The Oldest Known Melody (Hurrian Hymn no.6 - c.1400 B.C.)

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Kybug 4 Life : Brings back so many memories

king elvis : This song is from 1400 B.C.E Feel old yet?

Jonathan Macolor : 320 BC ANYONE???

Teh Kuwen : Recommended for you "How Every Chainsmoker's Song is Written"

414MrMilwaukee : My ringtone when King Tut calls

Samuel Martin : I wish I could've seen them play live 😩🙌🏻

_Bob McCoy : *When you get bored and search the Oldest Song Ever*

Damjan P : I'm no longer constipated. Thank you.

Braedyn Ley : back when songs wasn't about drugs and sex, god i miss the 1400s B.C

Benjamin Barnes : Only 1400 BCE kids will remember this.

Katie Stolealltheunicorns : I'm so glad Glee never got their hands on this classic.

King Head : It’s a shame they don’t tour anymore

I haven't taken a shower for 7 weeks, but : I still remember this when they played this song for the first time. This song played everytime and everywhere, like slave market, sword mall, or prince's pub. I actually like this song, but they overplayed this, so it makes me start to hate this song. Pls dont execute my family and cows.

Noah Linnik : When the oldest song is on your video feed...

Damjan P : Sounds like old school elevator music to me.

depressed tojo : This is lit! Only B.C kids will remember

•Honeymoon• : That's real music guys Not Mozart or whatever.

filthy casual : this comments section is actually killing me

Queen of Darkness : The best rock solo ever starts at 4:59. Starts off slow, but its progression is just unbelievable and it peaks at 5:32, where it reaches pure perfection! Sorry Metallica and Iron Maiden, but I have a new favourite metal band. \m/

BlueRay : Back when they wrote and produced all their own hymns.

Jelly Peanutbutter : I was born in the wrong generation. I should have been born in this one

Aristo Telian : This is cover sucks! You should have heard the original version! En-Sipad-Zid-Ana will bring tears to your eyes again!

Providence83 : I was born in the wrong generation. Not the generation where this song was prevalent but the generation before archeologists discovered this song because the last "oldest know song" was way doper than this shite.

KARA BEST GIRL : I used to blast this with my squad back in the day when we used to laugh of Tutankamon's big ass head. Good times...

Tribal Trap : triple fire emoji

Lynnbee : This is TRUE music. Like if you agree that everything made after The BC/AC switch sucks

D Ball : How much you wanna bet Hebrews were lining people up outside a Baghdadi nightclub selling overpriced tickets to get into this concert?

faisal s : Damn that was absolute fire can’t wait for them to release the new album

Viktor Berzinsky : I personally preferred Hymn No.5 better by Lou'u son of Bega. I know the lyrics rather well. A little bit of Teshub in the sky, a little bit of Hebat by his side, a little bit of Shaushka's what we need, a little bit of Kushuh is what I see. Sorry. Couldn't resist making a rather silly joke. Seriously though, this is hauntingly beautiful. I could hear the sacred spirit those who first composed and sung this hymn were trying to convey through song as so many cultures have done throughout history.

backslash68 : wow, memories of listening to this on radio DeLuxor while playing Grand Theft Chariot 3

trijigon : This recording sounds like it’s from 1000 bc

Ranveer Kapoor : I still remember the day I heard this for the first time. I was travelling from India to Baghdad and was invited by the Syrian king where I sang Indian hymns. I and the Syrian king killed many चाण्डाल. They played this to show me what their music was and believe me it was fire. But all the good musicians died till the time humans became modern, I mean they were all ΡΩΠΟΠΕΡΠΕΡΗΘΡΑΣ. I am 6900 years old now. Golden Days.

Help me : So many memories. THIS was the golden age of music. Everything afterwards is just pure shit.

Asus McTablet : Pretty slow song. They certainly ain't Hurrian.

Aaron Montez : Makes me wanna smelt bronze for my village.

Superdumpfback : Better than alot modern crap music

Natalie Case : Hey Did Anyone Hear This During Cleopatra's Wedding??? I Did 😛

Katya : i just heard this again on an m&m commercial

Leonardo Castri : Warning: this is an interpretation of the original melody, that noone know. But it's possible to get near the original melody by reading the ancient sheet and using the instrument of that period.

drmnys : An actual Melody... How about that... Compare this with modern western pop and rap which passes for music these days.

fick wick : Only 1400 B.C kids will remember 😤

Sigurd Drachentöter : He always gets me with the badabada thing

JaDe Bay : They dont make music like this anymore today's youth will never know this level of artistry again

davidevgen : at least this song is defiantly in the public domain XD

Flealfy45 : That is actually real music, not like those gregorian chants kids are listening to nowadays. Music will never be as great as it was in the 1400 BC.

Plum : Only 1400 BC kids will remember this.

very odd : "I was in a band once"

Jim McCracken : I give it a seven. It's got a good beat, and you can dance to it. (American Bandstand joke)

KarlMartell732 : Good memories for us pre-lennials.

nfawerfaffer nesfawefefedfer : I was born in the wrong generation. I wish people my age would listen to REAL MUSIC LIKE THIS.