The Oldest Known Melody (Hurrian Hymn no.6 - c.1400 B.C.)

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rascally : God now I'm playing it on repeat on my iStone

Jonathan Macolor : 320 BC ANYONE???

Superdumpfback : Better than alot modern crap music

zaz : ah, i remember when me and the girlies would shake our காலணிகளையும் to this at the டிஸ்கோ

Teh Kuwen : Recommended for you "How Every Chainsmoker's Song is Written"

Kybug 4 Life : Brings back so many memories

Grifo BR : I cannot forget the live performance in Babylon, in 1388 B.C. Simply amazing!

Flealfy45 : That is actually real music, not like those gregorian chants kids are listening to nowadays. Music will never be as great as it was in the 1400 BC.

Cam Faison : I remember back in the day playing this on sitar hero

Noah Linnik : When the oldest song is on your video feed...

I haven't taken shower for 7 weeks, but : I still remember this when they played this song for the first time. This song played everytime and everywhere, like slave market, sword mall, or prince's pub. I actually like this song, but they overplayed this, so it makes me start to hate this song. Pls dont execute my family and cows.

Robert Lee, Countertenor : Beat dropped near the end Really rocked it out

Vine Gali : Comment section is G O L D

Mark AirWind : wait, so they are disbanded now? sad, I like their music


Samuel Martin : I wish I could've seen them play live 😩🙌🏻

John Smith : I liked their earlier stuff better.

Alpha The Mii : You're gonna get a copyright strike from the band

Asus McTablet : Pretty slow song. They certainly ain't Hurrian.

Help me : So many memories. THIS was the golden age of music. Everything afterwards is just pure shit.

Damjan P : I'm no longer constipated. Thank you.

Name Last Name : Everyone in the comments section is a fucking comedian. The harmonics are beautiful, even then - the same laws governing our voices and our understanding of resonant/dissonant tones held true. This music is very human, at least on Earth.

Luna : Ah, this song was my jam as a young Sumerian. The good old days of jamming out to this while staying up all night chatting on our stone tablets, or hearing it live in Eridu, or the time that I went cruising on my first ox that my parents gifted to me on my 15th birthday. Those were the days. Now after all these centuries this song really sticks with me. I remember I cried myself to sleep when the last remaining member of this band was found dead in Athens after a big party. Seriously, new music stinks, the day it died was when that "Haydn" guy made a symphony. Symphony more like sym-PHONEY! #1400BCEkids

Rei Cortez : Beethoven and Mozart are Mainstream shit. This classic is so underrated.

_Bob McCoy : *When you get bored and search the Oldest Song Ever*

Virgínia Brito : 🔥🔥🔥Trending #1 in Assyria

Feel Good Drag : 5:00 *STARTS HEADBANGING* 🤘

Jesse Miller : Ah, I remember back in 1300 BC, when I used to play this song on Lyre Hero II Anyone remember how annoying that solo at the end was? I never got 100% on this song...

Damjan P : Sounds like old school elevator music to me.

Kybug 4 Life : Real club banger who was at the concert in mesopatamia

J Nelson : Bye bye, Miss Sumerian Pie...

chemily : Come to Brazil

Shelton Bryant : If you dou don't remember this you're not a 1400 B.C. kid

hey everybody : They don't write em like that any more

Katie Stolealltheunicorns : I'm so glad Glee never got their hands on this classic.

StoryCity : Memories! Me and my friend Alexandrite always played this song back in Ugarit, back then we used to go to those clubs back in Damascus 1400 B.C and my favorite musician, DJ Fossil Used to hit it so hard we start drowning in quicksand!.

N M : They were never the same when they switched over to electric

Francis Wall : Brings me back to the days when we were under orders to build the first pyramid, those grey aliens were some real slave drivers with those 20 tonne slabs

THRASH/DEATH METAL Underground : Stonetallica \m/

Swishy Lavender : I remember this was the song playing in the background when my aunt was sacrificed to the gods.

paris : me and my boyfriends song! We love listening to this while we do slave labor and build pyramids! 😍😩😩💘

Xano : Who listen this in 418 B.C. ??? 😂😂👌

Kevin Agee : i did a cover of this on my lyre. please like and scribe.

JaDe Bay : They dont make music like this anymore today's youth will never know this level of artistry again

king elvis : This song is from 1400 B.C.E Feel old yet?

Steph Bauer : Before Hurrian Hymn were complete sell outs, their early shit was awesome

Katya : i just heard this again on an m&m commercial

ding dong : 1400 BCE, when rock music was literally ROCK music

Michael Mira-Lopez : These guys should've played Woodstock, too bad they were busy on a European tour.

SPACEKID TV : Man I remember when this song first came out and it was played in every station in Babylon.