Sir Mixalot - Baby Got Back

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Sávio Faschet : "Oh my God, Becky. Look at her butt!" best part.

B. B. : That butt is not big at all, compared to nowadays big butties.


jackee jeffries : anaconda stole this beat and the omg becky part.

BroSwaggington D : This basically created twerking and ended the flat butt era

Snowflake AJ : People are here for Anoconda, I am here for 0:00 to 0:31 xD

Kyra The Tree Pixie : If this was released today everybody would go insane!! 😅

Sara Diamond : OMG Becky, Nicki Stole This Song xD

Heilon Iris : One of the first anti-anorexic songs lmao

Dallin Lyons : Looking back at this and realizing what you were saying when you said "sprung"

Emma Burkhalter : Now that I listen to this it sounds exactly like anaconda.

keziadickensoo88 : I only like the first 32 seconds!!!!

olivia : Nicki Minaj stole from this video!

Kelsey Harris : omg becky look at her but I mean it just so big

Nick The Jabroni : 04:08 O_O

digitalsaint2040 : Quite possibly, the most relevant song of the human race. think about it: it explains the racial dichotomization, and the sexually charged media, which has only gotten more audacious. it also breaks own our human reproductive selective-genetic path. which if you look around is, well is  round butts. in a Nostradamus style called our genetic future. he also breaks down how media is misinforming people with body styles, long before it became a topic on just about every show at one point in the last 10 years.   the song is so relevant today that hoe Nicki M, paid to use it....not to mention play this at any club after midnight and every person will be up and banging.

Odacity99 : So this is basically a butt fetish song.

Macaroni Mae : “Nicki Minaj stole this” no. She sampled it.


sister shook : Does anyone think the beat of this song kind of goes with Anaconda?

Emilia Jakobsson : oh my god becky, i just saw the tallest lesbian ever and she was such a pervert >.> lolz anyone else here because of dan

Bianca Santos : backy good hair

Eini : Irgendjemand von kaddi hier? ;( Harry Podcast ;D

Becca Heimowitz : for everyone commenting nicki minaj stole this- she didn't, she sampled it. get your facts right before you run your mouth.

The Goof : Way better than the remix by nicki... gotta love Sir Mix-a-lots music.

Gunzari is cringe : Becky is hot

Patoto Azul : 3:04 ok Nicki

NightcoreSong Records : Anaconda stole the beat? YUP!!!!

Rebecca J : Every time I hear the name "Becky," I think of this song. Oh. My. God.

mustardseed : Oh my God, Becky. Look at her butt! It is so big!

K Andrade : How could I haven't recognized it?!

Leman Hanifayeva : I am here bcs "omg becky look at her butt"

Michael TM : #Coldmirror

Jack153901 : This is where Nicki Minaj lived when making Anaconda

Llama girl 19392 :3 : Some of these girl don't have an ass not to be mean

Trydodis : Omg, look at her big, it is so butt.

jaNe woods : I remember when in fifth grade people would just be like "O my god becky look at her butt"

Steven Mattingly : i got big buts

Celosia Ganaha Priskos : Becky, becky, becky, becky.

ChomperGuy29 : becky look at her but wait she standing in a big butt i see you illuminati confirmed

AIRburst95 : anyone ever try that phone number?

Niara Boykin : "Fellas!" "Yeah?" "Fellas!" "Yeah?!" "Is ya girlfriend got da butt?" "HELL YEAH!" Best part.

Lana Mahfouz : omg you idiots nicki followed up the song not copied it

crystal : Wtf just realised Nicki manaj stole this

Professor Renderer : Guys, Nicki Minaj did NOT "steal" this song. She only sampled it, as said in a Wikipedia article: "The chorus of Nicki Minaj's 2014 single "Anaconda" heavily samples the song, including the beat, the lyric "My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hun" as well as "Oh my god, look at her butt" in the beginning of the song. The song's closing line, "little in the middle but she got much back", is also sampled. Sir Mix-a-Lot stated his approval for Minaj's song, saying that he had gained "a whole new level of respect for her" and that he had become a "fan for life" of Minaj."

Billy O'Reilly : My Anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hun!

This is inactive peeps Hahahaha : Nicki Manaj copied almost the whole song

thug female for life : this video makes me want to eat a sandwich... hnnmmmnhahaha.. !!!!

Amber Fitzgerald : Like it

Jessica Corlichsdcghj : Suck it Manaj get your own damn content and leave the classic stuff alone XD