Filip Miucin Plagiarized our Fire Emblem Preview (Nearly word for word, too)

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So it looks like Nintendo Wire was another news outlet to have its content plagiarized by Filip Miucin, this time with its focus on our Fire Emblem Warriors preview (whose original author is Ben Fruzzetti) that was originally published in June 2017. This new video captures the two preview forms in a side-by-side format that helps illustrate the blatant plagiarism. Original article: Visit us at: Site: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:


MrMcSnuffyFluffy : "Keep looking Kotaku." Ok....

Snorlax : Well he did tell people to keep digging.

I Control My Fate : His career really is over. At this point he is most useful now as a lesson why you should never plagerize on the internet. There is nothing more I can say. He has lost.


DGR : Wow....

CJFrice : It's like the copy your homework meme but the guy didn't change anything

❄SnowFox❄ : Instead of challenging the internet to find more plagiarism, he should've challenged the internet to find a single piece of his own original content.

SkulShurtugalTCG : You can sue over this. I think you SHOULD sue over this.

JamsJars : He even said "slash" in "Warriors/Musou" instead of re-wording it to an "or". Nobody really says "slash".

Nin10doUltra : Bruh are you serious? This is just sad man...

Mega Rayquaza911 : He wishes Nintendo Wire the best and has the utmost respect for them. His response probably.

On the Stick : If this guy had worked as hard at actually writing as he did at ripping people off, he might have been able to pen a review or two on his own.

MooseMan : The music perfectly represents how dimwitted he is.

Tyler Figueroa : "Keep looking kotaku" And the next meme has been born

Richard Hannay : Amazing... O_O You guys predicted what he was gonna say!... :P

NileSings : "Some of the most flashiest" 😑😑😑 He couldn't even plagiarize properly!

Mauri QHD : he gave me a third strike a few mins ago for a meme in my main channel (2 on my other one) and he is striking commentary videos too, even vids exposing him without using his video, or vids with just his voice like this one, so please be careful, i dont think changing his voice would do anything either, i had to delete 2 more memes just in case, thank god he is slow af giving strikes, or i would´ve been gone forever

Erik Högman : Well done. This is his worst case of Plagiarism yet.

Spectr Gaming : This is disgusting. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if that isn’t even his real name, but that of some hiker who went missing 4 years ago. I’m sorry you had your work stolen, I’d be livid.

KelvinBelmont : Yeah this guy is never going to be allowed a job anywhere in the writing industry even after his Dead Cells review

Rob Star : 1 Dislike....Well we know who did that!

EPM 101 : This man’s out of his mind.

Jack Wenborg : Wow. He probably plagiarized his way throughout school too.

Starlogical : Has this Filip dude even TOUCHED a video game?

Chariot Goblin : We all should've known he plagiarized this review. He mentioned "If you played Hyrule Warriors..." yet he never owned a Wii U. lol

Mr. Vacca : I’m glad to see you kept your sense of humor about it. Don’t forget, imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Clearly you are amazing at what you do, keep up the great work and positive attitude!

Nathan Long : This guy is an absolute disgrace. What's even worse is he won't just own up to it.

WickedRibbon : Does Filip have a selective memory? Did he just FORGET that his past work is full of plagiarism before challenging everyone to go look for it?

UpstateBaconCG : Filip thinks that because these are smaller YouTubers, nobody will know that he actually plagiarized. Now that there are these reports coming out, many YouTubers are checking to see if there review was stolen. Let this be a lesson of what to avoid.

Ahmad Arzmi : He even plagiarized his own resume (according to Kotaku). This guy is a fraud through and through.

Booster Pack : "Plagiarism makes you feel like your Filip Miucin" ~Reviewer

Anon Ymous : This guy is the Dark Souls of plagiarists.

SethMcFartlane : Bu Bu But his family is getting internet death threats. So when you really think about it, he's the innocent victim.

John Cage : Flilip is the definition of a phony. I would bet that he's been plagiarizing ever since he had to write his first book report in elementary school.

gpe41 : Don't know if anyone has heard, but the dude also plagiarized his resume. I'm not joking.

Linkman247 : Christ it goes deeper and deeper. I think IGN are handling the situation as best as can be expected. They have scrubbed their site and it's going to take a while to clean up after Filip's mess.

MAR1CA ALCOVA : WOWWWW! This dude, he also copied NihongoGamer’s Hori Switch Arcade Pro V Fight Stick review. He has absolutely no originality!

Keep It Zen : New apology video: “But those were just all coincidences! ... You can keep looking Kotaku.”

era : big oof

ketchupkatsup : He's caused so much damage to game reviewer industry it's got everyone shook to see what else he or anyone elsr might have stolen. What surprises me is how he was able to get away with it for so long. Even worse, how he denies all of it.

RafaelDB : are you sure this guy isn't Madarame???

NANGSTAGRAM TV : He finally said sorry a few days ago 🤪

MrFuggleGuggle : How did he get away with this for so long, though? It just feels like a floodgate on this dude's actions and plagiarism history has opened since the initial controversy between Filip and Boomstick Gaming, when this should have been noticed by somebody years ago.

Da12thKind : Holy shit... Again? What ever happened to journalistic integrity? Why the hell do people think they can do this without any repercussions?

SpacedDuck's World : Filip's career aka other people's work is so insanely over its unreal. The dude does a joke apology, challenges people to find proof of other "misunderstandings" then goes dark. This guy is so insanely done its comical and I don't even feel bad for him anymore. He deserves every awful, mean tweet he gets and a lifetime of shame.

Lord Ozzie : He even plagiarised his own LinkedIn Profile...I will admit, I am impressed how he reached this far without getting caught but holy shit is this disgusting. This has to be a new record.

Krispy Cheddars : Wait, he’s the IGN plagiarizer? He seemed like such a chill dude during his early days, kinda funny how this all happened... Also, did he delete his channel because I can’t find anything...

Grchman : Good gravy this is fucking crazy. I guess this is a good thing though. Your work was so good he needed to use it because he couldn't come up with anything better, and he got into IGN

RoamingRamon : He faked his way into IGN and got caught.