The Oldest Known Melody (Hurrian Hymn no.6 - c.1400 B.C.)

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Kybug 4 Life : Brings back so many memories

I haven't taken a shower for 7 weeks, but : I still remember this when they played this song for the first time. This song played everytime and everywhere, like slave market, sword mall, or prince's pub. I actually love this song, but they overplayed this, so it makes me start to hate this song. Pls dont execute my family and cows.

_Bob McCoy : *When you get bored and search the Oldest Song Ever*

RIPLemmyKilmister : Wow, metallica really is that old?

Aleks Krakoew : Fuck i miss 1400 b.c

king elvis : This song is from 1400 B.C.E Feel old yet?

Purpl3 h4ze : come to brazil

Zenda Stiglitz : I want the remix of this shit.

Peter X Don : Ah, good ol' Hurrian Hymn no.6. I still remember when this melody first came out, and let me tell you, it was played all over Egypt! Places like Thebes, Kerma, Memphis, you name it. Unfortunately, the band's lead lyrist (not the one in this cover version) was involved in a violent high-speed camel chase/crash, and would end up dying due to papyrus overdose a few days later. As you can imagine, the band eventually dissolved because of this tragic event. Though the band might be gone, their legacy shall live forever.

Samuel Martin : I wish I could've seen them play live 😩🙌🏻

Tommy Harrington : Only very advanced hipsters listen to this

Darth Sidious : Lmao this comment section is pure gold.

THOTH : Ah the good ol' days, when music was really music and people still sacrificed ibises to me

ConcreteSurfer420 : Saw them live at Stonehenge, they Rocked!!!!!

Katie Stolealltheunicorns : I'm so glad Glee never got their hands on this classic.

Jeffrey M : I lost my virginity while listening to this song in the backseat of my first chariot

Crystal Crystal : Who is watching this in 2017 December 9

Giovanni Pineda Romano : How tf did they make music 3400 years a go if soundcloud has just existed for 10 years?

HoodieJaylon : Hand me the aux cord. (Plays this)

depressed tojo : This is lit! Only B.C kids will remember

Jackson Fox : Wow. To think that I first heard this song when I was only 24 years old (I am 3441 now) as it just came out! Even after all of these millennia and all of the heartbreak, friendships, and empires I have gone through in my life, this has always been my favorite song.

idk2001 : am I the only one absolutely adoring the intellectual jokes made here??

Julian Vil : not my proudest fap...

RagingZen : For 3000 years ago, the recording quality is better than a lot of YouTube musical channels nowadays lol.

backslash68 : wow, memories of listening to this on radio DeLuxor while playing Grand Theft Chariot 3

DibbyDibbyDog : RIP Julius Caesar: 100 BC - 44 BC Gone too soon :,(

Marc Belisle : Aww man... back in the day we used to hang out behind the bazaar, crank this song and stone an adulterer.

- historicamber - : This song is more fire than when Nero burnt down rome😳

Lema A : The comment section gives me life

Tribal Trap : triple fire emoji

Cor Rautenbach : Needs more cowbell.

Sparnaaij : We are still waiting for the 2nd album

Sir Arthur : My uncle was in this band. I know you won’t believe me... I’m not lying

Mikayla Bortscher : omg the comments section xP you lot are awesome hahaha

Aaron Montez : Makes me wanna smelt bronze for my village.

Στράτος Τσουκάρης : Oh! It brings back so many memories! I used to listen to this melody along with my ex-girlfriend under the Babel Tower, facing the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Some years later, she became Pharaoh of Egypt and she wouldn't respond to my messages on clay tablets begging her to meet again in Ugarit or in Nineveh. Since the Persians invaded her country, I haven't had any news from her. So Sad!

DEXPOT : I'm 14 and listen only the classic good music, no the bullshit that people of my age likes. *_I definitely was born in the wrong generation_*

Nuno da Fonseca : Is this the original or just the unplugged version? Heavy bronze rules!!

The Pretentious V.D. : The comment section of this video is a goldmine

King Head : It’s a shame they don’t tour anymore

Queen of Darkness : 4:59 Best rock solo I've ever heard

AC Studios : Thèse guys got me through some shit this has gotta be my fav song off this album, wish they’d go on tour more but i guess they’ll do that when their album comes out. But damn this song brings me back to the good old days with my main guys Gilgamesh and Hammurabi and i were getting drunk all night listening to this shit

CrawlerEnder 935 : *looking at comment section while laughing ass off* You all need some kind of reward!

DAY IN THE PARK : sounds like Star Trek the episode where Spock was playing that same freaking harp absolutely loving it

Alex O : Was listening to this before it was cool... where are my 1400 b.c. babies at??

Angel LPS : Who agrees that this music kind of sounds relaxing. I do!

NumberOnePun : I remember when they opened for the Rolling Stones. Great show!

Light Ray Adam : Stoner's Rock. Literally.

Rozanne van Marle : a little too mainstream for me to be honest...

BlueRay : Back when they wrote and produced all their own hymns.