The Oldest Known Melody (Hurrian Hymn no.6 - c.1400 B.C.)

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Villy : i was born in the wrong generation

DAY IN THE PARK : sounds like Star Trek the episode where Spock was playing that same freaking harp absolutely loving it

Landowar : Pompeii was an inside job

I'm Confused : I remember me and my boys jamin to this while we whipped Israelite slaves

Serenhe : Only 1400 B.C kids will understand.

J.R. Robert : This is Anunaki. This is a song from their debut album Summer in Sumer

cactus tree : Went backstage with them once and had a crazy fuckin time. They said they once stole five chickens from their peasant neighbours and gifted them to their fanclub for being so loyal. Wtf who does that these days they dont even give u an Egg

Purpl3 h4ze : come to brazil

Jake Muir : Really takes me back to when I saw them on tour with my pal Abraham He had to leave Mesopotamia soon afterward something about God telling him to found Israel.

backslash68 : wow, memories of listening to this on radio DeLuxor while playing Grand Theft Chariot 3

Lotus Sounds : whatever happened to these guys?

Betty Joe : Blasting this in my mud hut roommate be mad.

Potato Tomato : Their older stuff was better but this is okay.

Rod Jubair : I remember when they played this song near the Euphrates river to fundraise money to build the very first wheel. It was bitchin.

CupojoePro : Original is okay but the Babylonian remix is straight fire

Matt Moves : I remember, those were good times. The 1400 B.C...People kept asking who the hell was Christ and why the hell they called the years like that.

Crystal Crystal : Who is watching this in 2017 December 9

Aleks Krakoew : Fuck i miss 1400 b.c

The Minky : I love AD/BC

Mr. Eastern : I've been searching for this song for centuries, kudos to this channel.

danitiwa : You know you're old when you remember this from childhood

Mario Cassina : I downloaded the tune on my (clay) tablet

Peter X Don : Ah, good ol' Hurrian Hymn no.6. I still remember when this melody first came out, and let me tell you, it was played all over Egypt! Places like Thebes, Kerma, Memphis, you name it. Unfortunately, the band's lead lyrist (not the one in this cover version) was involved in a violent high-speed camel chase/crash, and would end up dying due to papyrus overdose a few days later. As you can imagine, the band eventually dissolved because of this tragic event. Though the band might be gone, their legacy shall live forever.

Kybug 4life : Brings back so many memories

roee twito : I have been loving them for literally centuries and all of the sudden everyone is obsessed over this one hit like bitch you late

Mat Turner : I appreciate very much that the oldest known melody is mostly power chords.

Alka Pone : Back in those days I had to walk 6 thousand miles to school every day.

BandMStudios : Even in the 1400 B.C.E they knew how to make a good guitar solo.

YourMother NoHair : only BC kids will remember. like if ur a BC kid

Joey Lentini : honestly i was at a point in my life where my relationships were failing, flunking school and just overall a not good time in life. This band is what saved me thank-you Abrahamemet and Raehadashed.. everyday after school is listen to your music

Vinnie Martin : holy shit is this the soundrack of Call Of Duty Ancient Warfare????

Jacob Hoss : I was born in the 1st Millennium BC but I still listen to this, it's so much better than the shit music my generation grew up with. I swear when the Bronze Age ended, all the good musicians died with it.

Vizu : Me: *waiting for the bass drop*

Arthur Mayor : Please come to Brazil

vsirius77 : Like dis if yu remember dis from yur chilhood. maeks me crai evry taem.

pet3rgriffin : Keith Richards looks older than this sounds.

JRob Cal : FALSE  No. 1 is the oldest.

Jack Heathen : All jokes aside, modern civilization wouldn't exist without these people and their ancestors.

Cory in the white house : good ol syrian thrash metal

Daniel Fonck : Last time I heard this song we were just finishing the first pyramid... time flies!

Ken Gingrich : Summer of 1400 BC was the best of my life. I remember when this song was worldwide Nr. 1. Time gone forever. Actually, all my friends are mummies now.

Char10tti3 : 0:32 London Bridge is Falling Down!

inphanta : I prefer their older stuff. They went mainstream with no. 6.

TheWizardGR : I will never forget when me and my homies chilled on the (then) newly built pramid of Giza listening to this jam non-stop while drinking Stona-Cola. Those were the times man.

rosygirl : Anyone listening in 1300 B.C.?

duchovny2 : I still have the stone disc and papyrus sheet music

Vontaze Burfict : Does anybody have the Hiero-Lyrics to this song lol ;D

Charley Smith : Bravo... *all the comments

Tutus Rachmanto : They should do collaboration with System of a Down

Micah Newman : Meh, I was into their earlier stuff.