Sir Mixalot - Baby Got Back
OMG Becky

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"Baby Got Back" is a 1992 hip hop song by Sir Mix-a-Lot from his album Mack Daddy. The song memorably starts with a discussion between two thin, white valley girls, with one girl remarking to the other "Oh my God, Becky! Look at her butt! It is so big. She looks like one of those rap guys' girlfriends." At the time of its original release, the song caused controversy with its outspoken and blatantly sexual lyrics about the female anatomy, and why the white standard of beauty, i.e. a skinny, boyish figure, is not what the Black man is looking for. The video was briefly banned by MTV.[1] However, it has remained very popular over time. It samples Channel One's "Technicolor". In 2008, it was ranked number 17 on VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of Hip Hop.[2]


B. B. : That butt is not big at all, compared to nowadays big butties.


BroSwaggington D : This basically created twerking and ended the flat butt era

Katalina Phangirl : Oh my God, Becky, Look at her butt. It is SO big. She looks like one of those rap guys girlfriends.

jackee jeffries : anaconda stole this beat and the omg becky part.

Snowflake AJ : People are here for Anoconda, I am here for 0:00 to 0:31 xD

Kyra The Tree Pixie : If this was released today everybody would go insane!! 😅

Keanna : “Nicki Minaj stole this” no. She sampled it.

Sara Diamond : OMG Becky, Nicki Stole This Song xD

Happii Days : I never realized the white girl said "Shes just so black!"...until I got older. o.O 

digitalsaint2040 : Quite possibly, the most relevant song of the human race. think about it: it explains the racial dichotomization, and the sexually charged media, which has only gotten more audacious. it also breaks own our human reproductive selective-genetic path. which if you look around is, well is  round butts. in a Nostradamus style called our genetic future. he also breaks down how media is misinforming people with body styles, long before it became a topic on just about every show at one point in the last 10 years.   the song is so relevant today that hoe Nicki M, paid to use it....not to mention play this at any club after midnight and every person will be up and banging.

Dallin Lyons : Looking back at this and realizing what you were saying when you said "sprung"

Odacity99 : So this is basically a butt fetish song.

Nick The Jabroni : 04:08 O_O

olivia : Nicki Minaj stole from this video!

Heilon Iris : One of the first anti-anorexic songs lmao

Kelsey Harris : omg becky look at her but I mean it just so big

Rebecca J : Every time I hear the name "Becky," I think of this song. Oh. My. God.

Fabrizio Campanile : HERE FOR ANACONDAA

Emilia Jakobsson : oh my god becky, i just saw the tallest lesbian ever and she was such a pervert >.> lolz anyone else here because of dan

The Goof : Way better than the remix by nicki... gotta love Sir Mix-a-lots music.

Leman Hanifayeva : I am here bcs "omg becky look at her butt"

Bianca Shakur : backy good hair

Niara Boykin : "Fellas!" "Yeah?" "Fellas!" "Yeah?!" "Is ya girlfriend got da butt?" "HELL YEAH!" Best part.

This is inactive peeps Hahahaha : Nicki Manaj copied almost the whole song

K Andrade : How could I haven't recognized it?!

Emma Burkhalter : Now that I listen to this it sounds exactly like anaconda.

NightcoreSong Records : Anaconda stole the beat? YUP!!!!

Yoko Gabrielle : Others: OMG NICKI MINAJ ANACONDA MY ANACONDA DONT BECKY LOOK AT HER BUTT Me: Oh My, it reminds me Dance Central 2!

John Daver : damn, this video is great

sister shook : Does anyone think the beat of this song kind of goes with Anaconda?

blarf : omg becky look at that fujifilmkamera. like who understands

singularity : 1:32 daaaaamn nicki also stole that dance

Steven Mattingly : i got big buts

Just a Random Fangle Fangirl : How dare Nicki Minaj! Did you even give credit to sir mixalot, or did you steal those lyrics?!

keziadickensoo88 : I only like the first 32 seconds!!!!

Billy O'Reilly : My Anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hun!

Brian G : Take lessons people! Late 80s early 90s rap is true rap!!

Kristina Brown : hhhhhhhhhhhh

clarinetrumpet1622 : TUNECHI!

Annabel93 : WOW the think that the blonde girl says resumes a lot the prejudice against black women. And this still happens, just look at the new Miley Cyrus video, she say she wants to be more black and show on it just women with big ass, as a black woman is just this.

777rafanadal : Twerking done 90s style

Orquidia Mayers : thats why they date buttless blondes now kkkk i got love fo black women sexy as fuck thoo


Lisa Green : lol yep

Lisa Green : i agree they know nothing

Lexi Jones : omg i almost broke my back dancing to this!

angelia loria : wow what a big deal about butts like really every body has them..........I HOPE hahaha

angelia loria : omg i get it u like big butts!!!!