : Okay I'm going to say it than. Yes RIP Mac but the production of these songs are what's missing in today's HIP-HOP. These are the kind of songs that are parents played when we growing up in the 90s. Anyone like Billie Holiday or Isle Brothers crew could have gotten down on these songs. Enough zombie trap beats, they should make the rapper's prove their ryhmes on shit like this. I bet concerts will have a better vibe to them. Rappers today don't sample anything anymore. Stop letting the industry water down real music. Trap ain't a style, involves 2-3 instruments that sound like I'm walking on a Civil war battlefield.